8lbs. of flesh

Been a good week full of weight loss and ship gain. Started weight watchers and got on a stringent points regiment. Ended up loosing 8 lbs combined with hitting the ellipticals at the gym with my dad (although he will fucking kill me for missing today). RSI had a caterpillar sale and I traded my Gladiator and Cutlass for it (Kudos to you Cerial).
Anyway tonight I discovered that tumblr was just sold to yahoo and they are aggressively dumping all the porn off the site. If you were one of the few tumblr’s I visited for robot art you may wanna think about getting a word press site of your own soon (and sadly this means I wont be leaving titan until the stipend runs dry). Although most of those ppl got their shit from pixiv, My french Friend had linked me to some really good art repositories that are now completely gone.
In other news My new new computer has been ordered and it will be here October 3rd for which I am super excited. It’s been 4-5 months without a standard computer and I am hungry to make some forealz art again. I thank the roommate for giving me an old apple server to access school work on, but you cant really play games or do high res art on this (I don’t think) let alone even run the Star citizen hangar.

This blog Is fairly shamelessly biased toward Asian robot art. The reason why is a little convoluted and weighs heavily upon taste, but I can tell you that historically western robot art falls more on the practical side of industrial design over looks. Asian robots for animations and games are way more whimsical, anthropomorphic, and designed with primal archetypes in mind. They aren’t practical, they are giant samurai warriors on 2 legs with huge shoulder pads wielding wholly unrealistic weaponry for the sheer awesomeness and hot-blood of it all. That said, For all of you more interested in a fair sample of western robot design, I found a really cool website you should check you here: http://conceptrobots.blogspot.com/2013_04_01_archive.html

P.S. I am still Broke..Have a cool space ship picture.



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  1. Gail1 says:

    I’m so glad to hear things are going so good for you again. Can’t wait for your new computer so we can chat it up again on Skype.

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