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Well folks, Here we are: week 2 of unemployment, My sleep schedule is all fucked up, and my company (who hasn’t officially fired me, is giving me the run around.) I’m kind of at a loss of what to do right now and while i have a lot of extraordinary help in my life, I’m short on funds in a Big bad way. The websites are payed up through the beginning of march so no worry’s there yet, and a fellow mechaphile “Jane-sama” came through for me enough to make rent. If I can just get one more commission this month I’ll be in better shape, But this brings up an on going problem I now must face. If my new career is going to be as an artist, I’ll need around 10 solid commissions a month (hopefully more then just porn) just to survive and that means building my clientele, shifting the focus of my art back to monsters and setting up kick-starter accounts to save my comic and make a book. In this economy that is not an easy feat even if your semi good at it. So I’m kind of scared right now.. It be really nice if my employer actually Got back to me like I keep hoping they will, at least then I could get some hours and claim under-employment. Sorry for the TMI.

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8 Responses to “Unemployed Ninja”
  1. Kerosene-Lamp says:

    If there is one in your area, try to get in contact with a temporaries service that can find you a job, sure you’ll have to pass out resume after resume but something to have as a backup plan is better than nothing. That’s what my father did when his last job’s reality company tried to black ball him. He wen to a local temporary job service, sent out resumes to potential employers and boom landed a job.

  2. Jazz935 says:

    I am so sorry to hear!!!! Been there myself before. Ended up having to really step back in the job field too. ( Went from be a manufacturing process engineer and electrical mechanical tech…to a newspaper carrier). Let me see how the finances are after Friday ( I am getting a new tattoo) and I can commission you again… that is if you are not Fire Dragoned out.

  3. Pilot says:

    I’m so sorry, Ratbat! What a terrible and terrifying way to be thrown into a freelancing career… stay positive though? I mean, you never know what could come out of this. Though that’s not to say that I don’t hope you get that job, because I very much do.

    And if you have a kickstarter to fund a EWS book, you can count me the fuck in.

    Take care of yourself! -hugs-

  4. Jane-sama says:

    I had no idea I was being so helpful. I’m glad I could help you with your rent. X)
    I would ask for more commissions from you – your art is awesome – but I’m tied finically at the moment too. But trust me, I may not ask frequently but you can count on my patronage in the future (near future for sure). XD
    Fellow Mechaphile huh? I like it! Thank you, I take that as a compliment.

  5. Elie says:

    Aaaw I’m so sorry to hear that. :I I wish I can help you like offering you a commission but I too was in for a run for commissions, since I have finished college and ready to graduate. I swear I might stumble in the same situation as you someday, finding a job is so demanding. :T

  6. Sarah (animeartist62) says:

    One thing you could look at doing is icons for like $20 do like a two tone/ simple that maybe easier to produce/quicker that could get you money quicker, be in more peoples price range.

    If I was not going to be possibly moving for a different job I would hit you up for a commission, maybe at the begining of next year I will be able to then.

  7. Sarah (animeartist62) says:

    One thing you could do is icons for like $20 simple like two tone something that is quick and easy that would appel to more peoples price range.

  8. Andey says:

    I am commissioning you for another piece. That should help a little.

    Good luck with the job prospects…it’s tough out there.

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