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^ If you don’t get a hard-on watching this trailer then you simply don’t belong here.^

My first Ace Combat was Ace Combat 5- a game that came out on the ps2 almost 12 years ago. While these games are less popular in the states, some of them had some downright amazing stories. Seeing this has rekindled my passion to go back and Play the good ones that I missed (4, and zero). I hope that I can play this one with a Friend in the coming year.. I think He’d love it.

Speaking of games, This one is old but also topical:

I never bothered to play Dark souls, Demon souls ect. But If they made a trilogy of the Dark comes with a pussified easy mode for us regular people to just explore the world and its lore, I would have jumped on that like flies on shit. I love the lore of the souls games. Read the Wikipedia inside and out. I also like how from software has artistically explored the various armor types of different cultures to make some really unique wearable including the above witch is the armor of a character named “Ornstein the dragon slayer“. Some one on deviant art 3D printed this badass figure of him and sold it for 350$. This is one of the reasons (besides space and poverty) as to why I stopped buying figures. This is the kind of quality that I demand from my shit. If you ask me, well worth it..



Xmas wish list:  http://www.alpacamall.com/en/ponchos/gray-alpaca-poncho-for-women-p-14245.html

So we are entering into the end of 2016 and I wish I had some snappy words for you all, but I don’t. This year was absolutely chocked full of “Gettn shit done”, most of which involved me graduating from Medical trade school and instantly absolving half of my credit debt. I hadn’t had a job in 5 years following the loss of my security position, but I’ll admit I’m getting pretty addicted to the power that having cash in your pocket gives you. On the flip side, Ive gotten very sick 4 or 5 times this year. Each time anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. It’s gotten me kinda worried about my immune system and Ive started a regiment of multivitamins in hopes I can stem the tide. If I am to work around sick people for the next 10-20 years, I need to know that this shit is not going to force an early retirement. My graduation trip in LA was not only fun, but a huge eye-opener that may usher in big changes in 2017. I got to visit Reno again for Air races, and visited no less then 6 new museums that I’ve never been to. I discovered how useful a hot water bottle can be to warming a bed, I found out how cool “One punch man” and “Jojo’s bizarre adventure 3” was. Coming into the next year I have only one New year’s wish; That I pass the fluoro exam coming up. My cram for that happens next week. Wish me luck. Happy Holidays everyone!


Between watching let’s plays of ff15, I started off a new Indy game that was released this month called owl boy. Its a little 2d  plat-former/puzzle game with game play not unlike Capcom’s gargoyles quest. Its too early to do a review on it though, So I will leave the update for later once Ive finished it. If you are curious about it, check it out on steam. Its 10$ and for every fan of rich retro pixel graphics and should only take about 15 hours of your time.

*Edited 12/24/16: Just beat this game today in between studies. It was very cute. Support  Indy gaming and pick this game up (especially now that steam winter sale is on).


As usual, thank you guys for supporting my artwork and the website for the last 2-3 years. ** I have a patreon ** if you are new here and Like what I do, please consider donating a dollar or 2 and show your support. If you cant? Then Happy holidays and God bless anyways! Ciao


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8 Responses to “fuzzy bottle”
  1. DarkBreed says:

    When they first revealed it back in 2015 I immediately caught the Unsung War motif right away. I just hope they also release a new Hori Flightstick.

  2. Norean says:

    Unsung War was also my first taste of Ace combat, although due to not owning the number of consoles the titles have been released on. AC6 fires of liberation was my last true ace combat experience. It is good to see they are basing the game once again around Osea. Perhaps we will see Captain Anderson and maybe even Razgriz will make a return appearance!

  3. Ratbat says:

    @ Norean: Went back and watched a youtube history of ace combat/air combat. Most of those games did not age well, even ACE 5 witch I don’t remember being that muddy. But it was ps2 days..

  4. Ratbat says:

    Darkbreed:im a very story/narrative driven gamer.. so if they make this a good story too.. itl just be a slick experience/fap ammo

  5. DarkBreed says:

    I think it might have had to do with the capture card and encoding compression with a dash of crappy HDTV internal scaler mud. PS2 games still look sharp and lovely on my CRTs, which is why I keep them around.

  6. Weir_DeWolfe says:

    Between a new Ace Combat and that gawgeous Ornstein, I am so hard right now. Like a goddam three meter tungsten rod ready to be dropped from orbit. Hhng.

    I definitely recommend playing Dark Souls in spite of the difficulty. Once you get the hang of the combat, it’s super smooth, precise, and rewarding. My brother also showed me the quickest path to the halberd on my first playthrough, which helped a lot. Thrusting weapons are pretty good, and of course, Ornstein’s Dragonslayer Spear is my favorite. Such a badass and beautiful design, and fires lightning. There is nothing not to love about it.

  7. Iron says:

    Merry Christmas everybody! May your dreams be filled with lots of sexy machines!

  8. Ratbat says:

    weir:Cant remember if i replied to this or not, but thanks for watching the blog :\/ . but yeah, darksouls.. I love the lore and the world. Duno if i have time for multiple restarts. plus i suck at games more in my old age.

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