2016 and the unexpected virtue of saying “No”.

Christmas vacation is over. 2016 is here.

I have 2 New Years resolutions: 1) Find a tech job. 2) Most importantly, Is that I am going to stop feeling guilty about the commissions I say “No” to.

My patreon Card responsibilities keep me as busy as if I was already doing a commission and a half, I dont need to take on commissions I know I wont like in hopes I wont hurt peoples feelings. So I have already said no to a number of people. So far, this has lifted a huge burden off my shoulders, And I hope that some of you wont have any hard feelings.

speaking of Hard feelings, I am sorry Ikarus but your little boat person is turning me on.



^ Ok I suppose its about time to talk about this game Undertale.

Ive turned into a graphics whore over the years. I slowly found this out when I made the decision not to buy syndicate on GOG due to its very dated appearance. I choose style over substance in that instance and it would have been the same for Undertale had it not been for a few factors. Factor 1. was that it was infectiously popular among the furries and thus infectious around most of the people I chat with on skype. I had managed to avoid the crazy “five nights at Freddies” bs last year, but this one was largely unavoidable because of reason no 2.  It has a sentient monster known as tsundere plane.

tumblr_nxm3v5XNN91r9w2fmo1_540Yes tsundere plane is a girl.

The final reason was the price point, you could get it on steam for 10$ (7$ if you waited till Xmas) and despite the relative shortness of the game, its still much cheaper then a new Telltale game. I usually don’t buy into fanatical game hype unless its fallout or Shin Megami Tensei, but those games command anywhere from 50-200 hours of you time. I’m glad I took the plunge. Because Undertale is not only a feat in development (developed by a single man) but is proof once again, that you don’t need 100 million dollars to make an impact. Furthermore, it is another success tale for kickstarter in a world where the loudest 15% of the internet shout down Indy game crowdfunding as being a passing craze. I don’t want to ramble on too much because my game reviews suck, but I will say this: I haven’t teared up over a game in years, and this one did it. In 6 short hours you become invested in the game’s characters, music, and writing, witch is not unlike Nintendo’s cult trilogy “Eartbound”. There is however, a really interesting idea to this game as coined by Toby Fox:

A traditional role-playing game where no one has to get hurt.(Bioshock Already did this) Choices you make in previous games change the way characters react to your current play choices.

while, yes you can choose to kill your monstrous enemies via custom tailored bullet-hell window, you can also resolve every single battle in a non violent way. The game places emphasis on all the creatures in the game as being their own personality and not just exp you need to grind for a-la final fantasy games. You have a moral choice here- Do you become the villain, or become the hero that wins the trust of your enemies? Without spoiling any of the story I will just give you 2 pieces of advice, if this is your first time playing DO NOT KILL ANYONE as you can screw yourself out of seeing all of the various endings in the game. Why? Because certain characters remember your actions beyond your save state, and what you did on a previous game may have dire consequences on how the current ending will play out.   let this game immerse you in its clever writing and awesome chiptune soundtrack. If you play anything this year, play this game and you will walk away with some damn good feels.

My 2nd piece of advice? Oh yeah, STAY AWAY from the fandom of this game. It can be pretty toxic.


I totally fapped to this the other night. Is this an upgraded M60? I cant tell.

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9 Responses to “2016 and the unexpected virtue of saying “No”.”
  1. Norean says:

    Yup that looks like an M60A3. Kinda a shame they are retired now.

  2. Iron says:

    Hmmm…I don’t know, Ratbat…I think that tank needs more machine guns. And reactive armor. Just everywhere.

  3. Theunknownjester says:

    FUCK YEA ITS A MEGACH 6!! isreals up armoring of an M60 -as well as a number of other variations including an m60 that has had its turret modefied to fit a dummy gun and have 8(?) rocket tubes that flip up from the turret https://tankandafvnews.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/73481219.jpg because fucking with the enemys mind is the best way to fuck them!- i may or may not have a slight obsessions with isreilie weaponry… -wish i could have voted more then once when i voted on the poll because isreal needs some love- and if you want to see some tanks decked out in ERA just look through isreals retrofitted tanks such as centurions and M60’s, now that my rant is over.

    Under tale seems like an interesting game though it hasnt cought my attention enough to merrit wanting to purchase and play it despite the fact that just about every one i know has played and sings praise about it, which is good becasue some of the big industry game makers need a little competition sense most -not all- of the stuff that has been released as a big Tripple A title last year has been dribble from the bottom of the barrel. So good on that guy for making an awesome game! plus tsundere plane seems temping…

  4. Ratbat says:

    I don’t know what happened, I set up the poll to allow for multiple answers originally but something bugged out. Its too late to change the parameters too because a chunk of people have already voted. (I would have multy voted too). This tank seriously turns me on atm and I’m having a fantasy about him boneing a plump Jewish girl…. I lurk on /k/ over at 8chan and I find there is a huge love for Israeli guns n such. Ive used one for stock gun for the comic before. In any case, the military over there is badass, guess it has to be when you have enemies on all sides.

  5. Ratbat says:

    Been thinking about your Abrahms tank morph lately, I think I should draw a femme tankmorph m’self. Keep her looking fairly robotic too. (and also I got your e-mail btw).

  6. Ratbat says:

    I dont know much about the middle eastern M60 other then the M60 phoenix (witch may infact be Jordanian) Might be worth looking into it.

  7. Iron says:

    OK, good, I was wondering if you’d gotten my email. Thanks for letting me know!

  8. Gingyflame says:

    That’s a Marine’s M60-A3. That’s the only ones who would have used M60s anywhere in the desert. I have an old model of one in the EDR camouflage and she was pretty sexy until her armor fell off and her paint chipped to shit. I’ve it still but it doesn’t look as nice. (Still hot)
    Fuck yeah, Israeli tanks are most definitely sexy and so’s their battle style. Israel is just one badass-mother-fucking country that doesn’t take shit from assholes. Mosses would be proud.

  9. Theunknownjester says:

    yea, plus when you have a bunch of old tanks which have been deemed obsolete, it can be cheaper to retrofit them into something more capable then simply buying a new tank out right, plus sexy sexy ERA packs. That would be interesting sense the Meghac 6 is still in service i believe, as well as the meghac 7 and the sho’t (kal/alef/bet/gimel/dalet). i noticed that in the comic using the tavor which is an amazing rifle IRL and i am looking forwards to where the comic will go.
    would be interesting to see a meghac 6 making love to a woman. -is currently working on something involving a merkava mk4-

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