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Hello people. Welcome to the next short story in the Atoll Lab series. I Plan to alternate between this short vignette and that of Prince tomcat of Grumman. I enjoyed a long 2 month break of playing games, and going to shows with the love of my life. I suppose I could have just quit, but Id rather continue Atoll Lab with a few more short stories that hopefully wont take 3 years to finish.  The Poll is not favorable to this comic, Either because I am not as great a story teller as I thought I was, or that visitors just come here for porn that updates less and less as time goes on. If you are one of the latter, I am sorry. Porn Is coming, but this year I have events staggered across multiple weekends that will certainly cut into my art time.  If you are still here, thank you for continuing to enjoy what I do.

I will move the Prince tomcat collection to this post soon. However, I was never really satisfied with the bath scene. I may end up throwing out the previous 3 pages in favor of something that doesn’t ramp up so quickly on perversion (at least until Tomcat shows up.) The Russian translation of Atoll Lab is still pending, I’ll keep you posted.

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84 Responses to “Calamity”
  1. clog says:

    it’s the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine!

  2. Zara says:

    Wow these comic panels are coming out fast now, it’s getting interesting I can’t want to see what the bleeding man does when he goes up to his Truck. Anxious to see what personality the freshly Dire pickup will have.

  3. Thanks for translating Ratbat into Russian! Despite the fact that I still can’t figure out where one comic is and where the other is. Do not leave the site – this is the light in the window among this world of people who are not interested in aviation!
    P.S.- Your love is aviation !?)))

  4. Zara says:

    I love how you go back over the already published ones and fully shade/detail them in to perfection. This guy’s opening the hanger I’m super excited to see exactly what awaits him inside 😀

  5. Zara says:

    Hanger door slides open, a beat up battered human crawls in startling 3 newborn Dires… Not what I was expecting but that’s awesome the expression on those Cessna’s faces!

  6. Sora says:

    Page 15 is great I love the fact both machines have an angry faces and one in the middle doesn’t. Not sure if that the plane that who I think it is going to help him and make him feel better. Also for while I was made guesses if this was the father who we seen with his daughter and his cenessa mate with him.but kept thinking wasn’t until that corporate object fell from the sky and gave him that scar in his face.geez everything comes goes back to the atoll lab project gotta know if anyone foreseen this event or even the almighty lemarchand could have planned something like which I kinda doubt he pulled something like this off. Great job and effort for the story so far I cant wait for outcome of all this new era that is happening.

  7. clog says:

    bad touch! bad touch!

  8. Moll says:

    Sora: It is the same person, both have exactly same scar on the face.

    Whats wrong with dire’s eyes at picture No. 15? They have no pupils. It looks weird.

  9. Zara says:

    @ Sora – Man when you posted about it being the guy from Panel 1 and 2 from Atoll, I went back and checked. Looks to be the same Cessna, two bladed prop and all but it’s missing the pontoon floats! That planet in the middle only has conventional landing gear. Maybe she will get the floats later, but once a Dire’s ‘Alive’ can they be modified like that?

  10. Zara says:

    *** Plane in the middle not Planet, ugh I need to proof read first… ***

  11. What will they do with him? will kill? Have some fun?

  12. Sora says:

    @Zara – I could be wrong about same plane that he might hook up with. I just made the guess that it was the same Cessna plane because it just look a bit identical to her. And yeah not sure if dire could get modified while there alive i don’t think ratbat post up information or at least information that I could find on this website. But the idea that they can get parts or upgrade themselves is interesting like the same way a human goes full cyborg.

  13. Zara says:

    @ Sora – I just looked up a panel from the original comic, and in panel 70 of Atoll bottom right the F-86 says. “I’d rather fight them here then get my engine retrofitted for space again…” So guess that answers my question, their ‘mechanical’ bits can still get modified even after they are alive. Other than the floats I think you nailed it that’s the Cessna 😉

  14. Sora says:

    @Zara – geez I actually forgot about that part in the story were Dempsey said that. I feel kinda dumb for even forgetting that they can be modified. You know I’m actually much more excited to see were this going. This person who soon will be a father and gonna have a much more different life than what he use to have and have comfort relationships with the other dire machines. Also his disapernce from the last page of the atol story were moon and another person who are looking for him.

  15. Christopher Walken says:

    It needs more cowbell

  16. Ratbat says:

    @Sora: This Guy is Moon’s father alright. Good catch on the scar too! Though Moon’s mom is not necessarily in that hangar at the time, their were 14 civilian craft in the hangars and a fuel truck. 12 of witch are femme cessnas.

    It’s not likely Lemarchand had anything to do with the random ships accidentally getting caught in earths gravity. He was still swindling Neodymium and helping No-Name at the time this happened on the mainland.

  17. Ratbat says:

    @Clog: I got your YouTube post and yes indeed this is a bad touch! They are just scared :3

  18. Ratbat says:

    @Moll: since they are these “sudden monsters in the dark” this was all this guy could perceive at first glance so it was a stylistic choice. If I added in the pupils it would be less scary.

  19. Ratbat says:

    @Zara, Dire Machines can be modified a little bit, but not unlike the human body, the nature of the nanomachine colony Is that It’s basic job is to keep regenerating. Eventually It will actively resist modifications if they are not reinforced.

  20. Ratbat says:

    @sora: Moon’s future mom is close by, I promise. 😉 the “B side” of this story is a strange and sexy one.

    Mods are a thing so long as the Engine(s), central computer, don’t loose their nano charge or get put offline. Unlike normal dead-metal machines, Those parts are permanent.

  21. Ratbat says:

    @Sora, the way I see the discomfort is like the movie “The abyss” where Bruce Willis’s main character was made to put on a diving suit full of experimental oxygenated amniotic fluid. (Because plot wise, he had to dive to a depth where available oxygen stores would deplete faster then he could reach his destination. This was also unpleasant. (Complete with pink fluid vomit)
    Most Dire machines breathe air as humans do (but for combustion). In order for Dempsey to survive in the vacuum of space In his special “suit” his engine has to be bypassed to supply his vital functions with power, and he has to shielded from cosmic radiation/ extreme temperatures. Without oxygen in space, Dempsey Is just a big uncomfortable Ion Plane in a space rig.

  22. Ratbat says:

    @Walken: It does.

  23. Zara says:

    @Ratbat – Wow thank you for all the info on what makes a Dire machine Dire, and explaining what Dempsy’s upgrades meant in that panel. I can’t wait for this comic to continue I’m really enjoying the vibe this one is going for.

  24. mothman says:

    @ratbat where did the dires come from

  25. Ratbat says:

    : Aliens.

  26. Gary NIu says:

    They come from North Carolina

  27. clog says:

    Carolina! Carolina! Heaven’s blessings attend her!
    While we live we will cherish, protect and defend her;
    Tho’ the scorner may sneer at and wittlings defame her,
    Still our hearts swell with gladness whenever we name her.
    Hurrah! Hurrah! The Old North State Forever!
    Hurrah! Hurrah! The good Old North State!
    Tho’ she envies not others, their merited glory,
    Say whose name stands the foremost, in Liberty’s story,
    Tho’ too true to herself e’er to crouch to oppression,
    Who can yield to just rule a more loyal submission?
    Hurrah! Hurrah! The Old North State forever!
    Hurrah! Hurrah! The good Old North State!

  28. Kirbu says:

    I will never tire of the fountain of stories that come out of dire machine first encounters like this. Comparing an aggressive, suspicious group to the frightened, hectic car earlier in the comic is fascinating. Would it have even been possible for someone to come across a dire machine awakening and it go over better? Like a person manages to calm them down pretty early on and talk through it without similar emotional outbursts. Just a conversation of man and machine carefully feeling each other out is so fascinating to picture. Assuming that’s even possible, of course.

    How do you picture the dire machine intelligence forming anyway? There seems to be some amount of shared knowledge, but they don’t come across as a hivemind or anything.

  29. Zara says:

    Hey Ratbat I see you are perfecting the dialog in Panel 17, but wow this story went totally different than I had expected! It’s very cool I had though his truck was hiding in the Hanger or something like that lol.

    In Panel 16 the thumbnail image is fully shaded and looks complete, but when you click on it to have it full size it’s missing the dialog and is still just rough sketched out?

  30. clog says:

    DANG I will always be impressed on how you shade your art ratbat

  31. Sora says:

    So page 17 look very good and the part were they saying that it can not understand us actually make sense on page 16 were it the mechanical noise and artificial noises was coming from them talking in their own language I guess? I also find it nice to see how the normal civilian type dire machines are very capable of defending themselves compare to their military kind. Need to complement on the way you drew the mecha dendrites they look very cool I love the details on how you drew them and the way they act and change.

  32. Moll says:

    Really will it end in ciffhanger? Bruh.

    Want more.

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