Pillars: Complete

pillars-of-eternityFinally finished this game, it was a part of a kickstarter project brought upon by Obsidian about a year ago and follows in the traditions of Baldur’s gate, Icewind dale, a Bard’s tale. The game is an isometric fantasy game with roots in traditional D&D style campaigns, and you can customize your whole team to accomplish the main quest line. You get 7 or 8 different classes to choose from like fighter, cypher, paladin, and chanter an there are several of the staple fantasy races to pick from including a new and cool race known as the ‘God-like”.¬† The lore, history, and faux languages in the game are rich and are accompanied by voice tracks to help deepen the experience just like what you’d expect from a Black Isles game. It is one of the best examples in recent years of old school true western style role play game and man let me tell you.. this game is beautiful. Even on normal the game is pretty challenging, but you only get experience for finishing quests rather then killing monsters. Even for the pre-release price of 20$, I felt I got my moneys worth, at least 40 hours of dicking around with side quests that let you choose the outcome of the world and its ending. My only regret? Being too impatient and or pussyfied to defeat the optional boss.. but I have a save game open for whenever I decide to ever revisit the Adra dragon. So yes, I highly recommend this game for western rpg players and D&D fans alike.


Got a chance to crack open Armored Warfare on their early access beta in hopes I could get visual confirmation of the tech tree leading to my beloved tank husbando the PL01(he is my first goal). On the 27th the game was mostly down due to server overload and instability, but I managed to get in for a few late night matches on the north American server to conform that “yes indeed I am a shitty pvp’r” and “yes indeed this game looks just like how world of tanks looks..but with modern tanks.” Coming from a year of playing war thunder straight up, I was a little frowny by a few things: how overly sensitive the mouse controls are (completely fixable tho), how jacked the physics engine feels compared to WT (shit moves way too fast and feels like they are made of paper), Normal arcade pvp absolutely NEEDS to have more then one tank life . (The matches feel like they are over faster then you could ever learn from your mistakes from, and then you have to go back to the match making screen.) I imagine most of this stuff is going to be tightened up and polished by the time the game goes into full release, but its going to take a lot of time and practice on my part to get acquainted with high speed modern tank warfare. Check out this video for sexy POLAN TANK.

P.S. I think im going to take a hiatus from war thunder as I have pretty much gotten every tank¬† and plane that I’ve ever wanted in the game. Logging in constantly every day for a daily that more often then not turns out to suck(gold battle wagers fuck you!) is getting a little tiring. If anyone here still wants to play with me, send me a line and ill schedule a time or what not.


There are a number of pictures that I find that don’t really fit the theme of this site, but i find really fucking cool anyway. This one in particular is an asian blue dragon warrior and he reminds me of the “furry/scalie” version of my character No-Name”.

49459042_p0Last but not least, Puppypaws drew some new Chinook fanart you can find here:


And now.. Onto some Bismark porn.

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  1. Interesting pillars of eternity sonds good and i might have to give it a try if i can pull my self away form armored warfare and GTA V.
    And so far AW is pretty good, as you said could use a little polishing here and there, but it looks amazing and aside from the 20-30mm belt feed guns, is enjoyable.
    really looking forwards to try and taste all the machines when it goes into full release.

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