Gallery of rejects: part 2

spring 2004, I got back pretty heavy into the rockman fandom because of the release of mega man x: “comand mission” one of the last of the x series before capcom ran it into the ground.  I was a fan of the old megaman x and about 4 or 5 games after that, primarily focusing on Signas, Axl, Zero, etc.  I made ALOT of marry sue type fan art from this time, but they were some of my first attempts at comics a full  2 years before I would ever begin EWS. My best attempt was Axl x girl and I even colored it for distribution on rockman porn shrines. Trouble is, Some people got ahold of it and ripped it appart so much as critiqued it, and i deleted every last bit of rockman porn I had. only today Did I get back the best part of it courtesy of VRmech who NEVER DELETES ANYTHING. So here you fellas go

( please forgive the horrible art quality, i got alot better in 5 years).

P.s. Women are just as perverted in the head as the guys are.

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16 Responses to “Gallery of rejects: part 2”
  1. VRmech says:

    heh, glad to be of much assistance.

  2. breakbot says:

    Hah… I also have this somewhere on my hard drive, as well as a bunch of other really old things…

  3. junkpile says:

    Man, your art is fantastic D:! I need to get better.
    I also love your use of color in this piece.

    I hope there’s more around that I could see!

  4. SleepyElf says:

    I’ve been trying to find your old MMX stuff since…your LJ went down. D:

  5. digi says:

    Pleaseee tell me someone has the one with Signas and Halley… I managed to save the story, but lost the comic.

  6. Risyel says:

    After both get you at last I found you Ratbat!!
    I’m a fan of all your images Rockman!
    It is an honor for me to tell you you’re the best!
    I would have liked to get earlier in Da to be your friend …

  7. Ratbat says:

    Hi hun. Sorry I hadnt responded in a couple of weeks (Ive been away from the computer). Also :;blush:: Thanks for remembering my older arts, sadly most are gone now due to a liberal amount of shame heh. But I have this site now to put up robots and my porn arts incase I make them. Sort of, by robot lovers/ for robot lovers. Saw your Dev site.. you prefer the X story line huh?

  8. Masamune Gal says:

    I agree with Risyel! You are the best!
    I love how amazing all your art is (including the Rockman ones!)
    Hurray for RobotLovers! 😀

  9. Crashie says:

    I swear to God I’ve read alot Axl xxx but none of them hasn’t been able to beat yours (THIS ONE!)!!! OoO Such good actions and can’t-be-defeated art style!!! Hail Ratbat!!! \(*-*)/

  10. WingedTank says:

    What I enjoy about your sexual content is the presence of genuine intimacy and emotion rather than just a repetitive slideshow of nudity. Your expressions are really well done here, though I’ve always adored your art style and it’s great to see you improve. Pretty much the opposite of Palcomix and their rushed, poorly drawn crap.

  11. Ratbat says:

    Palcomix? Eh?

  12. WingedTank says:

    They make a living off of porn-comics. And I feel they don’t deserve to.

  13. Ratbat says:

    why do you feel they dont diserve to?

  14. Ratbat says:

    hahah hello. This comic is probably the only thing that survived my rockman x phase. The art is really bad in it by comparison to now. But I was really passionately into some of the reploids in that game. Too bad that capcom took a giant shit on the series.

  15. KM says:

    Gods, the amount of time I’ve spent googling for this cache of porn is embarrassingly long, in all the ways.

    Sad to hear that this may be the only survivor. Though…there is the almighty Wayback Machine…

    Can someone provide me with the names of those ancient (by internet standards) porn shrines? I’m gonna dig this hole I’m in as deep as I can!

  16. Ratbat says:

    Unfortunately I cannot. I simply dont remember them. These pics ere ancient by today’s standards nd as you know, Capcom has abandoned the rockman franchise. I dont know if anyone keeps that stuff around in the absences of the game and years of time.

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