Sometimes exposeing your thoughts can be cathartic.

resurrecting my Comic site doesn’t look like it will be in the cards any time soon. I was always worried that this will happen, that if I took a break from my comic to work on my concept skills that I would never get back to to it.  I may just opt to post everything I’ve done here in the original gallery and make this place my home. Just basically consolidate all 3 sites into this one. As of late I haven’t drawn much recently either, just been catching up on some of the old school games I missed when I had a shitty computer/good computer but mac/ect.  What’s going on with my life as of late is that Im about to find out if I get accepted into med school. If i get into med school then eventually I can land a rather decent job and run around bottomless through the whole house rather then my room.  Fingers crossed people!

*Continuing to exercise and loose weight- which is a good thing. But find I am constantly at odds with the way my dad thinks. I told him that I don’t “think, or feel” overly male or female- just something nutty and between. He didn’t like this at all and practically yelled “YOU ARE NEUTTEERRRR???!!!!” at me in the gym.  I don’t personalty care about how my own personality works, But my father who is very old-fashioned sees the world in a very black and white sort of way. To him, if you are not male or female.. then you are probably gay.  I can honestly say Most of my best friends are all weirdos, furries, trannys, fetishistas, and it hurts me when my dad calls them losers, because its indirectly calling me a loser too. Anyway,  in the chat Ive been hanging out at, the fellas have been feeding my mechanical obsessions by schooling me in WWII tanks (the flavor of the month). I take any of this newly learned info and find my dad (who actually loves talking about this stuff) and he doesn’t approve of it because “no women enjoy talk of tanks and weapons.” ..Yeah.. I know what your looking for dad, grand children.

..This also brings me to the fact that I recently told a couple of guys (and a lady) that I was into Sentient machines. Even after I just told myself that I wouldn’t be talking about that shit again. This time things were different though. Nobody thought I was a horrible person, and nobody saw the thing that I was into as being any worse then what they were hopelessly into.  After this, We were free to pass luscious pictures of tanks and jets and robots around like a full box of tic-tacs in a room full of shitty garlic mouths. This has been going on for almost 2 weeks and its gggrrrreeeeeeaaaattttt especially when you are waiting for the star citizen DFM to be playable. Aww gawd.

Check out my new waifu:


PL-01 stealth tank. I’ll be in my bunk.

oh btw.. new draws in the original tab..


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2 Responses to “Sometimes exposeing your thoughts can be cathartic.”
  1. Breakbot says:

    Dude! Just randomly stopped by for the first time in months to see if you are still around. Glad to see you are seemingly doing ok! Hooray for new draws! Hooray for tanks! And shit, I am coming to accept the fact that I am trans, even though I am not out to my family at all. Especially afraid of telling my dad. I feel you there in a way. Life is scary.

    Hope that you get in to school and rule that shit!

  2. Ratbat says:

    one more post! ;;hugs;;

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