Creeper Gonna Creep

I stopped hanging out in virtually all the social circles I used to with the one exception, the extremely successful kick starter game known as ‘star citizen”
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I wont go into the details about what starcitizen is, but you are free to do so here: Right now they have a chat room that brings out the utter changeling in me. In this chat room are hardcore gamers who have spent thousands of dollars pledging for a project that they believe in, and that is Spaceships. Ive noticed however, in the people I meet and the types of conversations that I have, that my fetish inappropriately creeps into conversations. It begins innocently enough, even topical, But I’ll subconsciously or not almost always find a way to bring up my metal fetish. Most people are very accepting of the weirdness that comes with adulthood, but one out of 6 ppl I just plain scare off. Yes, I have turned into an “Internet creeper”. The internet equivalent of The kind of guy you see in a long coat at the porno shop masturbating through his pants pocket at the pictures on the back of the DVD boxes. Its totally stupid because the odds of me ever finding another person with my same exact interest on the internet are very very slim (even though I have indeed met other mecha fetishistas) I should really just keep my mouth shut.

**Btw for all you Rockman fans you aught to pay attention: Keiji Inafume has started his own company and is now working on the spiritual successor of Megaman called “Mighty No. 9”
His kickstarter campaign has less then 19 days to go and if you wish to get in on that project you better hurry. They have raised 2 million dollars already and you can join the forums and give your input on boss designs and features straight to the man himself. go here: mighty

1 more thing, I added a new entry into the “found art” gallery which didn’t take very long at all. What really bothers me is how Pixiv hasn’t changed in the slightest. Of the 87 people I watch, at least 60 of them are also into kiddy porn. Why does good mecha fan art and deep psychological problems go hand in hand? I only bring this up because my love of anime has tanked well into the shitter, and this pedophilia stuff I truly believe is the part of the cancer that is killing the medium (Japanese cultural difference be damned) .

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One Response to “Creeper Gonna Creep”
  1. Pilot says:


    I can’t wait for us all to grow into crotchety old perverts and be creepy en masse. It’ll be great.

    I keep reblogging pictures of Jaeger legs on tumblr, and only a tiny number of people know exactly why. Playing the mystery creep is fun too, mwaha.

    The thing about tumblr is kind of a myth that got blown way out of proportion– they’re not actively deleting blogs, which is good, but they are limiting their accessibility for people who don’t already know that they exist, which sucks. Though only time can tell if Yahoo decides that needs to change as well.

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