Car wreck

As some of you may have allready known, I was involved in a Hit n’ Run on friday aproximatly 2 minutes away from my place of employ. I managed to escape the crash with a few minor bruises, But my car: “Ratmobile” was KIA as she was t-boned resulting in the destruction of the rear right drive wheel and frame dammage. To repair her, would cost more then she was worth.

The good news is, I’m still alive with both my drawing hands intact. Ill be incurring some harsh financial burdon starting tomorro, and have decided that I will now start takeing commisions for black and white & color work. If you are interested, Just reply to this message and i will give you an e-mail based on your reistered wordpress e-mail.

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10 Responses to “Car wreck”
  1. VRmech says:

    Dude, OMFG! Glad to see that you made it out ok, but your car… I’m very sorry for your loss. My camaro had recently bit the dust due to a cracked head, I know how hard it is to lose the ‘breadwagon’ Sorry for the long hiatus, I’ve been with my uncle petitioning in Ohio. Ill be posting soon……..

  2. Zaiats says:

    Just a question about the commissions. Do you create char. based on information?

  3. lunarius says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear about the damage to your car; I’m glad that you’re okay, though. I’m also interested in a possible commission, too. ^_^

    But yikes, I’m glad to hear you’re okay. Things like that are just scary as all hell.

  4. sabina_moonflower says:

    I am sorry damn that sucks…I am very intrested in a commission if thats ok. Again I am sorry bout what happened to ya =(

  5. RnH says:

    Oh man. 🙁
    Glad you’re ok though.

  6. Birdie says:

    Sorry about the car. Glad you weren’t hurt. (HUG)

  7. Ratbat says:

    Zaits, Sabina, Lunarious: Il” send you an e-mail very soon. Im mocking up the commision rates and info right now.

  8. animeartist62 says:

    I maybe interested in a commission just send me the info on rates.

  9. Christine says:

    Man, so sorry to hear about the car! My brother all but totaled mine within the first year I bought it, so I know the pain :<

    Been following your art for a while as a bit of lurker and while the circumstances suck, I'm certainly interested in taking you up on the commission thing.

    Good luck with it all!

  10. GurafikDZN says:

    Sorry for the late reply, but like those who replied earlier I’m glad to hear you got out unharmed. It’s unfortunate to lose a vehicle like that, especially in these times.

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