feelin’ ugly

I dunno if it’s possibly lack of sleep, or burnout, or frustration, but I’m pissed off just to be pissed off. I’m mad (and fucking bored) of my own art, Im angry at the lack of time in the day, and Im mad for being cash poor (which wouldnt have even fucking happend if I wasnt in a car wreck.), I can’t tell people how I really feel for fear of retaliation, and the important people in my life look for ways they can be offended by the way I do things.

There..  I got that out.

Have some robots:

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5 Responses to “feelin’ ugly”
  1. EvilChaos says:

    Uh Hi lol i wanted to say Thanks for all the mech posting. All these pics ya find are awesome and unique. And it really made my day to see a gouf posted on here as one of my favorite mechs. I see ya said ya havin a real shitty day and well I haven’t really posted on here but well I just wanted to say that well that after a really crummy day or just bad time when I feel well..kinda like you hoppin on here and seein a update always makes me smile and make it all not as bad. I know sounds like a suck up but I do like your artwork and would hate to see ya get bored of it. Just as a suggestion that maybe either a break or maybe ya just need a new inspiration. Find out what got ya into drawing what you draw in the first place, recharge your battery’s and get new ideas. Well idk maybe i am being a idiot and comin as a fool but thats just what I think…. I hope ya have a better time and that I understand about the can’t speak due to the fear of reprisal. I think a lot of people on this understand that and are here in support of you. Your a interesting, funny and pretty cool person from my the time iv been here and i know I am not the only one who think’s so. Well um yeah

  2. Tilapia says:

    Here to say hi as well, and that I love your artwork, so amazing and hot. =) How could you ever get bored of it or anything? Maybe you should draw some stuff of Canti or stuff from Neon Genesis Evangelion, just saying ;P But it does cheer me up too, when I’m down and having a rough day to get on here and see awesome mecha pics and whatnot, you and your artwork are really cool

  3. Dino says:

    Not sleeping well will fuck up everything, this much I do know. At least you can’t have a little rant in here every now and then. We still think you and your artz is awesome.

  4. Pilot says:

    I know exactly how you feel, Ratty! Things will get better for you, trust me~

    PS – I officially have a crush on Hero Man. FUUU I need to watch that show..

  5. Aesti says:

    Wish I was closer to offer more support but if you ever need to rant or just cut loose you know you can always talk to me. I got no reasons to get angry and I love hearing from you.

    I got tons of stories about my ex-friends and moving around and the like so I can relate a little bit.

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