A small collection of 12 retrofitted military surplus vehicles used as a “control” for the success machine island experiment. They were the last terrestrial vehicles in direct contact with the black triangle before it disappeared. All posses the rare ability to neutralize success machine kinetic shields.   The 12: Merkava mk3, M8 Buford/Xm8, A-10C, F-117, Harrier GR-7, Leopard 2A4 evolution, PL01, 9k22 Tunguska, CV90120T, KA-50, Mi-28 havoc, Yatagarasu carrier defense space fighter “No-Name”.


An antiquated Korean war jet fighter born in the southern Republic of California sometime in 2110. This Dire machine travels with his partner Juan Boh as a detective for the Ignaz mega corporation. Together they search for the whereabouts of the Black triangle artifact.


Humans who undergo cybernetic augmentation through PMCs, Megacorp securities, Military spec Ops, or Criminal syndicates, who can afford the prohibitive cost of bleeding edge cyber armor tech eventually become infected with the space machine code. Such entities are not considered humans in the eyes of the machine kind.

Early 2014 concept. Note that augmentation is both internal and external.


A Human turned Half-machine, born post calamity. Joins the Ignaz mega corporation and travels along side Dempsey of Chino. Together they search for the whereabouts of the Black triangle artifact.


A Gen-U-mine success machine born from the hull of an antiquated 19th century space station. Currently orbits earth under cloak and shield. In 2079 Lemarchand aids the Atoll lab machine experiments, ensuring that future peoples have a means to stop other success machines from destroying the world.



A massive deep space strip-mining drone ship deployed by the Gen-U-mine mega corporation. The very first Dire machine born 2049 A.D. She is referred to by a select few as “The oracle”.

Nefantar Mock-up by Evalion.


A Gen-U-mine success machine born from a BB-66 Iowa class battleship. Killed by the Atoll lab machines in the summer of 2079. Originally sent to Ala Isla Atoll to destroy all evidence of Gen-U-mine involvement.


A retrofit space combat drone re purposed as a control specimen on Ala Isla Atoll. He came to life in 2078-2079 as a part of the great Gen-U-mine success machine experiment. He quickly rose in power and eventually defeated the murderous battleship Neodym with the help of his fellow experimental unit.

Early 2014 concept.


A Gen-U-mine success machine experiment. It is unclear what Wulfram was in pre-life but wears a very generic “jet plane” persona among the people of earth. He enters into rehabilitation in 2120 and lives in Flotilla.

Early concept of Wulfram.

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  1. Fenny says:

    I looked up Evalion after seeing that cool Nefantar concept and… yikes
    I know furries are into weird stuff, but I wasn’t expecting vore and crush :S

  2. Ratbat says:

    @Fenny : yeah sadly, definitely not my thing. But I appreciate what I got.

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