100$ is hard to come up with for a refund.

As of late, My last commision was destroyed by UPS and they dont want to pay me for the dammages. (Angry) This is pretty much why ImĀ  turned off at the moment by accepting more robo commisions. Hopefully that gets resolved this week. ;;sigh;;

However, Dayum.. Oobaris cybuster is hawt grrr.

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3 Responses to “100$ is hard to come up with for a refund.”
  1. Steshette says:

    That sux! Was it insured? (I never pay for insurance though …what are the odds, right? …that the insurer won’t screw you over anyway) Sux about the money, but even more that your gorgeous art is lost/ruined! >:( Hope it works out for you somehow! *runs off to buy lottery tix in hopes of commissioning Ratbat for $100mln* XD

  2. Pilo says:

    Oh man Ratty, that really sucks, I’m sorry. D:

    Unfortunately, I’m adding this to my long list of reasons why I fucking hate UPS. I ship fedex or USPS whenever possible. :\

    And I hope that you’ll be up for doing commissions again in the future cause my BF and I wanna have you do something for us someday. If it helps, you wouldn’t have to mail anything if you could provide a hires enough image c:?

  3. Ratbat says:

    Pilot: yeah I usually include a Hi-res in an e-mail along with the origional if they pay shipping. But dayum, I overpayed for UPS under the impression that bad shit wouldnt happen.

    Wazzup stashette?

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