Giant prime rib

^^^^Reno 2016 Abridged..with a few scenes from a revisit at castle afb^^^

About a month and a half ago I ended up going to the Reno air races in hopes id be able to have a biblical experience laying under one of the Idaho A-10’s they they tend to have. In a highly foolish move I red-eyed the whole trip and pushed through a 28 hour bender with no sleep. A bender that almost left me with heat stroke- and almost certainly left me with hallucinations driving through truckee to go back home. I never did get to lay under thos a-10’s.. But I did get to lay under an f-5 Tiger II (from with the Stanley pictures are inspired), as well as an f-16 fighting falcon witch I have provided pictures of the dangerous wheel whells associated. I really could have used a friend for this trip, and if I have my way next time I defiantly WILL have someone next time.  If you’d like to see a few more short videos I took from my phone you can visit my youtube channel here:

PS: that piece of prime rib was 20 oz.  Thought i could have myself a good dinner to wake up for the drive home, But didnt think my clever plan through. Still, No regrets… I love beef.


Also, this is just a short post to tell ya’ll that i got my first job. Its not an ideal job being that it’s a med staffing agency, but I got several more interviews lined up. Plus working at the  urgent care place has really done well for my experience. With my current hours, I’m really not as able to draw as hard core as I did at the beginning of the month, But this is subject to change.

What else?? oh… I suck at DCS world.. Im not sure how much better I can get , but I haven’t really gone through the tutorials yet. As for other games? I started tell’tales Game of thrones, But haven’t returned back to it just yet. I also Aquired the beta version of Divinity original sin 2 as a gift from Ingo, But that too will have to wait. For now its more Starbound, Baldur’s gate enhanced edition these days till I can kill the last boss.

Games I really want t play right now:

Torment: Tides of Numenera, wasteland 3, Divinity origonal sin 2

Its also my birthday Friday.. I’ll be 36 years old And a lot better off now then I was a year ago. I just wish I had some Davids tea…Its fucking cold  right now.




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  1. DarkBreed says:

    Happy belated birthday, a whole two days after my own XD.

    One of those C-130s looks like it used to be a Talon II given the mounts for the laser distraction system on the rear of the fuselage. I don’t recall those being on anything else.

    So many handsome birds 😀

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