Late end of 2017 post.


Ok, So I have been very unproductive since the new year turned around. Ive neglected e-mails, a bill or two, and more then a couple CEC’s. I also neglected to talk about my trip to the the Ohio USAF museum last December. I take thousands of photos every place I go, so I just put up a few succinct highlights. First let me just say, this museum is world class and has some of the rarest aviation machines around. If you ever see yourself near Dayton Ohio, admission is free and they are open all year round except for Christmas and thanksgiving. Sneak or buy as much water as you can because the hangars have very dry humidity controls throughout the whole area. Simply being there the whole day will dry you out after a few hours. bring comfortable shoes as well (Ingo learned this the hard way), and bring a little bit of cash because their gift shop is one of the best museum gift shops Ive seen since the uss Midway museum.

The museum touts having over 360 different aircraft on display in 4 separate mega hangars. You can find everything from the v2 missile, to the Xf-85 Goblin. The only thing not shown here was the Saab Drakken, and the Avro vulcan you can find rotting away in the sun at castle AFB. Much of these planes seem ordinary at first glance, but have amazing reasons why they got their place in that museum. For example, its fairly common to find a delta dart at an aviation museum right? This museum had the exclusive “cornfeild bomber” the f-106 who’s pilot ejected only for the plane to fly and land itself gently into a cornfield with barely a scratch. They had an Nasa x-planes gallery with the “decent crafts” used to mine data for the eventual space shuttles decent back into normal altitude.

I uploaded a couple of new movies I took of the museum, but this one is where I loose my shit over the f-117. I lament the fact that 2 days is just not enough time to see everything or go on all the tours. Both tours we were on were very entertaining, especially the spy satellite tour.

Their are no navy planes in this museum. Apparently for that you need to go to the Pensacola in Florida, the US navy museum. Never the less, I don’t think their is anywhere else we can go but over seas to truly top all of this, so this will be my last vacation report for a while. Go visit this place, do it.

Anyway, this is a bit of a half post. I’ll have more to post on about as soon as I complete Divinity Original sin II so stay tuned.

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26 Responses to “Late end of 2017 post.”
  1. Ingo says:

    Was basically like a high class strip club. Would go again.

  2. GhettoDan says:

    Russian(USSR) jets <3

  3. ZARA says:

    Wow can’t believe they have one of the Valkyrie prototypes there OMG! I’ve been to one of the military aviation museums here in Florida’s Panhandle the Eglin Air Force Armament Museum. When I found out they had an SR-71 I took the 5 hour ride in my Mustang Convertible lol. No where near as big as the one you went to.

    Happy new year and glad you had fun at the Museum.

  4. Iron says:

    Hey, I’ve been there! I went during my Junior J-Term class. I was a bit more excited to see the Neil Armstrong museum, personally, but it was pretty awesome seeing all of the planes, as well!

  5. jean56f says:

    Amazing planes 😮
    You ‘murica people are the best for that !
    well, we ‘had’ the concorde :v

  6. sora says:

    I Really hoped you enjoyed your trip this looks amazing to be at and experexperience looking at these massive sexy war beast. Personnly my favorite pic you took is the uav drone i love the unique design on how it look like that and my favoite military the pics on how you drew them is another thing i like about the them with their botom camera being their eye cool and they also look kinda cute like that.

  7. sora says:

    Sorry if some of what i type up made no sense. I keep rushing when i type and make the sentences look awful

  8. Douglas says:

    I live but 20 MIN from there. Last time i went was August 8th of 2017. Got a ton of great pics

  9. Ratbat says:

    Douglas: you live 20 minutes away? Damn. It’s free admission. I’d go every weekend untill I had committed 80% of the buildings knowlege to heart! Though I understand that it’s probibly not as ever changing or exciting when you live next to it for years. I loved it a lot.. 2 days is not enough.

  10. Ratbat says:

    @Sora: no need to rush, I’m slow with replies XD (currently going through a backlog of responses)

  11. Ratbat says:

    @Sora : I was surprised they actually had the RQ-4 as well. From that point on I had only seen a military drone during a Reno Air race 3 years back. They actually transport in a huge suitcase the size of a moderately long flat bed truck. And year the chin camera thing was not originally my idea but it’s brillient and I had to run with it as well. It makes drones delightfully strange.

  12. Ratbat says:

    @Jean: though I will say, I would like to go to RIAT and MAKS airshow someday soon. I’m starting to see a lot of overlap bettween museum collections. For example, everyone has an f4, and everyone has a skytrain, everyone has a delta dart ect. Sadly I have never seen the Concorde in person yet 😉

  13. Ratbat says:

    @Iron: btw iron I know you sent me an email a week ago about your stripper pole space ship art. 😉 I listened to that epesode of cooptional too and I forgot you get your game news from a lot of the same places I do. (Sterling 4life)
    In California, you have to drive to the bottom of the state to get good access to military museums mainly because Lockheed was building in Palmdale for years. (San Diego has the midway.. witch you should also see before you die). But it was a big deal going to the USAF one since it had x planes and other stuff. It might pay to visit the usnavy museum if I ever get my ass to Florida though.(and I have barely a reason to be there)

  14. Ratbat says:

    @Zara: if you are out in Florida, you should try and visit the usnavy museum(though they aren’t likely to have any experimental nasa stuff) as for the Valkyrie, I couldn’t help but remember that the 2nd one crashed after a man in an (f-104?) clipped the rear stabilizer. It’s for the best that they keep and preserve the last one. But coming in the 4rth hangar you get the sense of all the money the government dumped into R@D just to win the Cold War. Unlimited money and zero red tape accomplished a lot in a very short amount of time.

  15. Ratbat says:

    @Daniil: the mig 19 they had was given to the us government by a North Korean defector who didn’t know at the time that the us had put out a cash reward for anyone who could bring us a Russian jet. The Korean guy didn’t even know the offer was up, and got a hefty check. I can’t remember if it was 100k but I’ll have to check Wikipedia

  16. Ratbat says:

    @Ingo: especially now with good shoes and chapstick!

  17. jean56f says:

    @ratbat I saw it one time at the airport, years and years ago, the kid I was was so happy about it 😀 I learn after that my parents were ready to take the flight 4590 to New york… but luckly they canceled a week before because of me I was very sick at this moment !
    I need to see the Bourget meeting once, I have to !

  18. Iron says:

    It got over 270 upvotes on TotalBiscuit’s sub-Reddit. I’m just a bit proud of it.

    We got at least five hours at the Air Force Museum during that field trip. Seeing the Valkyrie and realizing just how ludicrously massive it was blew my mind. I only knew it as the spy plane from COD: Black Ops.

  19. C-stoff says:

    Keep it up!
    Very nice!

  20. Douglas says:

    @ Ratbat are you still doing artwork commissions by any chance? it’ll be around April before i will request tho.

  21. Ratbat says:

    @Douglas: Not at the moment but just hit me up with your idea anyway (For the most part I have to finish the comics however.)

  22. Joshua says:

    @Ratbat Will be willing to take a SFW commission of a female P-63 king cobra fighter. I would like her to have cobra style eyes. The setting would be a forward airfield in wooded area, with her setting pilot setting on her wings drinking from thermos. A ground crewman putting a kill marker on. The king cobra has a smile on her face.

  23. Douglas says:

    @ Ratbat: well, … a three way with a Female MAUS and a Female E-100 with a human male, possible POV from the human. Colored of course ;). If i need to i will be more specific.

  24. Felix321 says:

    All those planes looks good 😮
    Also i finally found yah! Its awesome to find your own page 😮

  25. Ratbat says:

    @Felix: Im going through and replying to the last 2 weeks of missed posts. forgive me X3. I am glad you made it here though.

  26. Douglas says:

    I got back yesterday From the museum, I saw the Memphis Belle, Was a great time. Got some great pics.

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