“Big iron on his hip,” HAPPY HALLOWEEN


I took a long break from the internet to play Fallout: New Vegas, drink booze, and turn 30 years old with friends.

Unless Ive just been hyper sensetive latly, the amount of bickering from virtually EVERYBOUDY on various forums has been more then I could take. It pays to just stay the hell away from people right now, especially seeing as the midterm elections are around the corner.

Thought about doodling some soulgain/Arcgain porn again, but I havent done much more then play fallout. I wanna draw some girl takeing some hot blue-black cord. hrrghnn

have some robots.

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9 Responses to ““Big iron on his hip,” HAPPY HALLOWEEN”
  1. Steshette says:

    Happy B, Ratty!
    And a thousand curses upon the Fallout!!! *bickers quietly* XD
    Hey, I vaguely remember there was a mention somewhere that you ended up removing some pages from the comic, a prequel or side story or something …do you still have any of those, by chance? Am so terribly addicted to EWS… 0.0
    Hehe, I badly need a giant badass robo as a Halloween costume accessory?consort?mount? …hmm, yes, mount sounds good actually …in fact, lets just skip the party! =D

  2. Ratbat says:

    Steshette: I got yu covered. incomeing e-mail. (also, dont worry ive started on my next page).


  3. Aesti says:

    Happy Birthday Ratty! Sent you an email a few days back but maybe it didn’t go through, that’s alright though as long as you had a good day.

    I’ve been hearing alot of about Fallout Vegas. A friend of mine has been spending all his nights playing it.

  4. Aesti says:

    PS: Doh, you haven’t been online. That’s why! My bad

  5. sigletsig says:

    Good to see that stuff’s still happening ;D I was beginning to worry the blog was slowly beginning to ween out.
    Couldn’t bring myself to try out New Vegas yet though :\ Prolly wait until next year when it’s cheaper and perhaps when some expansions have been released /cheapskate I’ll try to save it for a time when not much is on since from what I’ve seen everyone who plays it automatically gets completely addicted to it |D;

  6. VRmech says:

    omg, happy 30’th, and Halloween!

  7. Goku122 says:

    Cannot wait for the next page.

    Also I would get New Vegas, but after getting Fallout 3 at release it would be better to wait for the Game of the Year edition to get all of that sweet DLC.

  8. Ratbat says:

    Aesti: Hey aesti, Im gunna put your fanartpic on my site, would that be allright?

    Goku: Its probibly for the best. Peeps on gamefaqs forums are in a huge bitchfest over the buggs and so getting a game of the year edition would probibly have most of the issues taken care of plus DLC’s. most games are released beta now anyways.

  9. Aesti says:

    Sure thing Ratty, and welcome back!

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