Been nearly 2 weeks since my last post..

For you guys, my only excuse is that Ive discovered the wonderfully fucked upĀ  universe that is Fallout (Mainly fallout 3 with Broken steel add-on). In between the game I try to get my commission obligations out of the way and there are only 2 people left in the Que Hooray! I’m taking a short hiatus as far as the interwebs go, Things should be back to normal once I stomp this game into the ground. Judging by the look of things, I only have 3 expansions left to do. Also don’t worry I haven’t quit my comic!! I got a fresh page i the middle of being toned as we speak.

I also wanted to say, The break from the Internet has made me feel abit better. Thanks for your concerns. Have some GNR radio: mus_inkspots_idont

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4 Responses to “Been nearly 2 weeks since my last post..”
  1. VRmech says:

    Glad to have ya back!

    What robot is that? First row, middle pic?

  2. vengeances says:

    i have a question too.
    row four, right pic, the golden one.
    where is he from?
    looks very interesting

  3. Ratbat says:

    Vrmech: I “think” that mech is from a comic called konohana but I wouldnt get too excited because the comic is about underage lesbians fingering eatchother.

    Vengeances: I “think” that guy is from the videogame: White knight Chronicles2 heres a usefull link:

  4. VRmech says:

    awww, well it looks like a PowerDoll. Mmmm sexy. About the lesbian thing, than sux that good mechs got to waste like that.

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