Puke pro 3000 *NSFW*

**UPDATE 11/27/16:


So let’s talk about this game. 3 weeks ago, I was trying for the 2nd time to pick up Baldur’s gate Enhanced edition and finally, finally get through it. I am a big fan of old school isometric Western style Crpg’s as they tend to scratch the kind of micromanaging itch that you don’t get with many Japanese rpgs. Maybe its the fact that Baldur’s hasn’t aged well, or me being a graphics whore in my middle age is waning my patience, But I just couldn’t get into BD and I have now put it down for good. This left a big gaping hole left in my stomach for a game to play, So Tyranny came out at the right time (Especially seeing as Tides of Numenera and Divinity original sin 2 wont be out of beta till next year).

This game isn’t a game for people who like to get the good ending. It is a very well crafted story about a world where the battle for good against evil has concluded. Evil has won and now the ruling overlord Kyros is in his/her final years of conquering the whole world. The game takes place in 3 acts, where act one (the first years of the war of the tiers) Defines your characters back story and starting abilities. What you choose impacts how certain events play out in act 2. You are sent into the war of tiers as a fatebinder, an agent of the archon of Law and mouthpieces of the will of the evil overlord to deliver edicts and interpret the laws as you see fit. The power the overlord kyros has is God-like. It comes in the form of spoken or written “Edicts” that shape and fuck up the land unless certain conditions are met. Its is your job to deliver these edicts, settle arguments, and assess the armies of Kyros to see who is fit to rule the lands. You may decide that the archons are incompetent and choose to rule the land for yourself, gaining the wrath of everyone around you. The choice is yours. Just don’t think you can make everyone happy or right the wrongs of a land in civil war. Much like a George R.R. Martin novel, it’ll often end up shitty for you if you don’t take the hard line. All that said, How you solve the puzzle of dealing with Kyros final conquest is yours to choose. I bet my left boob the story is mostly about your rise to power then the power of any one archon in the game. If you like good story telling then pick this game up when steam of GOG does a winter sale. Its defiantly worth a 25-30 hour play through.  A-


Got some new random art imagery from various folks including Maisuke, Evalion, VRshaw, and two guys I have yet to learn the name of. Thanks for this 😉

*Thanksgiving was kinda bad this year, there is a chance I was food poisoned by Ono Hawaiian BBQ because I cant quite pin down what made me a wreck on Thursday.. so much that I didn’t even make it to my friends or my families house. I had to take a shower to warm up and then head to be for a nap like an old lady. special thanks to the people who invited me, yet I’m such a flake I didn’t go again.

*I had a rare 1 in 1000 mecha sex dream on Saturday. Was so nice..but I never expected the guy would be an amorousc-130. I don’t usually go for the curvy types..

*Had a drink on Wednesday called a “moscow mule” witch I mistakenly thought at first was racist(ly) named “moscow meal”. turns out its just vodka, ginger beer, and lime.

^ Living machine song (Special thanks to SingingSnake for finding this)


me555Happy Halloween. Here’s my improvised costume.

  • Got sick again btw. This is getting to be a huge fucking problem too, this is the 3rd time this year Ive gotten sick just for going outside. Going to start a woman’s multivitamin with some vitamin D supplement soon to see if it fixes things. Otherwise I’ll have a promising future as the super hero “Puke Master 3000” with a gag reflex so powerful that anything that fails to leave my lungs in the first hack shal initiate a violent technicolor response.
  • I’m putting an end to the 20$ pledge tier on my patreon page. Recent developments have led to less time available to fulfill on-the-side stuff like art cards. I need to return to my comic before Ive lost too much momentum. However if you’d like to continue to help me support this website and what I do here please consider becoming a patron at the 1$ or 5$ level.


  • (Addendum) I will be adding 1-2 25$ tiers for people who would still like to support at the higher level but wish to get something in return. Instead of a personalized art card, I will instead pick out a couple of drawings (comic pages and porn doodles from the current of previous months to send to you.)

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4 Responses to “Puke pro 3000 *NSFW*”
  1. DarkBreed says:

    Get well soon! If only increasing one’s CON score were so easy XD

  2. Ratbat says:

    going on the 5th week and im just now getting over the issues.

  3. DarkBreed says:

    That warthog is really well done, it was fun watching Maisuke draw him.

  4. Ratbat says:

    Darkbreed: I hope maisuke knows im posting his stuff. I dont use skype anymore so comms have kinda dropped off.

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