Innuendo of Robros

So folks, the last of the first round of commissions are done. I’m going to be sending the originals out shortly as soon as I get a few missing addresses. their is still time for a few more jobs, But I’ll be returning to my portfolio/comic project asap. Pic on the front page is courtesy of pixiv member “Dakara”.

**The Art Debt List**

5. Antipathy—-100% Wingxdrift

I wont give you a description of the above image, Ill let you decide for yourself how “slashy” it is. Also, check out the video below.. its creepy and awesome.

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5 Responses to “Innuendo of Robros”
  1. antepathy says:

    Oh god it’s even more fantastic inked!!! You’re amazing! *clings*

  2. deezmo says:

    Awesome, cant wait to get it.
    You need my address?

  3. Eonheart says:

    That WingDrift you did was just gorgeous. O_O Aww and hey, been a long time… >_>

  4. Ratbat says:

    antepathy: 😉

    Deezmo: sent you an e-mail.

    Eonheart: Long time no see. Thought after you’d found pixiv you abandoned this place lol.

  5. Eonheart says:

    @Ratbat: LOL Oh you. I still rarely visit your blog here if you got some neat mech arts lol. Ah anyways, I have fun back at Pixiv already, not only I’m after the purdy pictures but I also made a few friends there (who’re Japanese TF artists and some well known ehem). But hey, I still appreciate your works of course, until now. ;3

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