One week Witcher 3 bender

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Living machine Hind inspired by delta’s character Anya by:


First of all Id just like to say that my one week vacation from school was Immensely enjoyable, I took every opportunity to be a fat lazy pig staying up till 6am and sleeping in till 3pm, and I am really going to miss it. I had a lot of anxiety to cut through for my 2nd clinical rotation, and now I am going on my 3rd. This year will be critical for me as it is the year that I work on my speed and my contacts in hopes I can land a perdiem job outside of school. My biggest worries now are getting my flouro and mobile sighn-offs- so I am hoping that Alameda hospital has portables  and some trauma, because I do NOT wanna go back to UCD for 3 days a week drive- that will just wreck my car.

I wanted to do some machine RP with cerebral, and get some Greg catch-up time in this week but it doesn’t look like that will be possible atm. Anyway, this last week Teamspeak was abuzz over the E3 live coverage on twitch TV. I would have probably been more interested if I still had a viable game console but Sony has now left behind the ps3 and I cant see the value in buying another when I have a PC that can run current generation steam games. This leads me to the biggest news in gaming atm:

heabioyh83zby9ehnk7eThat’s right, Fallout 4 is go, And everyone is shitting bricks including me. Whats more, Im surprised that Bethesda kept this under wraps for 4 years while the skyrim steam mods fiasco and the pos flop that was elder scrolls online came and then quickly went its course.

To give you an idea as to why I am so damn excited its that I used to be a hard core gamer, played nearly 400 games (but most of these were 40-70 hour jrpgs). So I was a super weaboo, who didn’t touch American games mainly because they were “ugly” and as I felt at the time “uncreative” with story.  Long story short- I went over to a guys house to play with some cats and shoot the shit, saw him playing fallout 3, and the rest was history. Fallout 3 brought me back to American RPG games when companies like SquareEnix were sailing down the same old shit toilet, and Shin Megami Tensei games were few and far between.  After I beat fallout 3, I promptly went back and purchased fallout 1, 2, and tactics off and beat those. I later purchased fallout New Vegas and beat the shit out of that game with all 10’s in S.P.E.C.I.A.L. (Though I had to use an agility bug..). My point is, Americans Know Open world gaming like nobody else. As a further show of solidarity, I supported the creator of fallout Brian Fargo in his endeavors working at InExile games and I had backed for wasteland 2 which turned out to be just what I wanted.(A fallout tactics re-imagining)

So They showed off the new fallout 4 footage and it was the bell of the ball at the summit. Nobody really gave a shit about Doom4(Ok ..maybe a few people) or whatever Nintendo was peddling, it was all about fallout. To recap on what I just saw. 1. The brotherhood of steel again play a big role in the future, they’ve erected flying machines and you yourself get to actually mod out your power armor garage style complete with flying just like an armored core mech. Not only that? 2. You can now truly own a piece of the wasteland by breaking things down and rebuilding it to your post-apocalyptic expectations. Break down houses, and build your own compound to defend against raiders and possibly super mutants. For your interior decorator fags like me, this is a welcome change to a game series that for the most part never really gave you a home that was “yours”. V.A.T.S. is now slow you aren’t necessarily paused out of the action, and guns are super modable complete with animated pipboy icons. 3. Preorder the special edition and get an actual wearable pipboy (Hwuuuaat??) But good luck because that shit is virtually sold out everywhere. Its like one of the most successful pre-launches ever, so much so that One dude even pre-ordered the game with bottle caps!    bda1f646c49607183c2450441f2ea6e8

Muzzle, Ingo, cerebral and myself all watching the stream.


^^^^ I FUCKING NEED THIS LIKE PEOPLE IN HELL NEED WATER.  (Footage of the bones of the peacemaker from Mad Max fury road)..that sound drops the panties ._.


If there is any game however that can come close to threatening to scuff the shine on bethesda’s Fallout 4 however its the Witcher 3 from CD project RED.  I spent my whole week of vacation playing this game to completion and I can honestly say that while its A. not a true open world game, and B. Does not revolutionize fantasy role playing games much, what they succeeded in doing through excellent writing, characterization, mo-cap, free DLC content, and a thorough crafting of npc side quests , makes this game far exceed the experience that I had years ago with The elder scrolls Skyrim. I havent played a game with this good a character interaction since “The Last of us” dropped on ps3 a couple of years back. Also: The cities actually feel like cities and are populated with shit tons of people milling about in the streets, working, bitching about things ect. Its not like how it used to be where RPG villages had 5 people and you had to use your imagination that this was a heavily populated city NO THIS CITY HAS LIKE 500 PEOPLE WALKING AROUND IN IT. From the little details and how I felt emotionally about the characters/npcs at the end of the game, This may be one of the finest western RPG’s that we will see for the next 2 or 3 years (unless Bethesda doesn’t “phone it in” on story.) A couple of things to note about the witcher 3, it plays more like Farcry 3 without the guns (although you do get a crossbow) and I will say that people jumping into this game from plainclothes off the street will probably find their experience much better if they have played the first 2 games in succession as is recommended. The combat controls of Witcher 3 are vastly improved over the Witcher 2, and you get the option of carrying over your game saves from previous games to keep your armor and swords. There are only a few negatives To this game that I can see thus far,and the big one is that Its still mired with bugs that CD project are currently patching up. If you get past this, and the fact that only the Witcher gear actually matters in the game, you will have a damn enjoyable time.

I am anxiously awaiting the expansions in October, before fallout 4 officially drops, so look for a slight dip in art output around the holiday season while I go ape shit on games through steam.


I Had a super hot roleplay with cerebral over the weekend where he played a horny Russian Typhoon submarine named Aleksei Bychkov, and I played a Scottish American beach swimmer girl named Artis. If any of you are interested in me posting my roleplays again, then just say the world… but I don’t think Im going to make any special effort to format them. They are just too long.


Lastly, Someone on e621 posted a lot of my color work recently and I got a big kick out of all the comments left there. Mostly “wut”‘s and “Why bonerr whyy??!” But to that one guy.. the military buff with the My Little Pony character standing on the refueling jet. You know who you are. I say to you, how can you find what I do offensive when you of all people who clearly love aircraft should understand more then anyone that other people love these machines too. I love aircraft like you do… just in both the platonic and decidedly non platonic fashion.  Its not that hard to understand considering there are fetishes where people get fucked by dragons, robots, and robot dragons. I find sentient jets and tanks insanely sexy for their power, their design, their danger, much like you probably like My Little Ponies for their whimsical happy go lucky girl power vibe.  Fetishes are inherently crazy, and If you find out that you cant understand some of the weird porn on the net that someone went to great lengths to draw, its because you aren’t meant to.



delta was here
(Hey delta… Ashley is chan famous )

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9 Responses to “One week Witcher 3 bender”
  1. Mockheed Lartin says:

    Yes, new roleplays are great. Also, I had no idea you are a rad tech! My mom is training for CT in Watsonville. Small world, eh? Good luck with the job hunt, I know how tough that field can be.

  2. Gingyflame says:

    Daww, Katya is adorable. I don’t know why but I look at her and think she’s just a child. I don’t know why, she’s probably a seasoned warrior woman.

  3. Theunknownjester says:

    Ooh, sounds interesting, and this years E3 was a whole lot more interesting then last years E3, -doom, ghost recon wild-lands, horizons Zero dawn, Cup Head, Dark souls 3, Just cause 3, and a slew of others where interesting as hell-
    the hind looks friggin adorable, and its always awesome to see more machine art! I was all so reading through some of those comments on e621, it was rather entertaning seeing them try and figure out what was going on/backstory to the images with out any context other then what they saw. usually had some interesting results.
    Best of luck to you on your job search and any thing else your doing in the world!

  4. Mockheed Lartin says:

    I think we’re just used to Ratbat’s square-ish eyes, which I personally prefer. Not to say that Katya isn’t a lovely hindette, of course.

  5. An anon says:

    Hey, that chan screenshot at the very end with the guy who uploaded the wrong image was actually me! That was on’s /v/ board. The thread was about Lego Worlds if I remember correctly. I didn’t think that screenshot would get this far.

  6. Ratbat says:

    Squarish eyes? you mean versus big shiny anime kawaii eyes? <-- always makes me think of young Japanese high school girls (huge mega expressive eyes) I took the inspiration for the Dire machine eyes largely from rockman robots... the small pupils seem more indicative of something that is less human.

  7. Ratbat says:

    I never thought id ever see the culprit responding to this new piece of chan history X3 …but it makes sense that you got it from here haha. I was pointed to that lego thread by some people on SC teamspeak so I got to read all the comments of people laughing their asses off. Good times.

  8. Mockheed Lartin says:

    I don’t know, those dire faces can be pretty damn human for how simple they are. Maybe I just have a more western taste, those gigantic wet kawaii eyes are too ridiculous for me. Oh, that picture reminds me, happy shark week in 6 days!

  9. DELTA X3 says:

    Awesome to see Anya is catching on. Although it’s not necessarily a big one, it’s kinda cool making a splash on the internet. Through commissions\writing, I’m proud to say I’ve caused more than a few confused boners. Lol.

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