Basically just a shitload of cars with eyes.

Oh japan. Car’s are better mostly realistic.

I get disappointing sighs from people wondering when I’ll ever draw more pictures of cars. I like cars, but they are on the bottom of my hierarchy of vehicles. Still, even without the Guns and armor they represent the majority populace of civilian machines that roam the land in the Atoll story.

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14 Responses to “Basically just a shitload of cars with eyes.”
  1. GabsTheGabs says:

    Haha, nice to see some cars with eyes, really liked. 😛

  2. sora says:

    I have to ask about Dire train how do they live thier life on the rail. Do they have jobs or live in normal life and is it hard for them to look for mate since they are always on rail far from people. wonder if you can tell me more on how other machine live their life if you have the time to answer it.

  3. clog says:

    “Basically just a shitload of cars with eyes.” is pretty much this site + planes and tanks ex. oh and porn….lovely porn.

  4. Ratbat says:

    @ gabs: Cars with eyes are. lot more popular then tanks with eyes lemmie tell ya.

  5. Ratbat says:

    @ Sora: the train folk is not something I have drawn or gone into full detail over, but train culture is significantly different between commuter trains, resort trains, and transport trains. for example Japanese trains: the “shinkansen” are public figures with human, and machine fans that adore the service they do to society. as celebrities, Shinkansen are well tended and respected. on the flip side, Western train society is more closed knit and blue collar within the north west, and east coast. (Think of the old Hobo code, and those who live partially off the grid) The trains work their engines off and make the money to support themselves and their helpers. Usually fanatical railfans become part of the family once they’ve proven trustworthy. Trains are slow to trust people, and carry weapons to defend from would be thieves. they are hardened, tough people who understand the value of a mans word. The mountain people tend to rely upon the trains for shelter and opportunity. The trainfolk are rail-locked and can only go where the rails take them. this makes them reliant upon a team of humans they know they can trust, in order to procure fuel and other amenities. While trains are proud people, many also wish to have hybrid children that have the freedom to leave the rails and see the world as they cannot. In direct contrast, The ship folk can sail the seas but nearly all will never see the beauty of the high sierras, or Airs rock, or any of that stuff but in movies or books. Thankfully everyone has the internet to at least keep them from going crazy. Even trains have access to videogames.

  6. sora says:

    Wow i didn’t think they would have a ruff life style. I Was thinking the opposite were they would want any human attention or machines to have as freinds or something like that. Still sad that they dont get as much support compare to the other machine get. Im guessing they dont have the choice of ever going to a pleasure hanger.

  7. Ratbat says:

    Sora: I actually may have been hastey when coming up with my western idea because I forgot this whole shindig takes place in the 21st century. I think train roberies are at an all time low. Again this is just a working concept, but what would you do? What’s your vision? Help me come up with an idea 🙂

  8. sora says:

    I was thinking that train dire would be more open up in hopeing of finding any human or other of their own kind that are different from them. Just like the ship folks who have a hard time looking for human that want to live them at sea or some where they can call a home. The train folks who probably have it hardest to find if anyone want the be with them. They work all day of thier life doing what they were made for and never going different places unlike the ship folks who can at least go to palaces were other human hang out at docks or near beach were can try to talk them. Train just stuck on rails and need people to help them to try and go diffent place but never go were they really want to go. So any time they come across any people they do their best to try and seducing them or askthem for becoming mates. Even if it takes a while to look for someone their second protocol will keep them trying to go looking for any human that comes across them the next time. Trains folk usually dont live in nice homes or open area were is nice that why it hard for people to try to live with them or accept the since they want to live in comfert. So that the idea i can come up with right now tell me what you think of it.

  9. sora says:

    This is actually my first time giving idea like this so sorry if it kinda blande or kinda rushed. But your idea are great you put alot of detail on world building that why any story you post up l enjoy reading it.

  10. Ratbat says:

    @sora : I would say one caveat is that maybe in the future all trains have rail way shelters like the hollow garages that’s trains undergoing repair have. Otherwise I think you are right about their desperation,
    Have you seen railfans? They are fanatical of their love of trains. Their may be no shortage of people willing to build a life with a loyal train person. Though I do still think the communities might be more tight-knit in some states. At least everyone has internet in this future. Trains can watch movies with their families and create media in their downtime.

  11. Ratbat says:

    @ Sora: I think I got stuck on the idea of pioneer logging trains and the days of the Wild West. But it’s the 21st century and theirs easier ways to rob people then trying to hold up a bunch of dangerous living diesel trains. I also Don’t want to give trains the impression that they aren’t proud to be trains or lonely, too desperate. But I think your right, little mutant train babies coming out of the north west a lot. They can still skate across the rails too.

  12. sora says:

    I can just imagined were little train morph skate on the rail like their parent and follow them were ever they go sticking together like a family. That probbly my favorite thing to see when you draw a morph with lovable family together.

  13. Gia says:

    Oi, did you do these? Or were these found? Still cute regardless. I wouldnt mind seeing more civilian vehicles from ya but i still love your warbirds/ war vehicles the best <3 Also, Merry Christmas We need to chat again. I sent an email or tried to get in contact with ya

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