Back from Portland~~

Its now Sunday 9:48 am, Got off the train an hour ago, Thought about updating Titan with some new art since I haven’t been at the computer in over a week.

I can sum up Oregon in a few short bullet points:

* No sales tax.

* Terrible Speed limit requirements on and off highway.

* PokPok Thai food is the best place to eat in all of Portland.

* Berries everywhere…

* Taking the train is actually better then taking the plane.


To those of you who replied enquiring about the comic, I e-mailed each of you all the link but keep in mind if the e-mail attached to your word press name is no longer valid then the message will bounce.

OHMNOM kusanagikoworu~~~<3

Notes: They climbn’ in yo’ window, they snatchn’ yo people up, so y’all need to hidejo kids, hidejo wife, and hidejo husband cuz they rape’n everyboudy out there.

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2 Responses to “Back from Portland~~”
  1. Breakbot says:

    Briareos 😀


  2. Snail says:

    >u> *loser* who drew that smexy Briareos booty<3 lol

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