Erin’s Heroman and SRW last Ep


It’s over. The final episode of SRW Inspector:

**Watch it now**

News: Been a while since my last post here on the blog. Things here have been rather hectic emotionally and financially but nothing compared to the crap Japan has been facing. Infact I noticed the number of actual mech pics tanked dramatically in favor of big titty monsters on pixiv, So their hasn’t been much incentive to post. I did however get a viewer request from an artist named “Erin” (writter of Heroman fics also) who is very much into Heroman, Tf, Vocaloid type stuff. As a fellow mecha/robophile Its my duty to spread around the clangeddy-clang goodness and present to you the official pixiv link: E-Primette here are some samples of the gallery if you cannot veiw pixiv:


Speaking of SRW, this week Ive had close to 5 robot dreams in a row, Most notably the Granzon who is this xbox hueg beast of a black hole generator robo. Ill be sure to post pics of the mech in the gallery if you aren’t familiar. Either way, Im thinking of doodling some Jankey-ass porn of him. Defiantly have a thing for the “big’uns”

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4 Responses to “Erin’s Heroman and SRW last Ep”
  1. Something tells me you forgot the explicit art I made.

  2. Ratbat says:

    Erin: Oh, Forgive me I thought that it would be counter intuitive to post everything here. No one would have a reason to visit your pixiv page if I put all the heroman stuff here.

  3. Andey says:

    Who is that gorgeous hunk of a mech in the last pic?

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