Minor Mutiny


Recently Finished this game. The Stick of truth Its a neat little 10 hour game for those who like low brow Southpark-esque humor. Its makes fun of and whimsically bolsters every midevil fantasy videogame out there Including final fantasy and Skyrim.  I Came into it with low expectations, and left laughing my ass off completely satisfied. If you can find this for cheap on a steam summer or winter sale, its Well worth 5 or 10 bucks. And plays seamlessly like watching a real episode of Southpark. Protip: Play the “Jew” class, its pretty good.


I also had time to pick up and play this game as well. Its a 5 or 6 hour “game”. I say that in parenthesis, because if you’ve ever played a TTG game before, they are not actual games. They are interactive visual novels usually in 5 or 6 chapters. This game is a comic book detective noir story based on a vertigo comic series called “Fables”. You play the role of a sheriff named “Bigby Wolf” who was put in charge of a small section of lower Manhattan as the only person who keeps the “Fables” fairy tale creatures and people who escaped the old world, from the dangers of the regular humans and of themselves. Bigby is actually the Big Bad wolf, who is trying to escape his murderous rampaging past. Hes tasked with solving a murder that effects the Fabletown government, and you must decide the fate of the good guys and the bad guys through each chapter. The characters were gritty, well-writen, and completely enjoyable. I would recommend this game all day everyday if it wasn’t for the fact that TTG games by their very make-up are always quite short. If you are looking to get engrossed for a few hours into something, you couldn’t loose with this title. Its easy to play, and memorable to boot. But Don’t spend more then 10$ if you can.  Protip: on the first branching story arc, DO NOT visit Mr. Frog’s appartment first.

I kinda hope they do a sequel of this. I actually kinda liked it a little bit more then the walking dead season 1 TTG game.




The situation with med school: Last week 90% of the pharmacology class was failing after our 2nd exam. Kids who take their education deadly serious- the 4.0’ers.. highest exam grades were a 76%. How the fuck did this happen?! They hired a new fresh-out-of-college teacher from across the country, we as a class were super hopeful considering the fact that one of our previous professors were not necessarily the best at giving lectures. So we studied directly from the workbook that we were given. Everything was easy to understand, straight forward, and we sat down confident and ready with pen in hand. The test itself was confusing in many parts, not very straight forward for the multiple choice answers given.  Never the less we gave it our best, and found our results 2 days later.. most of us had failed with 74% or less. The class, the 4.0 super students were pissed. But we took this as maybe just a hint that we needed to study a little harder for the next test, focus on the situational problems and really read those minor “did you know” info side bars in the book.

Next exam rolls around and we make use of testing through the computer lab. All of us confident and hot shit- we had studied our asses off so we wouldn’t be fooled again by this 2nd test.  But to no avail.. The highest grade in the class was an 80% and that student got this grade because he “guessed”. The class couldn’t hardly sit still for the lecture that was to proceed after. The questions they wanted to ask was about the test we just took. a test full of fucked up answers where “A or b” was a valid choice, but B said “None of the above.” Only 4 of us passed this 2nd test, and I was shitting bricks having failed now 2 tests in a row and that NEVER happens..ever.  The program we are in, gives you a verbal warning if you have gotten 74% or lower on 2 tests. if you fail a 3rd test.. they reserve the right to boot you from the program. This was a fact that was drilled into each and every one of us from the beginning, and now doubly scarey seeing as they took away our ability to re-mediate a test.

So what the hell do you do when 90% of the class is failing? Well the wheel kept on turning and the head instructor was on vacation. With no other recourse the angriest among us started the onslaught of angry letters to the director. 5 students that literally “rage quit” in the middle of lecture and went home got a stern talking to. and it seemed for the last week that people would grab the desks and chairs and toss them out the 3rd floor pane glass window in a fever of fantastic mutiny.

*Update. Today we got our changed grades for test 2, and I am proud to say, that I am once again not failing a damn thing. With my head held high, I took the afternoon off to nap and get some much needed commission work done. This weekend will be hell for me: 5 chapters of image analysis and 2 chapters of contrast study,  the wheel just keeps on turning..

I miss having Fridays off, I got to draw a lot more back when I had that extra day. The stress has been pretty high lately.




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6 Responses to “Minor Mutiny”
  1. Feign says:

    Meanwhile in Russia, there is always at least that infinitesimal chance of survival no matter the situation.

    Also, I completely and totally know that feeling, when the entire class fails the test and it was provably bullshit. We had the department head more than once simply overrule a test due to lack of clarity or material quality. That feeling of justice was quite memorable.

  2. Ratbat says:

    Got a reprieve from the last test but there are atleast 4 tests left.. And we gotta memorize a hundred different drug names and their effects .it really sucks 🙁

  3. churchillmando says:

    Ratbat can you email me I have an idea for a story @ [Redacted]

  4. Dinogrrl says:

    This new teacher doesn’t know shit about designing tests. It’s one of those things they never teach you how to do either, you generally just pull it out of your ass. But this person needs higher up oversight to make sure they aren’t screwing over the students due to incompetence. I hope they can work it out and best of luck for the rest of the class!

  5. Ratbat says:

    Sent you message from yahoo. 😉

  6. Ratbat says:

    They admitted that they are just grabbing pre-made test questions out of a book somewhere. rather then reading them ahead of time. I don’t like it.. But thanks man!

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