Friday Night Dragon fruit

Hey folks! Have you had dragon fruit lately? mmmm Forbidden snack. Must really do some research before I put random shit from the  asian mart into my cart tho.  X3

Also: Enjoy Mirage porn.

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6 Responses to “Friday Night Dragon fruit”
  1. Jason Canty says:

    heh more Glasses JEtfire

  2. VRmech says:

    very nice ratty, great position, lots of emotion in this one *saves*
    mmmmm, top right, PERSPECTIVE FTW! 😉

  3. Ratbat says:

    I know i wanna fuck him so bad T.T FFFF

    btw canty, Do you want posting privilages?

  4. breakbot says:

    Zomg… Dragon fruit is delicious. What kind did you get?

  5. Pilot says:

    :O! Is that chick cheating on poor Hound?

  6. Ratbat says:

    Breakbot: I got the kind with the white meat and black seeds inside.

    Pilot: The hound pic i drew was essentially for someone else, But when i had finished this pic, she goaded me into changeing the girls appearence to the other charecter because (I guess, mirage and Hound are supposed to be partners?) so 3 some immenent? I dunno much about Tf unfortunatly..
    So wait, Hound is your favorite?

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