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I finally finished persona 5 last night. 4;47 am went to the bathroom and realized that I actually started this game on June 16th over a month ago. I just wanna say that for what you pay, you get about 3 games worth of content if you are willing to deal with a jrpg. Of all the persona games I have played, I think 4 and 5 were the best of the persona series. The stylistic changes, and the Quality of life adjustments, made this one a whole heck of a lot of fun even if the plot kinda jumped the shark towards the end. The biggest change was the fact that the game’s dungeons were now all custom tailored for a new narrative experience. This is A total farcry from the PE3 days of boring texture-less tedious as fuck 200 level randomly generated tartarus tower floors that ruined much of your progress if an enemy managed to insta kill your main character. Dungeons are now an enjoyable experience that have safe rooms where you can save almost anywhere you want. I thank God that the people over at Atlus finally dropped some of the traditional things of the past in order to respect the players time. Also, they kept the grim reaper out of the main story progression, and relegated it to mementos so that you could skip its set-timer game over bullshitski. The grim reaper now only shows up if you remain idle for 4 to 5 minutes (Also, you can exploit flu season to kill him for power levels late in the game if you so choose). The animation quality of this game was probably the best I have ever seen come out of Atlus studios. Id even venture to say, its now on par with final fantasy  in terms of production value. Music wise, Shoji Meguro’s score in this game is the best yet and suffers only from one glaring issue. That is, for 70% of the game they play 3-4 songs. While the songs are good, they skull fuck them into you so hard you end up fed up listening to them half way through the game. Good music put on loop 7000 times will eventually get old. Its just a matter of time.  Besides all that, Persona 5 is 2017 game of the year material, So if nothing crazy comes out toward the fall, I don’t see how this wouldn’t be a solid contender.

My main take away is that.. persona 5 is an anime that you can play. You get to learn all sorts of weird coffee barista related trivia by day, jump into the weird head-spaces of criminals by night.  You don’t feel like you’ve wasted your time either. Definitely buy this game.

One last thing, Its very rare I say this, But I was very attracted to the Airsoft shop owner Munehisa Iwai. I cant really explain why… other then.. he was very much like a humanized version of a military jet or tank in my mind. The gruff voice actor they gave him, and the dedication to family bit also helped out much in this manner. (Dont google image search this.. youl just get stupid yaoi shipper bait)

He’s like the human version of an A-10 kinda…

It got me thinking about how some human character personalities/portraits could have lent themselves much better to the living machine paradigm. I wonder if any of you guys out there have seen a game or an anime with a human charecter and thought to yourself, “damn! this guy/gal would have made a hellova dragon, or a hellova living machine.” It might just a set of personality traits/style/attitude I associate with machine folk however..

P.S. See the Dunkirk movie.

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  • So last weekend I attended “Wings over Whiteman” in Missouri on the Whiteman AFB with Ingo J Airplane and we went face first into the hottest bombers enthusiasts wish they could get close enough to touch. The drive up from Springfeild just to get their was long, bumpy, and hot as fuck with the humidity turning an otherwise manageable 81 degrees into the force that burned the shit out of my forearms. Before parking we were greeted by a low pass from a Mig 15 screaming across the sky. Then we circled around the gate guardian- an old Stratofortress with a tail stretching across the length of the front lawn just next to the vehicle checkpoint area. A short hop, skip, and a jump later, we were processed and stuffed on a trolley witch bused us to the main tarmac proper right in front of the b2 spirit maintenance buildings. In the sky, a B-17 and and a B-25 flew happily one after another. A-10’s conducted a mock rescue mission, a flock of t-38 trainers raked the clouds in the noon time. The cherry on top was what you usually don’t get to see: Flying B2 bomber! That’s right.. I got to see one of my babies, the B2 spirit make passes over a huge crowd of thousands… And it was biblical. Even more so then the screaming f-16 stunt pilot who buzzed the crowd with aerial pageantry. I knew this would be my one  and only time to see this machine fly and I can tel you it was worth it. What I observed was amazing.. You see the stealth bomber’s engines are so quiet.. that from quite a distance away you cannot hear it.. until it is directly over head. But by that time you’ve been bombed already- No time to react, only for it to fly off and disappear into silence. Its a creepy and beautiful feat of engineering. I went home and fapped the fuck out thinking about that dark flying wing.. the static display that looked so good for the camera. Mr. “Spirit of Kitty hawk”.  If any of you are so inclined to take up airshow hunting, I do HIGHLY recommend Whiteman whenever they actually do it, because it’s not often enough I hear.


  • FOR USERS: TITAN MEDIA FOLDER IS NOW FIXED. Plus the polls archive button now works if you’d like to see the results of past questions asked.

    * In my art hiatus I have also finished This game which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, A personal note to myself as I don’t have a lot of time for bullshit anymore: Don’t play on classic mode. You don’t have time for perma-death and shitloads of resets in a game about quick unit progression and match-making. The more units die, the less units you get in the future. In fact I almost named this journal entry “Wizards n’ Waifus” because it seems the fire emblem series is really doubling down on the whole marriage between units thing. Its to the point your kids come back in time to warn you that the future is fucked. Then they help you combat an evil army of purple dragon zombies. I don’t think time travel works this way- if I traveled back in time to slap my dad’s ass as he was making love to my mom, I’d probably cease to be (but this game totally glosses over that fact.) Its a good fun tactics game with some difficulty spikes here and there, but its very easy to pick up for 10-20 minutes at a time. Give this one a try if your hungry for some gold old fashioned jrpg/tactics.

  • Happy Fathers day to all you Dad’s out there! Also, New art coming soon.
  • Dear pixiv, STOP BEING A HUGE FUCKING DUMPSTER FIRE OF CHILD PORN AND GURO BULLSHIT. Seriously this is why I am hesitant to watch mecha artists on your site now.


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(Happy memorial day to all you yanks out there!) This last month has been somewhat stressful for me as Ive made a big life decision to move in order to be with a fellow mechaphile Ive known for about 3 years now. Its a huge experiment not only to see if I can make an intimate relationship work, but also make it work with a massive handicap, and live on my own after 14 years. I wanna give special thanks, to vermifuge whom without him I wouldn’t have half of what I have today (including this website). The plan was originally to relocate to the state of Missouri in September after I attended this years Reno air races, But it looks like the script has been flipped. I am not leaving California, at least not for a good 5 more years. In leu of that decision I was aggressively house hunting and dealing with certain stresses that made it impossible to work on art over these last 4 weeks. I apologize for not giving you all timely responses and I will work on that more after the move next month.

***Incidentally, There is currently a problem with the website, and I’m looking into hiring someone to maintain it monthly. If you find that you are unable to upload files (users only) then that’s why. I’m going to try to get it fixed after the holiday weekend. ***

*Patreon will not be updated for the month of May as you guys have already noticed due to all this life changing stuff happening. I’ll have something for you in June though.

Finally completed the last chapter in SMT IV: Apocalypse, the sequel to SMT IV. While I’m tempted to give an in depth analysis of the 4rth series as a whole, I found out the hard way that you really should not play 3 of these games in a row. These games are 50+ hours each and are very grindy. So it literally feels like Ive been hardcore playing the same fucking Game for 6 months. I’m burnt out as fuck. What I can say about this title, is the boss designs are just the best. Some of the best yet for the series, making me excited for persona 5 later on next year. The gameplay was streamlined as to cut back on some of the shit that made the first game unnecessarily tedious, I’ll admit I enjoyed the game even if the story wasn’t as good as its previous volume. If this game is a retcon of the previous games ending, then I largely accept the idea that were able to beat down Lucifer and God with the help of Flynn, essentially freeing that dimension from YHVH’s influence. I liked the characters available in this version, but found some of them to be pretty anime tropeish. Reminiscing back to SMT: Strange journey and wishing for a more edgy/gothic story telling experience. Overall the value proposition of this game is pretty high, if you like 60+ hour jpgs with a more adult pokemon, Gods, demons, and the jersey devil spin. Just give yourself a huge break in between or you will be playing these games for months.



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So I recently beat this game. I might have written about it before somewhere, but the SMT series has a very different take on religion then what you normally always see in the western world. The Christian God and the Devil are depicted as 2 dictators on the wildly opposing scales of morality. The binary of “good and evil” are thrown out the window in favor of the 2 absolutes “law and chaos”. Humans are- for the most part neutral, and cannot survive well in a world of complete law, nor a world of complete chaos. But humans are mostly weak, and will, after being liberated, be doomed to return to worshiping God or the devil eventually. It was revealed in SMT III that their exist a near infinant amount of universes where God and the devil fight over the souls of man. In some worlds, God wins, and in others the devil wins. Those worlds then suffer the consequences until someone (usually a mortal) steps in to shake up the status quo. Other Gods and demons from other religions exist trying to find their place in the realm of man amidst the fallout (usually by helping the one mortal with the power to set the future right again). Anyway, Ive always preferred the idea of law over chaos rather then Good versus evil, because what is Good is largely determined by the majority rule. Morality is then, determined by the majority rulers of the world a given being grows up in. For example, we believe that cannibalism or the act of eating a creature that was intelligent/ sapient ect. to be an evil act. Yet some very old tribes practiced ritualistic cannibalism of fallen warriors, and family members to honor the dead by absorbing the flesh and the memories into their own body. In the SMT world- the game progressively tries to steer you morally in two directions, yet the hardest end game option is usually the neutral human ending (and the ending I had to cheat to get ). You get a 4rth option- the nihilism ending where you choose to end the cycle of war between God and the devil by simply destroying reality with a singularity. That threw me for a loop and I’m glad the option was there. But I decided not to write a review for this one because I am currently in the middle of SMT IV : apocalypse/Final and wanna take in the gestalt of the story surrounding what happened in this version of Tokyo. I can defiantly recommend this game if you like a great story. Although if you were to play anything in the SMT series on handheld, it would have to be the upcoming remake of Shin Megami Tensei: strange journey. A game I found to be phenomenal 5 years ago.  Seriously tho– Do play this game. If anything for Kazuma Kaneko’s amazing monster artwork.

If you are curious to see how fucked up the nihilism ending is here (fast forward to 5:50 if you don’t want any context): https://youtu.be/zSJWFJIeyc4?t=4

^ this little number found courtesy of Cerebralerror


Artwork from “she who shall not be named”. Tbh I miss the hell out of sentient tank artwork.  Also, Damn it, Im on a huge E-C2 kick and Amberchrome goes and does a halfway decent rendition.

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If some of you have been wondering why some of my e-mails go unanswered or later, I think I probably opened them at work and forgot to get back to you. I apologize for this. Work has been kicking my ass lately even though the money has been good.

Here is a brief run-down of the things I accomplished during the months:


*Took my Fluoroscopic exam as mentioned before. However I wouldn’t get my exam results until mid February witch turned out to be my highest score ever. I got a 92. proves that hard core ass studying for 2 weeks straight will make you a test pro at anything.

*Attended my final FC (Further confusion convention) to hang out with evalion and all his new found dragon/plane bros. The experience was magical and it was a decent send off considering I probably wont be going back to a furr con for many years. FC as a convention is not what it used to be. Gone are the intimate fun times of FC at the double tree in San Jose where the crowds were smaller and less informal. I had to spend 30 or 40$ for a one day pass to a single dragon panel. As a value proposition I couldn’t see where most of that cash went but I digress. We spent most of the time roaming in a pack of people sampling the local cuisine and drawing at the artist lounge.  Ive been told that “BLFC” in Reno is the new place to be, but if I have to jump on a plane to do Reno air races or a furr con, I’m probably choosing  the Air races.

*Purchased a 3DS finally in hopes I could cash in on cheap used cartridges that I perceived would have gone down in price due to the upcoming launch of the Nintendo switch at the time. My eagerness to get caught up on all the SMT hand-held games blinded me and in the end I ended up spending about 400$ anyway for the unit and 6 games.

*Started and finished “Westworld” thanks in part to Jordan who visited soon after FC.  If you haven’t seen the HBO series Westworld, you need to make a point to commit to it. Its very good. Lots of social commentary on the nature of artificial intelligence, game design, and massive multiplayer open world scenarios. It’s some of the best TV since Battlestar Galactica (the newest one).

*Computer sort of took a shit. My HD finally failed on me.. so I was without a means to draw for the week Ingo was down. I managed to have a back-up of everything I deemed important beforehand, But the new OS update meant that Id have to shell out for adobe creative cloud. The loss of the comp added another negative to an already troubled re-visit.

*2nd visit from Ingo J Airplane. Tried to re-capture the magic of last years epic 4rth of July post graduation trip with the guy I love. However things did not go according to plan. In hindsight I should have taken the week off of work so I could have properly toured the bay Area to give him something to do. I suspect he was bored out of his wits waiting for me to return home from a 12 hour day only to find me exhausted and ready for bed. This caused some problems. We will have to have a minor do-over in June.

*Jace introduced me to blueberry dream. I wont even explain what that is.. but Jesus Christ it was powerful. I’ll just cross that off my bucket list…


*Flew out to Arizona to have a 3-day airplane extravaganza at Pima Aviation museum with Evalion dragon. (For the purpose of the trip I used my own woefully under powered I-phone 4 camera to snap photos of the journey), but they mostly came out unpresentable. So here is a link to the Highlights that Eva snapped with his professional grade camera instead; https://www.dropbox.com/sh/d9qa26ibcb4439e/AADd3KzDkUOXdcq4K5074Sa1a?dl=0 .    If you’ve ever been to LA then the closest explanation of Pima I can give you is that it was like March feild  but with 100 more planes and some actual budget. We were also greeted to A-10’s, f-16’s, and c-130’s circling and flying in formation every hour on the hour from the Davis-Monthan air force base next to AMARG the boneyard. If you are ever in the Tuscon area do yourself a favor and go take the boneyard tour during the wintertime. Its a super enjoyable ride you will remember hours later when your chowing down on Mexican food around the surrounding town. And don’t forget to visit the Titan Missile museum about 30 miles north. Its the only remaining cold war Titan Missile silo left in the united states and super worth it if you can get on the “Beyond the Blast doors tour”. My biggest regret is that I didn’t take Monday off so I could finish out Sunday chilling with eva’s dragon bros in their huge scalley shrine.

*Started one of my SMT games, (Shin Megami Tensei: Soul hackers) and ended up finishing the game sometime late march. I’m not going to do a full review, but it’ll say this: As much as I anticipated this game 7 years ago, it was probably SMT’s weakest game in the collection that I have played. I powered through it while my online buddies where chowing down on the fillet Mignon that was Horizon zero dawn and Zelda BoTW. The ending did not have a worthy pay-off, the graphics showed their age, The story was generic. It wasn’t a shit game by any means, just mediocre considering the source. If you have personal 5 by now, play that one instead.

*Clued my father in to the fact that I will be leaving California in the coming months. Its going to be a huge gamble…

*Started the Prince Tomcat of Grumman comic. A little sometin sometin to feed my inner perve. The comic itself is off to a good start mostly in part because its a looser, sketchier version of the comic that I work on already. I do this in part by using chibis for all the scenes relating to story, and the full blown detailed bodies and proportions when the sexy time goes down. This is roughly how I can get my fix telling something much more light-hearted. The small perverted audience for this one is decidedly larger as I have seen traffic for the titan site jump up a bit since then.

*Spent 6k on 2 root canals that are completely my fault. If you are disgusting like me and want to see what happened to my two teeth:  Here and Here.


*Upgraded my phone hard core. This has more to do with the fact that I can write off part or all of it as a business expense, But I am an apple whore, and I wanted a better camera for those museum trips. I splurged on the I-phone 7 plus. No regrets AT ALLL. though none of that would even be possible had tax day not been as kind as it had been.

*A CPA can save you a lot of money. God damn. I had saved most of my pay thinking uncle Sam was going to bend me over hard. Ive been worried about this since October of last year, thinking they’d try to ding me for 40%. If you are an independent contractor for any reason, don’t do this yourself, hire a tax professional who will tally up all your miles, your phone bills, uniform, repair costs, and materials.  Claiming patreon payout as taxable income worked out in my favor as well as I could claim everything related to my art as a business expense. Had I known what I know now, I could have written off a couple of the really expensive dinners at FC as a business expense as well. The money I saved allowed me to absolve myself of the damage my dental bill cost me. Huge relief I tell ya.

*Rediscovered the temptation of ebay: Hobbymaster/Century wings 1/72 die-cast fighter planes. The f-14’s are so detailed… http://www.hobbymaster.com.hk/  http://www.centurywings.com/

*Sold off my star citizen account through a proxy. This one is probably the most unexpected as I was very excited about the game a mere 3 years ago. People thought I’d at-least make porn of the Retalliator heavy bomber since it was my most beloved space boat.  But I never got to see it in game. it’s questionable at this point if anyone will ever be able to see it in the grand procedurally generated universe that was so promised 5 years back. When you think about the Hello games fiasco with No man’s Sky, you can at least say confidently that they released their game.  I touted this as being the game that would be the “eve-online killer”. But it wasn’t. Because the game is STILL not out yet. The newest mass effect game had a budget of less then half of what Chris Roberts got through crowd funding and they STILL managed to release their game. So what is the problem?

Chris Roberts all you have is a demo that you keep re-skinning and taking peoples money to pay for! Finish your game before the fan base bites you like Ubisoft bit Oculus Rift.

*Started a new SMT 3Ds game called “Shin Megami Tensei IV” This one I will review when I finish as it is a pretty solid, well put together title. A worthy successor of the previous title “SMT: Strange Journey”. More on this  later.


Too early to say.. But I wanna get at-least 3 more pages of atoll lab out the door before month’s end. I have plans to finish SMT IV and get started on Torment: Tides of Numenera. Their wont be any new trips until June, and that makes me sad as fuck. ;/

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Taking my fluoroscope test in 2 days. I hope  to update this page with good news on Wednesday. Looks like I wont know if i passed for another 4 weeks, But at least the studying is over. pptptp

^ how I feel surfing FA sometimes.

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^ If you don’t get a hard-on watching this trailer then you simply don’t belong here.^

My first Ace Combat was Ace Combat 5- a game that came out on the ps2 almost 12 years ago. While these games are less popular in the states, some of them had some downright amazing stories. Seeing this has rekindled my passion to go back and Play the good ones that I missed (4, and zero). I hope that I can play this one with a Friend in the coming year.. I think He’d love it.

Speaking of games, This one is old but also topical:

I never bothered to play Dark souls, Demon souls ect. But If they made a trilogy of the Dark comes with a pussified easy mode for us regular people to just explore the world and its lore, I would have jumped on that like flies on shit. I love the lore of the souls games. Read the Wikipedia inside and out. I also like how from software has artistically explored the various armor types of different cultures to make some really unique wearable including the above witch is the armor of a character named “Ornstein the dragon slayer“. Some one on deviant art 3D printed this badass figure of him and sold it for 350$. This is one of the reasons (besides space and poverty) as to why I stopped buying figures. This is the kind of quality that I demand from my shit. If you ask me, well worth it..



Xmas wish list:  http://www.alpacamall.com/en/ponchos/gray-alpaca-poncho-for-women-p-14245.html

So we are entering into the end of 2016 and I wish I had some snappy words for you all, but I don’t. This year was absolutely chocked full of “Gettn shit done”, most of which involved me graduating from Medical trade school and instantly absolving half of my credit debt. I hadn’t had a job in 5 years following the loss of my security position, but I’ll admit I’m getting pretty addicted to the power that having cash in your pocket gives you. On the flip side, Ive gotten very sick 4 or 5 times this year. Each time anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months. It’s gotten me kinda worried about my immune system and Ive started a regiment of multivitamins in hopes I can stem the tide. If I am to work around sick people for the next 10-20 years, I need to know that this shit is not going to force an early retirement. My graduation trip in LA was not only fun, but a huge eye-opener that may usher in big changes in 2017. I got to visit Reno again for Air races, and visited no less then 6 new museums that I’ve never been to. I discovered how useful a hot water bottle can be to warming a bed, I found out how cool “One punch man” and “Jojo’s bizarre adventure 3” was. Coming into the next year I have only one New year’s wish; That I pass the fluoro exam coming up. My cram for that happens next week. Wish me luck. Happy Holidays everyone!


Between watching let’s plays of ff15, I started off a new Indy game that was released this month called owl boy. Its a little 2d  plat-former/puzzle game with game play not unlike Capcom’s gargoyles quest. Its too early to do a review on it though, So I will leave the update for later once Ive finished it. If you are curious about it, check it out on steam. Its 10$ and for every fan of rich retro pixel graphics and should only take about 15 hours of your time.

*Edited 12/24/16: Just beat this game today in between studies. It was very cute. Support  Indy gaming and pick this game up (especially now that steam winter sale is on).


As usual, thank you guys for supporting my artwork and the website for the last 2-3 years. ** I have a patreon ** if you are new here and Like what I do, please consider donating a dollar or 2 and show your support. If you cant? Then Happy holidays and God bless anyways! Ciao


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**UPDATE 11/27/16:


So let’s talk about this game. 3 weeks ago, I was trying for the 2nd time to pick up Baldur’s gate Enhanced edition and finally, finally get through it. I am a big fan of old school isometric Western style Crpg’s as they tend to scratch the kind of micromanaging itch that you don’t get with many Japanese rpgs. Maybe its the fact that Baldur’s hasn’t aged well, or me being a graphics whore in my middle age is waning my patience, But I just couldn’t get into BD and I have now put it down for good. This left a big gaping hole left in my stomach for a game to play, So Tyranny came out at the right time (Especially seeing as Tides of Numenera and Divinity original sin 2 wont be out of beta till next year).

This game isn’t a game for people who like to get the good ending. It is a very well crafted story about a world where the battle for good against evil has concluded. Evil has won and now the ruling overlord Kyros is in his/her final years of conquering the whole world. The game takes place in 3 acts, where act one (the first years of the war of the tiers) Defines your characters back story and starting abilities. What you choose impacts how certain events play out in act 2. You are sent into the war of tiers as a fatebinder, an agent of the archon of Law and mouthpieces of the will of the evil overlord to deliver edicts and interpret the laws as you see fit. The power the overlord kyros has is God-like. It comes in the form of spoken or written “Edicts” that shape and fuck up the land unless certain conditions are met. Its is your job to deliver these edicts, settle arguments, and assess the armies of Kyros to see who is fit to rule the lands. You may decide that the archons are incompetent and choose to rule the land for yourself, gaining the wrath of everyone around you. The choice is yours. Just don’t think you can make everyone happy or right the wrongs of a land in civil war. Much like a George R.R. Martin novel, it’ll often end up shitty for you if you don’t take the hard line. All that said, How you solve the puzzle of dealing with Kyros final conquest is yours to choose. I bet my left boob the story is mostly about your rise to power then the power of any one archon in the game. If you like good story telling then pick this game up when steam of GOG does a winter sale. Its defiantly worth a 25-30 hour play through.  A-


Got some new random art imagery from various folks including Maisuke, Evalion, VRshaw, and two guys I have yet to learn the name of. Thanks for this 😉

*Thanksgiving was kinda bad this year, there is a chance I was food poisoned by Ono Hawaiian BBQ because I cant quite pin down what made me a wreck on Thursday.. so much that I didn’t even make it to my friends or my families house. I had to take a shower to warm up and then head to be for a nap like an old lady. special thanks to the people who invited me, yet I’m such a flake I didn’t go again.

*I had a rare 1 in 1000 mecha sex dream on Saturday. Was so nice..but I never expected the guy would be an amorousc-130. I don’t usually go for the curvy types..

*Had a drink on Wednesday called a “moscow mule” witch I mistakenly thought at first was racist(ly) named “moscow meal”. turns out its just vodka, ginger beer, and lime.

^ Living machine song (Special thanks to SingingSnake for finding this)


me555Happy Halloween. Here’s my improvised costume.

  • Got sick again btw. This is getting to be a huge fucking problem too, this is the 3rd time this year Ive gotten sick just for going outside. Going to start a woman’s multivitamin with some vitamin D supplement soon to see if it fixes things. Otherwise I’ll have a promising future as the super hero “Puke Master 3000” with a gag reflex so powerful that anything that fails to leave my lungs in the first hack shal initiate a violent technicolor response.
  • I’m putting an end to the 20$ pledge tier on my patreon page. Recent developments have led to less time available to fulfill on-the-side stuff like art cards. I need to return to my comic before Ive lost too much momentum. However if you’d like to continue to help me support this website and what I do here please consider becoming a patron at the 1$ or 5$ level.


  • (Addendum) I will be adding 1-2 25$ tiers for people who would still like to support at the higher level but wish to get something in return. Instead of a personalized art card, I will instead pick out a couple of drawings (comic pages and porn doodles from the current of previous months to send to you.)

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^^^^Reno 2016 Abridged..with a few scenes from a revisit at castle afb^^^

About a month and a half ago I ended up going to the Reno air races in hopes id be able to have a biblical experience laying under one of the Idaho A-10’s they they tend to have. In a highly foolish move I red-eyed the whole trip and pushed through a 28 hour bender with no sleep. A bender that almost left me with heat stroke- and almost certainly left me with hallucinations driving through truckee to go back home. I never did get to lay under thos a-10’s.. But I did get to lay under an f-5 Tiger II (from with the Stanley pictures are inspired), as well as an f-16 fighting falcon witch I have provided pictures of the dangerous wheel whells associated. I really could have used a friend for this trip, and if I have my way next time I defiantly WILL have someone next time.  If you’d like to see a few more short videos I took from my phone you can visit my youtube channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5j47PjPM2Otm8p1pNZTLDA

PS: that piece of prime rib was 20 oz.  Thought i could have myself a good dinner to wake up for the drive home, But didnt think my clever plan through. Still, No regrets… I love beef.


Also, this is just a short post to tell ya’ll that i got my first job. Its not an ideal job being that it’s a med staffing agency, but I got several more interviews lined up. Plus working at the  urgent care place has really done well for my experience. With my current hours, I’m really not as able to draw as hard core as I did at the beginning of the month, But this is subject to change.

What else?? oh… I suck at DCS world.. Im not sure how much better I can get , but I haven’t really gone through the tutorials yet. As for other games? I started tell’tales Game of thrones, But haven’t returned back to it just yet. I also Aquired the beta version of Divinity original sin 2 as a gift from Ingo, But that too will have to wait. For now its more Starbound, Baldur’s gate enhanced edition these days till I can kill the last boss.

Games I really want t play right now:

Torment: Tides of Numenera, wasteland 3, Divinity origonal sin 2

Its also my birthday Friday.. I’ll be 36 years old And a lot better off now then I was a year ago. I just wish I had some Davids tea…Its fucking cold  right now.




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^^ beautiful frenchies^^ <3 (Dessault mirage)


So.. I have a Jackfruit problem. Its the kind of problem that represents a good 12 lbs worth of exotic Asian fruit that seems ok to eat in small sittings, but actually is a much larger pill to swallow when you buy the whole damn thing. (its a cross between a pineapple, a banana, and flowers/chlorophyll) And It seemed like a good idea at the time, till the floral taste becomes overpowering and it really fucks with you. I was doing so well too.. lost 7 pounds last month after I quit soda, Patched things up with family, you know..   Anyway, its looking like this was just as much of a mistake as the time I bought the Durian fruit for science! If you ever want to taste strange Asian fruit DO please ask a grocer to cut a sample for you to eat and or take home first, it’l save you a headache later.

In recent news, A new artist has shown up to take the reighns of proper airplane porn, and who would I never have expected in my wildest dreams? But none other then the Art director  from Bad dragon toys himself Evalion (The world is really funny like that.) Been chatting it- slutting it- up with this fellow after he had an epiphany including and a rather tasty tongue and switch moment with the front landing gear of yet another blackbird in a museum in his own state/country. How strange though that it would be the Hind helicopter that he stood in the shadow of and thought back to that old commission I did of Anya for Delta. I have to say, I’m flattered.. as there isn’t anyone aside from perhaps Lando who briefly took up the mantle and made some amazing things, Who is willing to personify the machines in a non anthro way. I’ve fucking waited for days like these. Special thanks to Gunner who jumped all over that shit and broke the news to me as it was going down. Here’s hoping this one sticks with it for a month or two.

VqnQ6Mv - Imgur^Click to enjoy beard, And wish me luck on my Job search.

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