I got my car back yo!

Hi-tech Mario bastard? This little diddy courtesy of verm the admin.

To all those who got a picture, I have not yet sent out the original’s, I’m waiting to finish the last person on the list so I can send all the tubes all at once before the next wave begins. If any of you have an issue with this feel free to PM me, and I’ll be trying my hand at a black n white of Drift and Wing this week so stay tuned. Also I’d like to thank all of you who commissioned me again as I was able to get my car fixed up with your help.

**The Art Debt List**

5. Antipathy—-50%
4. Anna Duch—100% Sir-Edmund

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5 Responses to “I got my car back yo!”
  1. Rozzie says:

    I think I already said how much I loved your take on Sir Edmund. <3 THANK YOU!

    And I'm an idiot for just noticing that the coat of arms he has on his lance looks…familiar. Did you reference the Hungarian coat of arms or I'm I just crazy?

  2. deezmo says:

    Good to hear your cars all fixed now, public transport can be a bitch

    Mario needs his moustache!!! D:

  3. Ratbat says:

    Rozzie: Yes infact that is a simplifyed Hungarian flag hehe (without the lions on each side of course) I know How your a hungaryophile. You want a bigger immage?

    Deezmo: I agree with you there, He needs the stache’

  4. Rozzie says:

    Ratbat: FFFFFF Awesome. And sure, I’d like a larger image.

  5. Rumdiculous says:

    If my stupid Jimmy wasn’t in the shop awaiting a massive bill, I was have commissioned you for something. Ah well perhaps soon. Congrats on the vehicle!

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