Late end of 2017 post.


Ok, So I have been very unproductive since the new year turned around. Ive neglected e-mails, a bill or two, and more then a couple CEC’s. I also neglected to talk about my trip to the the Ohio USAF museum last December. I take thousands of photos every place I go, so I just put up a few succinct highlights. First let me just say, this museum is world class and has some of the rarest aviation machines around. If you ever see yourself near Dayton Ohio, admission is free and they are open all year round except for Christmas and thanksgiving. Sneak or buy as much water as you can because the hangars have very dry humidity controls throughout the whole area. Simply being there the whole day will dry you out after a few hours. bring comfortable shoes as well (Ingo learned this the hard way), and bring a little bit of cash because their gift shop is one of the best museum gift shops Ive seen since the uss Midway museum.

The museum touts having over 360 different aircraft on display in 4 separate mega hangars. You can find everything from the v2 missile, to the Xf-85 Goblin. The only thing not shown here was the Saab Drakken, and the Avro vulcan you can find rotting away in the sun at castle AFB. Much of these planes seem ordinary at first glance, but have amazing reasons why they got their place in that museum. For example, its fairly common to find a delta dart at an aviation museum right? This museum had the exclusive “cornfeild bomber” the f-106 who’s pilot ejected only for the plane to fly and land itself gently into a cornfield with barely a scratch. They had an Nasa x-planes gallery with the “decent crafts” used to mine data for the eventual space shuttles decent back into normal altitude.

I uploaded a couple of new movies I took of the museum, but this one is where I loose my shit over the f-117. I lament the fact that 2 days is just not enough time to see everything or go on all the tours. Both tours we were on were very entertaining, especially the spy satellite tour.

Their are no navy planes in this museum. Apparently for that you need to go to the Pensacola in Florida, the US navy museum. Never the less, I don’t think their is anywhere else we can go but over seas to truly top all of this, so this will be my last vacation report for a while. Go visit this place, do it.

Anyway, this is a bit of a half post. I’ll have more to post on about as soon as I complete Divinity Original sin II so stay tuned.

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