Just about over being mammilian

After dealing with the death of my mother, After having busted both ankles on one stair, after having a paycheck all screwed up to hell, I have just one message: It sucks being old.

I was just having a conversation with some friends about how the human body was not meant to live too far past age 30, as if the premise of the movie “Logan’s Run” had the age number spot on. people spend so much time fending off hair, armpit smell, dandruff, bathroom necessity’s, menstrual cycles, flu, gas, sagging, hunger, cold, and everything else that will just come back in a day or two is it any wonder what’ the point of being so flawed is? We live 70, 80, 90, years now and the problems (like for instance, sprained ankles) only get weirder and wilder as time goes on.

It’s a real pain in the ass being a human. If you guys wonder why I practically worship the robot well partially, If I got rid of all those problems I just listed? We’d all be machines. And I’m ready for my cyborg body now.. please?

To quote Derek: “When I die, somebody is going to have a lot to answer for, and I want to have a hand in my re-design.”

In other news, Another friend pointed me towards a musical done by the Avenue Q and creators of Southpark called “Mormon the musical” Its offensive and hilarious and I recommend you stream it (from NPR website here) Mormon The Musical

Oh yeah the smoking orange kitten is also amusing too: Intervention .



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12 Responses to “Just about over being mammilian”
  1. Aesti says:

    Ah shit, Ratty… I am sorry to hear about your mother. That’s.. that I can’t even relate with. I am so sorry.
    And then you were injured?
    Shit I figured you were just busy with work and all but there has been a lot more going down.

    Let me know if you need or want to talk or anything. If not, I’ll try and touch base again at a later time. Be safe.

  2. Andey says:

    I hear you on wanting a robotic body. I am waiting for mine. I want to look like a Yuusha.

    Love your mechaXhuman hentai. Would absolutely love to see some Yuusha mechs getting their freak on. And there are a few canon pairings too.

    I may hit you up for a commish later on.

  3. Ratbat says:

    Andey: Hey welcome!

    The only bit of back peddling I’d do on what I said is that I have no problem with the human form per say. The look of it in it’s sleekness isn’t all that bad, but if we all lived in a world like Ghost in the Shell, Armitage, Appleseed, ect where people can get away with replacing their body parts with something more durable well… I’m on board. Hell- I’d kill the be one of the women in my comic/H pics. And yes, Yuusha are nice, especially the ones for the obscure J-games we’ll never get.

    btw, I did a little spying and found out you burned your DA account. I was wondering what made you quit?

  4. sigletsig says:

    With all of our access to 3D modelling applications that have exporters to CNC machines and laser cutters, it’s pretty easy to y’know, make full size attachable limb designs as well as making them mechanical, but once people are able to finally be able to link up that machinery in a way that our brains will be able to move them and control them, that’s where the real fun will start :B
    … But then we’ve gotta combat the Hayflick limit so our brains and organs don’t start shutting down after about 120 years or so |U HARD STUFF TO BE IMMORTAL BRO~
    Plus it’ll need to be pretty sturdy – don’t wanna have to deal with your legs and arms’ components corroding and rusting in humid environments D:
    But yeah, too bad that kind of brain to machinery technology is ages away… http://www.seeingwithsound.com/etumble.htm … Or not. Seemed pretty decent eight years ago :V

  5. Andey says:

    Hey Ratbat, you must have looked at my old DrewsterHotRod account. I have a new one http://fear-atharrachaidh.deviantart.com

    I still have that other one but rarely use it. I kind of was escaping from snarkers, but then I don’t care anymore.

    Anyway I have been spreading the word about your drool worthy mecha hentai. Just a heads up, you may be getting some commissions soon.

  6. antepathy says:

    Oh yes. Old is…not fun. Everything aches, and you start noticing things you used to be able to do…you can’t do quite as much anymore. It’s…distressing.

    And that’s also partially behind my robot love, too. We peak too early, we humans. Just when our brains and personalities get interesting…we start falling apart.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. I’m on IM in the evenings if you ever need to talk.

  7. Jazz935 says:

    Andey has done a good job of spreading your work…and making me want to leave work early cause she keeps linking me to those delish pics. After Botcon I plan on commissioning you for a few if you are open to it. Some Yummy Yuusha mech hentai.

  8. GurafikD says:

    I’m sorry to hear that about your Mother. I hope you and your family will soon recover from such a loss. I also hope your ankles get better soon. As for the human flaws, I wouldn’t focus on them to much…stuff like the nicer things in life, and the neat little worlds we imagine and dream about are a good way to turn off the worries of the physical issues we have to deal with.

    I know I haven’t been commenting on here much, but I still pay a visit from time to time. I like the new site layout. 🙂

  9. Pilot says:

    Oh dear, I am SO sorry, Ratty. It seems like everyone I know is burying a parent this year, and it sucks, for lack of a better word. I wish you well; and remember to take care of yourself! It’s so easy to forget at times like these.

    And as for the ankle… ass! I know your pain, though, as I’ve got a few joints and body parts that belong to someone 40 years older than me, and they sure as hell won’t be getting much better as the years go by. So take care of that ankle, too. You ain’t done usin’ it yet~

    If you need someone to chat with or vent at, I’m still around on AIM (astrocavalry). I’ve also thought good and hard about commissioning you over the past few months, and what with graduation money, I may actually be able to..! Though we’ll see how much I have left by the time I find a job.

    Take care!

  10. Steshette says:

    Aw shucks, Ratty! I can relate to both these things. Our bodies make no sense whatsoever, not made for us nor for our lives, it’s infuriating. Hell, our lives are infuriatingly senseless to start with, a bizarre routine of keeping this form running until it eventually falters anyway. Hope your spirits are holding up better than your physical manifestation! And after all, who knows, instead of the end of the world next year, we might get a massive invasion, and a big badass mech just might fly in, sweep you away and mod you to his tastes! XD

    Btw I kept the job, so if you want/need an advance now on a commish [that can be actually finished at some future, happier time] just let me know, anytime.


  11. Ratbat says:

    Jazz: Hi jazz thanks for admiring X3 let me know how botcon went.

    steshette: thanks hun :hugs: Ill let ou know when im done with my current pick.

    Pilot: you can draw porn just as good X3 save yourself some money~

  12. Brian says:

    I wonder how quickly someone would be raped if they changed their body to a robot one. Hmmm….

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