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bionic_mecha_wolf_by_leebleeb-d5qnu9rHappy Thanksgiving people! Eat lots of turkey and cranberry sauce.

Special thanks to Delta for donating to the site! <3

Dire machine FAQ (1)

After talking with Delta earlier, he suggested that I make an FAQ related to the Living vehicles In my porn pictures on the original tab. When people casually ask me little questions regarding the mechanics of the sex, or stuff about the world these machines live in, I give everyone an original response not a canned one. I love answering those questions, But as with any artist- most these days have an extensive “head cannon” that could take hours to fully explain.  It also sucks to have to write all this shit down too because normally nobody cares about it other then yourself (making it generally a big waste of time).

The story behind the porn is not that important. Its just something to justify the machine porn to myself like I did this with Edenworld back in the day and now I am doing it with Atoll Lab. I encourage anyone who is so inspired by the facts to take what ever aspects they like from my story and incorporate it as their own: No one’s idea is ever truly original anymore.


1. The Space machine Code

It is 2124, in an alternate version of our world. Almost all vehicles across the globe come to life because of an artifact that the space program brought back after extensive ice strip mining of the moon Europa. Various scientists experimented with the artifact and learned of its dangers when a computer program sprang to life and escaped into the web unhinging financial databases all over America until it was caught. The artifact was encased in a lead lined box for over 30 years till its sudden disappearance by virtue of a mining mega corporation with plans to use its “machine awakening” abilities on new weapon type experiments in the south pacific.  This artifact (The black pyramid) transmits an unearthly universal line of code into machines, and into the web where within half a year, the code spread like a virus “jumping” to any machine with an on-board computer or simple computer system that can receive satellite data like a GPS.

Humanity never saw it coming…

2. Machine apotheosis / 1st protocol.

The space machine code enters into the computer of the vehicle and re-writes the code over millions of times until the internal functionality of the computer cannibalizes itself to create the first nanomachine, which then builds the second nanite, which then further multiplies and divides and multiplies like the cell of a human fertilized egg. These nanomachines form a colony, and then begin to create non organic life by rebuilding the old computer into a sophisticated brain reforming old parts into new parts all contained inside the shell of the old vehicle. During this time, It is not uncommon for the vehicle to absorb bits of inorganic matter around them for bolstering the living internal system. The process happens very rapidly. Usually 1 to 2 days time. If you were driving your car at the time this was happening you would notice something was very wrong and you’d likely be alarmed.

3. 2nd protocol

“Dire machines” awaken into the world with the purpose creating ‘better versions of themselves”, their desire for sex and breeding almost insatiable.  All machines have free will to ignore the 2nd protocol, but they burn to mate with those holding very different abilities from one another in order to create those “better versions”. To do so theoretically creates Machine children that are twice as good as the parent in ability or power. For this purpose, Machine people are highly heterogeneous, they don’t want to mate with someone of their same type. The Ship Folk desire to mate with the Plane folk, the plane folk mate with the tank folk, The tank folk mate with the space machine folk, and so on. But All the Dire machines desire humans above all others as they are the most different. After a suitable amount of corruption, this can actually happen.

4. Machine Subtypes:

There are 5 to 6 subtypes of machine race on the planet all stemming back from the original space machine code. They represent the hybridization of the various machine DNA’s and their mutations.

A. Dire machine

Any regular terrestrial vehicle, plane, boat, motorcycle, space fairing vessel, electronic weapon with a computerized system or upgrades to include that system (WWI,WWII,Korean,Vietnam,Cold war and up) that wakes up and becomes a living machine due to contracting the Space machine code. Resembles the exact vehicle except the internals are changed to facilitate non organic life (eyes and mouth are optional). Dire machines carry Nanite colonies in their fluids and also have adapted the use of smaller mechanical appendages called “mechadendrites” and manipulator arms.

B. Demi Machine

The children of Dire machine’s and humans. Demifolk are Vehicles that carry some humanoid traits for maximum adaptability . Standing between 8 and 12 feet tall, some say that these machines look similar to mechas or robot Egyptian animal-headed gods. Demifolk take after the machine parent more so then the human one, plus they are completely machine despite human resemblances and carry less then 2% organic matter. They can eat anything for use as fuel.

C. Corrupted human

Humans who have had sex with dire machines or morphs become slowly “corrupted” over time. Like a stigmata of sorts, Nanomachines from machine kind saturate your blood stream and turn your limbs, eyes, tips of your hair steely grey while the insides of your body shift physiologically into a form the Dire/Demi folk can more easily mingle their systems with. Corrupt humans are 20% larger and stronger then people of their same type. They age at 1/8th the normal rate, and are immune to virus and diseases, but cannot heal without a constant supply of Nanites effectively making them partially symbiotic to their machine partner.

D. Half-Machine

In the current setting of the story, cybernetic augmentation is as commonplace as it would be to carry your cell phone and credit card in your pocket. Most people carry one or two slight augmentations, but the Military bodies of the world have access to advanced “Cyber Armors”  to use on soldiers who have either sustained great injury, or need extra strength for the mission ahead. If these Cyborgs become infected with the space machine code, the code remains in the body and further augments the fine structures of the implants creating rare people known as “Half-Machines”.  The “battle partners” for the initial Atoll lab machines, are Half-Machines. They are just as dangerous as a Military Dire machines and often fight with one as a partner.

E. Shin Dire/ Super Dire

The children of Dire machine and dire machine. These are Hybrid vehicles without human DNA involved. Typically crazy combinations of tank + plane, or car + boat. Any sort of machine only child who have additional functionality due to 2 different machine type parents. One easy way to think about this, Is if a jet and a submarine have a child, they produce a vehicle that can fly but is also amphibious. A Jet that can ambush from shallow oceans and lakes.

F. Success machine

Monsters. Before the collapse of the old Governments, War weapons testing in the Atoll lab project revealed that torturing a living vehicle enough will sometimes prompt the Space machine code to re-infect the host body as a defense mechanism. This causes Horrific mutant vehicle combinations and ability’s that often defy the laws of physics. Scientists caused these mutations deliberately so they could use the results as cheap super weapons against more powerful countries in the world war happening at the time. In the end, these machines often killed their creators and escaped control into the world where they would later turn up in civilian areas to reek havoc on human and machine kind alike. Success Machines are easy to spot, as they resemble  mutant versions of regular vehicles with colossal sizes, kinetic shielding, and extra weapons said machines would never normally have. Most Success Machines are irredeemably violent, and even meeting a neutral one can increase your risk of dying by 60%.

In the grand scheme of the story, The Success machines are like the Gorgons of Greek mythology. Tortured monstrous souls who exist in the world as challenges for heroes to face. They do not pose as great a threat as the Anti-machine terrorists however, because most Success machines are too chaotic to organize. It is currently unknown how Many Success Machines were produced during the Atoll lab project, but it could be as little as 50 or as much as 200.

5. Atoll Lab

The story begins on a fictional large ring island in the south Pacific not far from the French Polynesian islands. This island “Isla Ala” was privately owned and only populated by workers, Scientists, and military folk.  The island includes a modest ship harbor, roads, and modern bunkers where machines are housed for use in various projects. It is unclear Which pre man-machine alliance government was responsible for the “Atoll machine weapon project” But this large island was home to some extremely unethical procedures and experiments conducted on human being and living machine alike.

Mega corperations were looking for ways to make super weapons out of cheaply acquired older technology by upgrading various combat vehicles with better armor, guns, engines, and quantum computer cores. These machines were then purposely infected with the space machine code in order to become Dire machines.

( This is about the time the Space machine code broadcasts itself into the web and starts to infect all vehicles around the globe)

6. The Bond

Machine folk are sexually heterogeneous among their racial types, but are somewhat bi-sexual until they choose to form a Bond with someone. The bond is “mating for life” and cannot be undone as it manifests in physical internal changes. The Machine folk can only create children once a bond is formed. the dominant machine partner allocates system resources to the electronic CNS (central nervous system) to create new neural pathways to send and receive information from the submissive partner. The organ that produces nanites doubles in size, and the internal chassis/air frame gains additional organ functionality for breeding and maintaining remote mental/wireless links. In a human partner, The Bond allows a man or woman to mingle with machine DNA to produce the morph race. They become more compatible with the machine internally (like a usb port for receiving and sending back neural information too and from the machine partner.) And your bonded partner can save you from a mortal wound by injecting you with his/her nanite reserves to target the damaged area.





This is a rough idea of the machines I will draw next barring certain days off, sickness, desire to do the Atoll lab comic, or family obligations.

Porn art schedule:

5. Su-47 part 2 (color version)

6. Messerschmidt 262 AND BF109 3 some

7. Altay MBT or M60 phoenix mbt or leopard 1

8. B-1  Lancer or B-58 Hustler

9. CH-47 Chinook(not porn) or B-17 Flying Fortress

10. Master blaster (??)

12. Eurocopter Tiger

13. Type 45 destroyer

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23 Responses to “Happy Tanksgiving!”
  1. CerebralError says:

    Happy tanksgiving to you too!

  2. anon says:

    Happy tanks giving! Can I just say I absolutely love your artwork and reading about the Atoll Lab stuff. The level of detail just blows my mind in all the right ways. (excited by the up coming list, The F4U and the BF109 are both major kinks of mine, F4U wins by a margin… uuugh those wings and that nose nmmm <3)

  3. Ratbat says:

    Thanks for responding 😀 I updated the list to add a few more machines into it, but the process is slow going(1 pic a week) . Are you a Skipper Riley fan?

  4. Anon says:

    Longer list! Yesss I love visiting the site and findng new work it always makes my day, loving the story section too.

    I am a skipper riley fan, it’s a shame I can often find art of him and artists that like to draw him but no rule 34. I think the character was underrated they could have made a much better film just focusing on him and his war experiences. It’s something about his gruff no nonsense attitude that gets me going haha.

  5. Feign says:

    Well, this is certainly more well thought-out than most fetish story settings. That is to say I like it! Definitely cool to see it defined out where the half-machines came from and how they differ from “corrupted” humans and Morphs (also that Morphs don’t just happen on accident, The Bond seems to be a pretty big deal.)

    Also it would be interesting to see some art of the Success Machines (best giant monster name I’ve heard of in a long time, by the way.) though they don’t seem like much in the way of fetish-fuel.

  6. CerebralError says:

    Question: As odd as it may sound, it will probably be useful later on. Where would the synth port on a female tank most likely be located? I’m sure it probably varies from model to model, but for the most part, the probes on the male tanks seem to be located around the driver’s compartment.

  7. Ratbat says:

    I guess it can be anywhere you want it it really. Gingy has his own way of placing it and it’s not too dissimilar from mine. I mainly think of tanks as Swiss army knives on tracks. They don’t have a very closely relatable form to an animal, so they could deploy a synth port (one of those tenticle tube vaginas from a couple of less armored spaces on the body. It’s not very sexy to the uninitiated, but if your in love with the personality of the machine, you can find ways to be attracted to more strange anatomy. If I made female tank art for gingy right now, a port would come from the underside, the underside of the turret (from the drivers or gunners hatch) or from the inside of the cab (if that spot is still hallow ) this is the sort of thing that makes tanks a little bit more robotic then other vehicles, you have to be presented with the port or the moveable synth tube.
    It’s rediculous for machines to have reproductive organs, but following a sci-fi story.. Haveing a penis and metal vagina is a facilitation of being able to breed with themselves and humans on this planet. It’s simpler.

  8. Ratbat says:

    If only I could put down the porn and start doing more 1 hour comics x3 . That’s the only thing that’s going to tell the “story” but I’m addicted to vehicle cox lol

  9. Gingyflame says:

    Going along with what Ratbat was saying about how it’s wherever you feel; I put it on the belly of the hull under movable armored plates because to me it seems proper, the sensitive port is mounted in an area where it isn’t prone to being shot yet is still accessible for the other German tanks (or humans). And if you end up not liking where you put it initially but already posted it, you could change the position in another tank series or model or even version of the tank. An example would be when Kramia and Mini did it, I moved her port to the lower rear glacis plate and that confused Mini, but Kramia is of Russian design not German, the designers put her port in a more assessable spot yet is more exposed (but it’s Russia, production over almost all) and when I introduce an American tank (Not just Katelyn but another) thier placement will be entirely different as well. The gist is its up to you and if you’re keen enough can move it about wherever you choose. And yes Ratbat, in my story the fighting compartments are seemingly unaltered but really it’s slightly tighter than a non living tank make for various reasons.

  10. CerebralError says:

    Thanks guys. =) That’ll come in handy!

  11. Kluane says:

    This is fantastic, I love this level of detail and backstory. I respectfully disagree with your statement that “normally nobody cares about it other than yourself”. I just spent a good three hours digging through the site looking for the smallest little ‘hints’ as to the world behind the images, and every little small description I saw only made me more curious about it!

    I have a few more questions, if you don’t mind!

    1) Morph Machines – it’s mentioned that they’re children of Dire machines and humans.
    * How does impregnation and gestation work?
    * Is it always a female human that carries the child, or can a Dire end up ‘impregnated’ (so to speak) as well?
    * In the case of a human, are there any side effects caused by the pregnancy on the mother?

    2) Corrupted Humans.
    * If a normal human has sex with dire machine or morph only once, do they still end up fully corrupted after a period of time (time based corruption), or is the strength of their corruption based on the number of times they’ve had sex?
    * How quickly does the corruption take hold?
    * Are humans who are corrupted by morphs physiologically different than humans corrupted by dire machines?
    * You wrote that the insides of their bodies shift into a form the Dire/Morph folk can more easily mingle their systems with – what happens to them?
    * Outside of the grey coloration, are there any other outwardly visible effects?
    * Fully corrupted (100%), what would a person look like or be physiologically?
    * In a few of the stories it’s mentioned the dire machines take their mates with a predatory nature. I’m assuming their target ends up partially corrupted as a result; does the corruption make it impossible for them to enjoy normal human company or make them attracted to machines if they weren’t before?

    3) Half machines
    * I may have missed it your art, but what do the half machines look like? How are they different from morph machines?

    4) Other Shifts
    Two methods of physical changes were mentioned – humans into corrupted humans, and cybernetically-augmented humans into half-machines.
    * Are there any methods that would cause a human to become corrupted beyond the normal limit, gradually turning them into a morph machine or dire machine?

  12. Gingyflame says:

    Holy shit… Ratbat… where’s that FAQ you said you had? I think our friend here just broke our beliefs of the FAQ working… Nice to meet ya, Kluane! Hmmm, pardon the question but is your name pronounced Clue-ain?

  13. Kluane says:

    Hehe, sorry 🙂

    The FAQ *did* work, just too successfully. Now that the world has even more depth, it’s caught my interest even that much more.

    Nice to meet you too, Gingyflame. As for the pronunciation of my name, there’s no “right” version 🙂

  14. Ratbat says:

    Hello Kluane, welcome to this unusual place, where do you come from? or rather, how did you get here?

    There is supposed to be a part 2 to the faq which I am going to write up, but It didn’t make sense to worry much about it when I haven’t been doing any comics. Anyway to address your questions:

    1. Morphs: Are you asking how Morphs get pregnant or impregnate? Or how Morphs are created through pregnancy? Because it all comes down to sci-fi pseudo biology and heavy usage of nanomachines. The nanomachine colony can take a snapshot of the body of the machine and make a sort of artificial DNA translation of it to group into a single cell or set of cells that act like sperm or egg for other machines, morphs or humans.
    The female Dire machine, the female human, or the female Morph can get pregnant and carry the child. So a male human can be the one that does the impregnation into a big female Dire machine or morph. The only side effect to pregnancy with a machine child is that the children themselves weigh 3 times as much as a human child (they are metal). So the women spend much more time on their backs or sides then with a regular human pregnancy, They also require more metallic resources to accommodate that metal baby, like ground up iron (Most mothers eat their food dusted with ground up metal shavings to satiate pregnancy cravings).

    2. A normal human will not be corrupted with only a one night stand, Corruption happens only after several weeks to months of constant physical contact (it does not have to be with the same partner). The nanomachines in this case don’t have any time to take a foothold in the body before they are cycled out naturally by the humans own white blood cell count. Corruption carries with it some negatives depending on your veiw, so any human who wishes to have Human children should have them before they mess around with Dires or Morphs. Corruption can go as fast as 4 weeks if you have had a LOT of sex, at least 2-3 times or an orgy every night. But it changes the human physiology greatly, its not meant to be a fast process because accelerating fundamental changes in human body chemistry can cause death if its not precise (simply introducing that much nanomachine into your body causes your White blood cell count to elevate)

    Humans corrupted by morphs are no different from humans corrupted by Dire machines. The inside of the human body- heart muscle cells, soft tissue, veins and nerves, it all gets replaced by artificial living machine cells. These cells come with their own innate programming and can bridge the gap between a computer and organic tissue. The nanomachines typically copy the functions of a particular cell, then kill that original cell then assume its place. over weeks and months– your flesh inside, your limbs on the outside, grow steely grey the more of your original tissue gets replaced with machine cell. (That grey semen that comes from ejaculation during sex is raw nanomachine colony and it makes its way into anything alive- anything with electrical impulses.) the organs of the human body become inundated with machine cell, and your nervous system receives massive alterations (to the point you can function like a USB cable for sending information back n forth to your machine lover). The body grows 20% larger, Your sex organs change, the womb and fallopian tubes of the human woman change, become tough to be able to accommodate a machine creation. This makes human women unable to utilize human sperm anymore, and in human males, the penis becomes broader and tougher, the testicles change, become larger to create larger more spem cells that are machine in nature (But this too means that this human male can no longer get a human woman pregnant). All sorts of things happen to you, You loose the ability to benefit from human medicine but you gain the ability to use nanomachines to repair your body if you are hurt. you age much slower.. 1/8th that of a human. your limbs turn permanently grey along with your eyes, the tips of your hair and roots. ect. Some people call this the “Machine-folk Stigmata” It marks you as a friend and lover of machine kind. Your personality remains the same, But your mind becomes calmer and clearer.. More like how a machine thinks with pure logic, more Zen like.

    Its possible after years of repeated sex with your machine mate that you can become 110% corrupted, in this case, your grey limbs develop small armored scales or plates, this doesn’t hurt- but it can be disconcerting if you don’t know whats happening, otherwise, humans never loose their forms, they still remain looking mostly like they were before they were corrupted. You can think of a 100% Corrupted human in fantasy terms as being like a half metal elemental, they are taller, heavier, and calmer then most humans of their kind.

    The predatory nature thing is mainly related to Military machines whos bodies were designed for killing or defense originally. Dire machines and Morphs arent without their faults, (Every race has their pluses and minuses even the living machine folk) With machine folk, they can be hyper focused and prone to stalkerish behavior to a fault. The military machines especially seek out their potential mate like a lioness waits for the wildebeest to lower its head to drink from the lake. When they DO land a significant other, They can be quite possessive and usually don’t venture outside of a certain radius of distance from their human. Most humans don’t know they are being stalked/scouted out for a date from a machine until its too late. Corruption doesn’t fundamentally change the humans personality, if they were attracted to humans before, they will still be attracted to humans after, (they will still be gay, Bi sexual, straight, trans-gendered, or pan-sexual afterwards too.) Corruption doesn’t make a human predisposed to prefer machines over humans either, But people who are corrupted are generally 70-100% into machines anyway to have even got to that point.

    3.) Half machines are very rare. They were created by the governments of the old world who were looking or ways to create ‘super soldiers” using the advanced military cybernetic hardware that was available at the time. Human soldiers were augmented with machine parts, most of the time without consent or against their will to fit the purposes of the military’s that needed them in the world war. Some of the half machines volunteered, but all were subjected to the space machine code infection. The timeline of events were the half machines/success machines/ and Atoll Lab machines come into play, all sort of happens one month before the entire world changes. But all of this is related to various governments using the Space machine code brought back from the stars to create super weapons for use against each other. The Code jumped into the internet and broadcasted itself all over the world into virtually every machine it could find. Anyway, Half machines are cyborgs who have the space machine code living inside them because they are augmented to be partially machine themselves. These Guys and Girls are a force to be reckoned with in their own right. http://www.titanatelier.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/halfbotgirl.jpg At the end of the old world, and the beginning of the world filled with Living machines, Cyber armor in the military largely fell out of fashion because over half the soldiers were now tanks/apcs/jet planes/warships/ and artillery machines, Augmented cyborgs just aren’t as common place anymore.

    4) . Corrupted humans never turn into morphs or Dire machines. Half-machines never turn into Dire machines or morphs either, But half machines have the potential to become Success machines- A very monstrous kind of mutation, a vehicle monster, a machine gorgon. You generally don’t want this to happen.

    Anyway, I hope this answers your questions.. if there is anything you would like me to go into greater detail on, then just ask. But just know that until I make a comic about this, this is all esoteric sci-fi lore for my porn pics. Most peeps don’t even know about. Its kind of unnecessary information right now.

  15. Ratbat says:

    Delta and Gingy have done a much greater more literary job of explaining the lore in their own stories. Im actually kinda surprised you wanna know all this. Are you a transhumanist?

  16. Kluane says:

    Thanks for the in-depth response Ratbat, I really appreciate it!

    As for how I got here – tricky to explain. I’ve been debating working on my own backstory for a ‘living machine’ world, albeit one nowhere near as detailed. Haven’t quiet figured out what I want to do yet, but I was leaning toward something where nanite colonies could ‘fuse’ organic animals (usually human) with machines (typically vehicles) at varying degrees.

    One issue is that in the hybrid forms, it’s difficult to come up with appearances that “make sense” for non-streamlined vehicle types. Planes and motorcycles are easy, but tanks, cars, and wider-body or ‘squared off’ forms end up looking strange. I stumbled across your tankmorph character on DA (http://tabtar.deviantart.com/art/Atollb-476350642) and thought to myself – “she actually figured it out!!”. Bookmarked it, came across http://tabtar.deviantart.com/art/Dina-503811841, and then followed the link to your site. From there I stumbled across the ‘Full Vernin’ commission – the description mentioned the Atoll Lab and the corruption process and got me hooked on all of this.

    At risk of being mocked, I suppose you could say I’m a post-transhumanist 🙂

    A lot of this is hard to explain. Definitely open to chatting about it, or you can toss me an email. Is there a chat room or online place you use to discuss all of this?

  17. Wave says:

    @ratbat , I have a question could 2 corrupt humans reproduce . Correct me if i am wrong , my logic is that if both are physiologicaly changed to bear machine children that it could be possible

  18. shoe says:

    huuuuuum if my calculations are correct physically that is possible but highly unlikely because the dire machine that changed them would be very very clingy

  19. clog says:

    hm let me thunk about this for a minute

  20. Luke says:

    I pretty sure when they do it will still come out as a morph right so it will still have genes from the machines they fucked with first

  21. Gingyflame says:

    Well at the same time the two morphs could be incompatible. Think about it, they were conformed to their machine’s composition, thus rendering them too different from even another machine, or human, or morph.

  22. clog says:

    SO i thought about it for a minute and i must agree with Gingy.

  23. Gary NIu says:


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