FUCK! PLEASE, no more weekend call-ins.

If your wondering why I cant get my damn artwork done, blame the weekend people and there tendancy to not show up.

I think Kusanagi kaworu May be my favorite mech artist next to Junya Ishigaki now.

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3 Responses to “FUCK! PLEASE, no more weekend call-ins.”
  1. Siglet says:

    Ack, I know what you mean about call-ins. Especially when you’ve JUST picked up the pen or had some good inspiration and you get the call D: /raaaaeeeeg
    Lovin’ these artworks though! The ones you provide always stir up the mind and get mental images flowin’

    And damn, been watching this blog for months and haven’t realized there was a comment section >8|

  2. Ratbat says:

    Siglet: man, I’m friggin exhausted.. Im on my 10th day of working without a break all because we are short staffed. I can barely get shit done. btw, thankyou for replying/visiting and let me know if you would like to contribute.


  3. Siglet says:

    Ratbat: Oh jeez, 10 days straight is… x_x I mean, the extra money’s good (provided you’re not on capped salary) but even so~ Keep your head up as best you can dude, and keep on truckin’ D:
    And sure, I’d be happy to contribute – if my art’s up to your standards of course! Just got a SkidsxCharlene pic that I’ve got goin’ for a friend of mine right now that I can pass over when I’m done if you wish :>

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