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I recently finished with a month long project I did pro-Bono for a couple of men who are roughly tied to the movie industry. A boss of someone I know met the men at Sun dance film festival and got them in contact with me over a possible web comic job pending pitch and project funding over at Cannes Film festival going on this week. I am extremely grateful for the recommendation, and Hope this actually leads to some paying full time work. what troubles me now however, Is that my job is over and I am no better off then I was December of last year. Today I reinstalled painter 11 and restored my brush defaults in an attempt to start something new. I opened up the starship picture I had finished months ago and screwed around with it again on and off looking to my favorite pixiv artist for inspiration. I am not totally sure what I will start drawing tomorrow but the words of the people around me  echo deep inside my head. “I should stop drawing what I think people want to see and start drawing for me.” You’d think after 10 years this would have gotten easier, but even as the last people I worked with sang my praises, at crunch time the tune had changed. “Are you sure you are the artist? Get the artist that drew that original face.” ” your style is very anime-ish.. maybe that is the problem.”  If people want me to be myself, why are the comments so contradictory, and why am I faulted for wanting to change my art style so much? realistically, things were said in a slight panic over the final days of deadline and I shouldn’t hold this slight bit of criticism over anyone’s head. It’s just, well.. I don’t have very thick skin.

As for porn, I want to draw another picture, but I hesitate because I fear of how absurd is would actually look to portray someone being ravished by a starship. The ideas in my head are pretty damn hot, but without considerable effort the visual interpretation would just look like some common tentacle rape porn bullshit you’d find on 4chan etc. As such Ive not really entertained any new porn pictures save for the occasional random woman being fucked by an armored core mech over the warm barrel of a large cannon or something.

Btw got some new mecha art to throw up on the gallery, go check that out.


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8 Responses to “All things big and small”
  1. antepathy says:

    I hope things are going well for you. I miss hearing from you 🙁

  2. Gail1 says:

    I would love to see your starship ideas. Who knows maybe it will actually inspire me to write that story XD. Miss you lots on Skype. Hugs from me and Marge.

  3. SigletSig says:

    Hey hey, I’m pretty sure what people on here meant by telling you to be yourself, it’s to appreciate your own art, and not let other people dictate your appreciation for it. You’ll never ever be able to impress everyone, the best that any artist can really do is try to impress themselves, because really that’s what will lead you to being happy with your work.
    Everybody will have their own opinion on what is or isn’t a pretty style, you’ll find many people who downright despise certain drawing styles. What your job as an artist is to do, is to find what YOU love to draw and fulfill that, because that’s how you get your soul into your work and how you enjoy doing it. The moment you try to garner a good reaction from everyone, it’s just going to go downhill.
    Having said that, yes, critique is useful, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. What matters mostly is that you put what you love into your work, that’s what gives it life and it’s what makes it yours. I think you’d be very VERY hard pressed to find an artist that didn’t become successful by doing their own thing the way they wanted to do it.
    And let’s face it, there’s only one person who draws your stuff like you do man. Keep your chin up and learn to love your art c:

  4. deezmo says:

    Just derped.. meant to post this here not on the other blog entry.. >.>

    I think you should try it. The ship adult art I mean.
    Really liked the one you submitted onto FA, well it wasnt adult but it was still good.
    No harm in trying out a few concept sketches and see what people think.

    Also if I wasnt so broke I would deffinately be up for grabbing another commission from you. <3

  5. CA3 says:

    It reads like you made a very big gamble there doing artwork on spec at a time when funds were depleated in ways you’d rather they not be. I don’t read a lot of information encouraging artists to work for free, but hopefully the boss of your friend wasn’t suggesting to these folks that you’d work for free and that was something they did on their own initiative. To be frank, I think if you’re going to do any artwork that comes without compensation it should be on your own projects. I doubt an artist with your skill and imagination would have want for things to draw on your own.

  6. Ratbat says:

    (forgive me for replying to you 1000 years later) I was going to say that you are 100% correct, The guys that i ended up working with months ago (the CANES film festival project) that whole thing fell through, and now its down to the wire and im only working on paying projects. btw how are you? -r

  7. SigletSig says:

    Glad to know you’re still hovering around here from time to time man :3c Very happy to see you’re still hangin’ around 😀

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