The Dollar per game time hour quandary… and my stupid hat.

Last Sunday after live stream I checked my ps4 in desperation, taking Ingo’s advice about changing party composition (thus altering some invisible number values). I had to do this because this game is full of strange bugs, many of which can be fatal, and leave you unable to continue playing the game. A certain battle takes place under southpark’s police station that, Unbeknownst to you, if you choose the wrong team the game will soft lock in every scenario. I bitched and moaned to several people after checking the bug forums on ubisoft. Told a couple of people to just wait a few weeks till they patched the problems that pervaded on both the ps4 and the PC. Earlier my game soft locked after fighting the city ninja atop a construction tower. This was only resolved a day later when my game save mysteriously “updated” some value changed, and I appeared back in southpark with the mission complete after rounding the level for 20 minutes looking for the way out. In an even earlier then that scenario, my screen went completely black after a certain encounter involving cartman’s mom. I still maintain that this game is actually pretty quality entertainment, jokes landed well, music was fucking great, battle system was much easier to navigate. Game was complete in about 25 hours.  Its hard to talk about this game without spoiling it so I will be cheap and just leave a link to an ACG review of it instead.


My one huge problem is that, Ubi pushed this game out the door with a 60$ price tag, full of bugs, additional 20$ DLC, and a campaign that only ran for 25 hours (your mileage will vary). At that price, considering I consume single player campaigns lasting upwards of 50 to 70 hours, I think this game would have been a far better value proposition at the 30$ mark. Ive heard others speak about the comparison of the movie ticket price which is typically 15-22$ per 2 hour experience, to the value you get from videos games in comparable dollar amounts. Ingo had mentioned that you’d be hard pressed to get anything less then 5$ per hour entertainment wise in any other genre other then video games. If that comparison holds true, then a comparable 8 hour movie experience equaling 60$ means that a game that only runs for 25 hours is still a steal. This also means that I have to assume that I have become an old entitled gamer over the years. Intentional eating only games from companies that over delivered at the sacrifice of a bit of quality or experience. Perhaps this will be a problem that I as an old rpg gamer will have deal with in the years to come.  Even now I tend to bitch that I don’t have time for many games as it is.

Still, My Gut tells me that I should have waited till next year when the game had fallen in price. A 30-40$ price point would have been ideal for me.

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Also, My Birthday was on the 28th. Happy Birthday to me and thanks for the sweet gifts from Ingo, krill and my father. You guys are awesome.

♦ from Daniil 🙂

Thank you krill for the Donation. <3 We need to talk.

I purchased a silly hat from my now favorite hat store GrassrootsCalifornia. Behold! The shiniest hat in existence!

As I told people on telegram, “I don’t think I could live never having had my head shine like Jesus on the way to the Indian buffet at least once.” I recommend this store and its premium limited edition art lids. They are a bit pricey, But your hat game WILL get noticed.

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26 Responses to “The Dollar per game time hour quandary… and my stupid hat.”
  1. Gingyflame says:

    Happy belated birthday, Ratbat! Enjoy your Jesus hat!

  2. jean56f says:

    HP dude \o/
    I think I’m gonna give you some euros on Patreon, cuz you worth it 😀

  3. Nimrod says:

    I wish you a happy belated birthday! and few beautiful flights su 25 of the past cheer up if you are sad 🙂 Sorry for my English.

  4. clog says:

    happy birthday Ratbat and happy halloween muh ha ha i’m going to watch corny horror movies then IT old one not the new one

  5. Iron says:

    Hapi burfday Rtbt.

  6. clog says:

    jesus great spelling Iron

  7. GhettoDan says:

    Nimrod,you are Russian?

  8. Gingyflame says:

    I relate with Maus a lot. I mean, T 95 is thicc and has a really nice butt. I mean..,
    T H I C C 😮

  9. StratoCirrus says:

    Happy Birthday, RatBat! Not sure if you remember me from those emails but, here I am!! <3

  10. Douglas says:

    Happy Birthday !

  11. Ratbat says:

    @Gingy : Thank you! It’s coming on Saturday 😀

  12. Ratbat says:

    @ Jean: thank you so much ch for any support you can give on my birthday. I can only promise you that more cute machine babies are in the works!

  13. Ratbat says:

    @ Nimrod: you are from Russia too? How can you even visit this place? I thought it might be censored x). But yes.. frogfoot! The Russian A-10. I think they give them to you for free if you play DCS world (but I suck).

  14. Ratbat says:

    @ Clog: I was very unoriginal and layed around in my nest being fat and finishing artwork. Actually I completed stick of truth so that’s something. One of these days I wanna loose a ton of weight and get a handmade costume., but until then I’ll be watching movies along side you.

  15. Ratbat says:

    @Iron: iron now with 50% more dental work! <3

  16. Ratbat says:

    @Gingy : Stupid Thicc <3

  17. Ratbat says:

    @Stratocirrus: Oh shit, you were asking for Edenworld archives weren’t you? I may be able to do something about that now.

  18. Ratbat says:

    @Douglass : thank you for the birthday wishes! Stay sexy.

  19. Nimrod says:

    Ratbat, yep I’m Russian. I saw your latest artwork in deviantart they surprised me but in a good way and there’s something in them.. you really put your heart into it, that’s what i love best about art. I mean you are doing attractive and profound characters =P

  20. GhettoDan says:

    Nimrod –
    Блять,ты серьёзно русский?
    Я бы хотел узнать о тебе больше,если вы не против(Дискорд,стим и т.д).
    Сложно найти человека из СНГ которому нравиться такое искусство.

  21. jean56f says:

    @ratbat \o/
    I hope you still continue the Prince Tomcat of grumman, cuz I love it so much !

  22. Iron says:

    I spek gud, yis.

  23. clog says:

    just……just stop please Iron please I can’t take the bad english PLEASE PLEASE STOP STOP I MIGHT GET INFECTED O GUD EM ENFEKTEAD AAAHHH!!!

  24. Nimrod says:

    GhettoDan, извините что сразу не ответил, не против, мой дискорд Nimrod#3512

  25. Gingyflame says:

    So Nimrod and Ghetto Dan are talking to each other in Russian but refer to each other in the English keyboard so it’s like “oh what’s Nimrod saying to Ghetto..? Fuck.” I’m entertained by it. I’m too used to just straight Crylic in the WT chats. It looks off. But yeah that promise I made about writing HaM next.., I’m sorry, I broke it. I try.

  26. Ratbat says:

    @Gingy: ::gives you shit loads of Russian smiles:


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