^ best EVE online image this month thanks to Dustybat for contributing. If any of you have flown a Drake Battle cruiser for a few months this is pretty much what it looks like when you stumble upon a big group of them.

^ Spent the better part of an hour with my roommates trying to identify the robots from this image. (right click on view image for large size) and we got a good solid 80% of them I.D. ed between all 3 of us. Truly the most epic kind of nostalgia.. Did you guys see evil robot Bill & Tedd yet?


The news: I miss updating my comic 200% right now, I haven’t had the heart to put up a hiatus sign up because I want to keep updating, but my current job situation has grown hostile towards my art. In the past I used to be able to update 6 times a week when the building was still serviced by my old company and my boss Curtis was very laid back. Lately however, Things have become so micromanaged that I’m finding it impossible to do the commissions I desperately need, the resumes, personal art AND the comic.

This brings me to my main issue. I need more commissions badly from folks, why? Because Things have gotten so rocky with my current employer that I may be out of work soon. In this economy its really hard to find a work ( an art job doubly so). Without going into too much detail let’s just say working at a company for 7 years is not enough to save you, (do not rest on your laurels) as I am forced to find other revenue sources in the meantime and send resumes out like tic-tacs. If any of you have seen my main art site (witch I cannot link here) let me know what you think would make it a stronger body of work and please please Don’t be a stranger, I love reading your responses.

*new poll

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5 Responses to “SOS”
  1. Gail1 says:

    Sorry to hearing things are going so ruff we miss you on Skype *hug*. I will try to scrape up some coin to put towards the Ratbat commissions fund X3. In the mean time keep on truckin and don’t be a stranger *kisss*

  2. Jazz935 says:

    I dont like hearing anyone having a rough time. Maybe my warped little ” lets see how many more ways I can torture that Fire Dragon” mind can come up with something else. I LOVE what you have done so far with him.

  3. antepathy says:

    I would LOVE to commission you…again, if you are willing. Hit me on email if you wouldn’t mind and I’ll cook up an idea or two. You know (hopefully) I’m good for the money and am fairly painless as a commissioner. I’m sorry you NEED to commission, but I’m always happy to have an opportunity to support your talent.

  4. Negro Phoeniox says:

    You know how to get in contact with me. I will gladly commission you.

  5. Ratbat says:

    So you gunna commision me or what?? ;p

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