You can now read Atoll lab in order here.


comic goes full circle to the little girl at the very beginning of the comic.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this project. I started this comic in April of 2015 during the beginning of my 2nd year of medical school. It has taken a ridiculously long time, one page a weekend in between requests and other things I owed. I started a patreon to showcase these comic arts and It got me through a particularly stressful 3 trimesters. Originally meant to be a mechaphillia porn comic, I advanced the story, and realized pretty quick that I had grown beyond this basic idea. I fell in love with the world I had made up. And so I resolved to just finish my thoughts here, independent of whether or not anyone would take interest. some of you did, and I am very happy.

If any one of you have any questions about the process, the hardships, pitfalls, ect. or just want to know more about the lore of Atoll Lab give me a PM. I’d love to hear from you.

What happens now: I have to go back and edit out some of the adult content panels, make fixes ect. And then after a break id like to advance the Prince Tomcat side story a little bit while I plan and preppare for the next iteration of Atoll Lab, as well as some 3D blender work im interested in learning.

Special thanks to Cerebralerror, Gunnerrott, for turning the shitty dry ass k-rations I call dialogue into something manageable. Good editors/proofreaders are valuable and should be squirreled away when you find them.
shout out to the love of my life Aeroingo, who took time out of his music career to talk me down, and prop me up when I felt like shit some days.


Please leave me any questions or comments down at the bottom!

Prince Tomcat of grumman:



(description coming soon)


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102 Responses to “You can now read Atoll lab in order here.”
  1. Spitfire says:

    Holy shiiiit I didn’t know you’d even started this! It’s awesome so far! I really envy your ability to make comics like this. 🙂

  2. jean56f says:

    Yay new page \o/

    thanks for this Ratbat !

  3. Ratbat says:

    @ Spitfire: XD hey thank you! Its defiantly a labor of love even though there wasn’t time for a lot of porn. (id have to fill that part in later if I had time).
    Its a very quick summery of part of the origin story. And though I may not make for an entertaining writer I can atleast promise you a box full of talking vehicles.

  4. Ratbat says:

    @ Jean: Yep! more on the way! Although I want to make a new scientific study page as well.

  5. jean56f says:

    @ Ratbat Yeah now I wait this more than other things \o/

  6. Whammytap says:

    Wow, what a cool story and amazing graphic art! I stumbled across this when Google gave me a “related image” on a search for the British R34 airship “Tiny…” Related how, I’m not sure, but “Atoll Lab” is amazing and I need this in my life! I can’t wait to find out what happened to all the dire machines. Keep writing, please!

  7. Ratbat says:

    Whammy: hey whammy thanks for the shout out! The comic is a slow process but I think finishing it is necessary to kind of lay some of the ground work in telling the story. I’ll be sure to let my editor cerebral error know as well. Are you a fan of sentient non human stuff or just a military fan?

  8. Phenos says:

    Absolutely love the comic, and can’t wait to see more. Any chance there might be a way for people to download all the pages in source quality, once it’s finally finished?

  9. Ratbat says:

    Phenos: Hello there, when you mean source quality is it because the you think the images are too small? I got em currently at 1000 x 1200+ but just curious.

  10. Phenos says:

    Ratbat: Sorry, it’s just a tiny criticism, but by using .JPEG images instead of .PNG comic pages like 43 end up getting issues with compression artifacts. The size is great, and I like it, and the quality is also amazing bar that one issue.

  11. Ratbat says:

    Phenos: I will use PNG from now on then. 🙂

  12. APlaneFücker says:

    Hurr durr durr a-hurr hurr durr a-hurr durr durr hurr durr durr a-durr durr QUACK

  13. DarkBreed says:

    Possibly the cutest Nighthawk I’ve ever seen in my life

  14. Ratbat says:

    @Darkbreed: the F-117 most people dont even consider because its not really aerodynamic. Its my unofficial airplane husbando tho.

  15. Ratbat says:

    @ APlaneFücker: Basically.

  16. GhettoDan says:

    I think the boss will win very easy,the planes are easy to destroy and he won’t even be able to prevent this because the old air defense able to shoot down targets flying at high speed and at high altitude.F-117 is very cute 😉 (stupid translator)

  17. Douglas says:

    @ Ratbat I believe I know deep inside, but what happened to the Abrams in the 12th square.

  18. GhettoDan says:

    Douglas,Lol,he really disappeared (street magic)I think it will appear on pages 50-55 (but not exactly,and maybe forgot about him Ratbat ;( )

  19. Kabak says:

    I might be terribly wrong as English isn’t my native language but isn’t there a misspelling in last dialogue box? “exploasion” I mean.

  20. Ratbat says:

    kabak: you are correct. I am bad at English even though it is my first language XD

  21. Ratbat says:

    Douglas: What do you figure?? (its probably not good tho)- rb

  22. Douglas says:

    you know that felling you get when you believe one of you’re favorite characters is dead. I got that, got it bad. :/

  23. Gear Head says:

    Oh shit I almost pissed myself when I looked at the latest panel, Neodym is a scary sight. Might as well put an extra six with the 666. Because she looks like she is sent straight from hell itself.

  24. Gingyflame says:

    Guys, major case of sexy right here. New FA-18 Hornet on the horizon with stealth attributes, more capable performance, and sexy as ever-even sexier! My loins burn with the desire for her loving touch!

  25. jean56f says:

    I love it so far Ratbat, can’t wait for more 😀

  26. Norean says:

    Okay so she isn’t just a mindless zombie. She can actually speak, I wasn’t aware of this fact. I like it. Makes me thing it might, and I mean that in the smallest possible case, be possible to calm them down.

  27. Gingyflame says:

    @page50 But why? Y u du dis? Y u no accept my luv and be happy? I bet all she needs is a good time with someone, a cruise down the beach, a refuel with some alcohol in it, a nice and crispy steel dinner with some natural oil, maybe even a vacation to Pearl! Or maybe she’s rather a rowdy one, and likes to shot her guns and race along, wrestling with storms and smashing clumps of ice! Or she just needs some good dickin’ or whatever. She needs to unwind ‘fore she goes killin’ everybody.

    But of course it’s your story so do as you wish: and a tip for the fight is Iowas really don’t like turning, and really don’t like stopping. And with that rather thin hull and displacement, won’t take much to list ‘er.

  28. CerebralError says:


  29. Feign says:

    Gingy, it’s entirely possible some brave men have tried… Their bodies will never be found.
    And I think by the time a ship has evolved energy shields, all bets are off as to it’s general performance. 😛

  30. Kabak says:

    Holy crap! The last panel of grumman comic just presses my buttons so perfectly. I love it!

  31. Ratbat says:

    @ Kubak: Time to make more pages. I had to take a 2 month Hiatus for life reasons but i am happy you are tuneing in the (infrequent) comic exploits of talking airplanes.

  32. Norean says:

    Well. I guess it is too late to ask for Buford to live? He is a great looking tank and one I took a liking too once I learned of it’s existence.

  33. Ratbat says:

    Norean: Dont worry! buford and leo will be fine. youl see next page 😉

  34. sora says:

    Man i would really would like to see what the lovely captain could do to those guys. Great job cant wait to see it colored also what vehicle she based on.

  35. Ratbat says:

    @Sora: 20mm gun baby! Lady LAV is very strict. Im happy I was able to pull off the silly anime mortified faces on the 2 machines in the bath. Poor guys have been BUSTED.


  36. jean56f says:

    @ratbat Best birthday gift, another page \o/

  37. Ratbat says:

    @Jean: Your birthday?? oohh how old?


  38. jean56f says:

    @ratbat 23… I feel old, and i’m not even old 😮 WITCHCRAFT !

  39. Gingyflame says:

    I know what it’s supposed to be but is her Bataan a golf wedge?

  40. Ratbat says:

    @Gingy : it supposed to be a leather rideing crop, But now I cant unsee the golfclub. Not only is she strict but she beats other vehicles with a golf club XD jk

  41. sora says:

    Omg new page thank you ratbat for more of the comic it really great to see what happened next. Also i know it a serious battle their haveing but Harrison face looks adorble with little puffy face he has on the fourth pannel you drew.

  42. Ratbat says:

    @ Sora: Thank you so much for even trying to read this with how slow the updates are X3. I made an attempt to find some Japanese pixiv art on Rochelle, but I turned up mostly empty handed. When I see that character, I think of you.
    Anyway, I try to add some cute little mannerisms to the machines when I can. Their is really no time to get to know Char, or Harrison, or anyone else right now. Its on fast forward.

  43. jean56f says:

    @ratbat take your time, I can’t wait for more, but take your time c:

  44. sora says:

    Lol sorry if made you think that way .I didn’t think when said all that about rochelle you think of me still appreciate for you doing that though it kinda hard looking for human in car or planes movie artwork. Hey is there one character you find attractive from the movies kinda of curious if have you one.

  45. sora says:

    Ugh i just re read what i wrote and it dosent make sense . what ment to put was i appreciate you looking other art work about rochelle. And the first part of the sentence was little off then what i ment to type up.

  46. jean56f says:

    it’s fun cuz my hometown in France is called La Rochelle :v

  47. sora says:

    Im surprised you already posted up another page i really happy for your hard work on making this. Do you get enough time to draw stuff or realx a bit in your life.

  48. sora says:

    Jean: i had no idea your from france wow how you doing over there

  49. jean56f says:

    I’m fine, I deal everyday with my job and some shitty things you can find in France ( sadly in us too i guess), like bad Drivers, strikes and loneliness. But I’m good, plenty stuffs to di and This website to spend good time 😀
    and you ?

  50. sora says:

    Doing great my life aint too special just going to work then going home eat sleep and all of it is rince and repeat. But at times i go out with my family or playing video games with my freinds.

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