Glorius beast*

2 weeks ago I put up a series of comic pages that depicted everyboudy’s favorite uncomfortable subject: rape.  It was a bot I made up named Gaorond who by virtue of his own nature, Is big, ugly, has 6 robot eyes, and is acting in accordance with his ingrained robo instincts. Some people mentioned how “ugly” he was, But despite being his creator I think there was some brute sexy in his non-human uglyness. It begs the question, Why does everyone “have” to be be beautifull/pretty/gorgeous/handsome to be worthy of sex, romance, love, seduction? Forget all those perfect people! (if you both are busted up, no one has to have any sort of expectation, You are in!) lets get some mecha, women, men, with fat, and scars, and bald spots, and gnarly hands, screw perfection.

Usefull robot links:

Have some mecha:

Why soo manny mecha? I’m going on vacation next week.. Don’t wait up.

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  1. NekoHitori says:

    Aw, I never thought Gao was ugly. I thought he was kinda cool-looking.

    But, you do make a good point. I need to learn to embrace my stretch marks and cellulite. Being perfect is overrated anyways.

  2. cocla says:

    I didnt think he was ugly, I thought he looked pretty good and cant see anything particularly ugly about him. He is more ‘alien’ than most of the others in that he isnt as human looking because of the eyes but thats it, and thats not a problem, and I agree that there is a brutish sexy quality to him. You can have ‘feminine’ attractiveness, classical attractiveness, or masculine attractiveness (speaking for both genders).

    For the latter, even if the person is scarred or butt ugly, the sheer strength of the character gives them a certain sexy appeal.

    No complaints here 😛 Only listen to critics if its to improve in technical areas, as for CONTENT its only your business as to what you want to draw/post.

  3. Ratbat says:

    Cocla and Neko: Its basicly food for thought. I wasnt takeing what people said as a critique, but I Got to wondering If I was the strange one for drawing what I draw, and that maybe we need more off-kilter ladies in the mix to sort of break the ‘pretty’ cycle. Either way, nothings changed in the script. X3 And yes neko, LOVE your stretch marks!

  4. Jane says:

    So where can one find this comic?

  5. Ratbat says:

    Jane: Sent the link to your hotmail. have a good sunday

  6. Joey JoJo says:

    I too would be interested in seeing this comic, if you wouldn’t mind. Thanks.

  7. Ratbat says:

    ratbat: Ok joey, sent it to your gmail. ;;wave;;

  8. Dino says:

    Thanks for that link to the Archive Scans blog. Going to have fun downloading shit there. Now if only my internet wasn’t so fucking slow.

  9. Zaiats says:

    (Ratbat) People thought he was ugly? Wow I must be strange then ’cause I thought he was cute. o-0; His head looks like a funny tophat. XD

    As for why people seem to have to be pretty/hansome/gorgiouse/etc, psychology says we favor people who look semetrical, healthy, have good body proportions, and no outwarde genetic defects. Althought there is also the cultural norm or standard for beauty. Example, a tribe in africa favors large holes in women’s ears and the chinese people like tiney feet (or did). Almost all of which our lovely mech dosen’t exactly have lol. He is semetrical though! XD

    Unfortunitly American society makes me look fat, my body full of scars, and lazy. We women see ourselves as completely inadiquite. I wonder does this happen to Gaorond or is his society one where beauty counts for very little (if anything at all) when it comes to romance?

    (NekoHitari) XD Bravo!

    Sorry if I miss spell things I have to type this fast and leave. >w<;;;

  10. Zexion says:

    I am interested to see this Gaorond comic. Plz. 🙂

  11. Lynn says:

    I would also be interested in seeing your comic, if possible. Much thanks!

  12. Kateish says:

    Any chance I could get a look at this comic too? I hate the thought of missing out on more of your glorious art skillz! D:

  13. Electric Wings says:

    I am really interested in this comic. ;o; I am so hot for your robot art. Also, you do raise a really good point. Its strangely unfair people are more attracted to beauty and such.

    Hope you had a good vacation!

  14. baracudaboy says:

    WOW, I am so glad to have found your blog, you draw like, exactly the things I find hot. Mecha style robots with human chicks. SO HOT. and also transformers = <3 so hot!
    Keep up the awesome work.

  15. oh oh oh i would love to see your comic

  16. LD says:

    There was a comic about it? Or were you talking bout the recent updates on EW? If it wasn’t the updates, then I suppose it’s better late than never to the party, right? XD;

  17. LD says:

    Complete forgot to add a request to said comic pages. >>;

  18. Gumey says:

    I’m a little late I think, but may I have the link to the comic? Please and thank you! ^-^

  19. Ratbat says:

    sending the link to your mail 😉


  20. Merisel says:

    Could I have the link, too, please? 🙂

  21. TheJeweledBlade says:

    Is it too late to still request the comic pages?

  22. Ratbat says:

    Shure I’ll send that link Off to you right now. Check it out in your mailbox.

  23. Ratbat says:

    Shure I’ll send that link right along to your e-mail.


  24. Khenmes says:

    Words cannot describe how happy I am to have found a site like this. For a long time I thought I was alone on the mecha/human girl pairings (especially with those wonderful anime type bots). Your art is incredible as is your sense of anatomy for both mechanical beings and humans. The way it is drawn how the robot grabs at the flesh is captured perfectly.

    Though your style, and often your subject, is geared towards anime style robots (no complaints here as the anime designs are intricate and just plain cool to look at), there is an old american cartoon series that may interest you. It wasn’t the best show out there, but it was a spin off from the ‘Batman Beyond’ series in the 90s. The show is called ‘The Zeta Project’ which is about a human girl on the run from the government with a sentient robot. There were many hints for the two having some kind of romance (in a hero/savior kind of way) and the robot doesn’t look half bad. It just seemed like your kind of thing, so I just wanted to give you a heads up about an old series.

    By the way I would love to see your comic, your art is certainly a gem to look at. Thank you very much for posting such wonderful pictures and good luck with your art in the future!

  25. Ratbat says:

    Hello khenmes, took me a while to get to a working Internet connect in the desert. I’m happy to have visitors with similar interests come to the site and yes women x robots is defiantly a favorite of mine. Tell me, how did you find Titan or come to enjoy robots? I,ll send you an e-mail of the link to my comic tonight. Enjoy.

  26. Khenmes says:

    Thanks a ton for the comic link, as I had stated before your art is truly a pleasure to look at. I understand rape being an uncomfortable topic for a comic, but you managed write in a rescue for the character so I believe that rectified the problem nicely (a noble gesture). Yes, there aren’t too many people who like the robot/human female pairing, in fact it seems non-existent on the internet in the form of art work.

    I gained an interest in the subject when watching a taped episode of transformers. You see, I was too young to have been able to watch transformers when it came out in the 80s so the only way to watch it was through an old VHS tape my brother managed to record on. The episode turned out to be the one of PowerGlide and Astoria (the first one) among other episodes. Simultaneously falling in love with the series, I was intrigued by the pairing. I am an artist as well and love the designs of robots in such animes as Gundam (just pick any Gundam series really), Code Geass, or even the Geth in Mass Effect.

    Perhaps the concept of a human romancing such a being comes from the admiration humans have of robots. Considering that robots are perceived as being so perfect and efficient. In media they are usually portrayed as better and stronger than humans, so relationship wise we tend to think that they would be more advanced in terms of endearment (what I mean is that the bots may be less likely to cheat on said partner and consider a relationship more precious than a human would). Now I’m just ranting, but the main reasons I find the idea interesting is due to the wonderful designs of the beings and the romantic idea of getting close to such a superior creature.

    This is in no way meant to imply that I do not care for the company of the other people, hell, nothing beats a night of hanging out with friends and eating pizza. Unfortunately, the problem with finding the concept interesting is that others tend to assume this. Right now, I’m just trailing on with ‘what ifs’ and avoiding your other questions and for that I apologize. I came across this site looking to admire the art of robots. When I had typed ‘robots and humans’ on a search engine I managed to find this site along the fray. It was truly a pleasure gazing upon your gallery and thank you again for sending me the link to the comic.

  27. Ratbat says:

    Khenmes: I for one share the same exact sentiments as you. Without re-explaining the about page , I can tell you that putting this art blog together was for the benefit of man-machine lovers and mech fans alike. If you have art you would like to share erotic or not and are interested in showcasing them or sharing your thoughts I can upgrade your access so you can start making posts here aswell.

    My views are specific to mech x female humanoid and yeah, it’s pretty unpopular on the web. As for why it’s this way, it could be that the majority of robot artists are guys who would rather see femme bots with human guys and that’s understandable. But the majority of fic writers are women and thus you have more robot love storys in written form.

    I really wish there were more “mech” looking robots in the storys that do get made. It sucks but that we usually get very shallow pretty- boy cyborgs/androids and this doesn’t work for me. I like my robots looking like big ass robots with guns and armor and tubbing, anything less is ‘twilight’ with metallic name tags. In this blog is really every robot I either find sexy or cool, or sexy and cool with a little something here and there for the guys. Either way this place can’t get polluted with off topic crap and pedo stuffs.


  28. Moeskippie says:

    I’m really glad that you run this blog! I have always loved the Japanese art style for robots and mecha, so thank you for hosting such a wide variety of art. It has made finding new images very easy 🙂

    I agree that robots don’t need to look like the ‘twilight’ cast with metal plates here and there in order to look cool, or sexy 😉 I have always felt that cool and unique colors/forms in the character designs stand on their own, whether its sleek or bulky and armor clad.

    I have also been a fan of your art for quite some time, mecha and otherwise. Is it possible to send me a link to the comic? I like mech x human artwork, but I’ve never had an easy time finding any.

    Thanks again!

  29. Steshette says:

    Can I plead for the link to the comic, too? *pleads & grovels*
    From the description I already know that I will love it to pieces, it sounds absolutely perfect in every possible way.

    Besides that – OMG! I am so ecstatic to have found this site!!! Not only is it nothing short of a miracle to find someone who shares my fascination with the overbearing mech x human female – but for this someone to have your mind-blowing talent is simply beyond belief.

    My fantasy has gone into a dry spell as of late, as all the elaborate storylines running in my head had come to conclusion, so I turned to the internets in desperation (knowing full well there would be nothing but emasculated slash or feel-good squishy lovey-dovey yuck), and even resorted to sifting through piles of revolting pedo stuff on rule34 – and thank gods, it was so worth it, since it led me straight to your amazing work! =D Your drawings have given my imagination a whole new lease on life. In fact, I had never envisioned the particular mech:girl size ratio that you portray – but now I can think of nothing else!

    Soo, comic, please please please?.. *must see more of Ratbat’s gorgeous art!!!”*

  30. Steshette says:

    woops please edit – didn’t mean “overbearing” – meant “overpowering/towering”, smth like that …guess I never got a hang of English 100% after all ><

  31. Ratbat says:

    Stesh & Moeskippie : I got you covered man! check your e-mails.

    Moe: The Goodness of the times we live in is that its so much easyer to get access to excellent japanese collective sites and immage dumps. The Crapyness of it is theres also alot of offtopic posts, clutter, noise, that is questionable and doesnt belong there either. Of course, you can find these immages readily available on other sites, but it takes hours to do so or they cycle out.

    Stesh: Welcome to this little blog! When i started drawing porn about 10 years back, I was met with seriously harsh critisizm due to the unothodox nature of mecha x female. You couldnt find any of this kinda stuff nor could you rely on anyone to find it for you. I wont lie, It was really alienating feeling like ‘your the only one out there whos fucked up thinking about this”. But thank God its not true right? Feel free to discuss anything here. :p

  32. Steshette says:

    Thanx a ton – the comic is totally enthralling, can’t tear myself away from it!
    As for Gaorond (naturally, started reading from the end): 0% ugly, 100% brute sexy! The *only* reason I’d escape from him would be to get him fired up more XD
    As for ugliness, I suspect it’s the people who lack [society-imposed standard] beauty, that crave it. Wanting to be in (or be with) a “beautiful” body is kinda like wanting a beautiful car – it’s not until you’re in one that you realize …there’s simply nothing to it.
    As for rape …that wasn’t a rape, that was a taking =) In my experience, there was a difference – but that’s just my personal experience.
    Overall, so glad that you’re not taking – at least trying not to take – some of the sillier prudish comments too close to heart. I’m always bewildered by how people that faint at the faintest silhouette of a naked butt ever manage to procreate and multiply. Even if it’s a butt pressed against metal =P

  33. khenmes says:

    Sorry for leaving such a late reply Ratbat, college work has gotten a little tough, but I do have some art lurking around involving these good-looking bots. It would be great to post some. I also agree about the annoying pretty boy bots, I personally love those transformer-esque types. They’re just so interesting to look at and beautiful. The only ‘mech’ anime I do know of is called Brave Police J-Decker, they are just the types of bots you draw and they are actually paired/in love with these human women. It isn’t a hentai, just an action series on it’s own with some sweet looking bots thrown in.

  34. Goku122 says:

    Cannot believe it took me so long to find this place, been following you for quite a long time and completely enjoy your works. Still sad to miss out on some of your newer stuff and I would love to see it if it is all possible, even if the subject is kinda taboo.

  35. Quicksilver says:

    This is the most awesome site I have ever found! <3 I, too, thought I was the only one who enjoyed visualizing and writing mech x female pairings. I really felt isolated when I started fixating on Transformer-themed pairings in both my daydreaming and my writing. When I found your site by accident while surfing I thought I had died and gone to heaven! Knowing there were others who thought as I did and to actually have actual images to ponder along with the ones floating in my head is a joy beyond words! You are an amazingly talented artist and the detail you put into your work is just phenomenal! I look forward to seeing what you do next!
    Begging for the comic link if possible. I'm dying to see it after reading all these posts!

  36. Ratbat says:

    ;;hugg;; Been out to lunch for a couple weeks sorry. If its robot porn your looking for, just about all my new stuff is here in back pages. My output has been quite slow and is normally for my comic and for my obligations. check back a few earlyer pages in this blog.

  37. Ratbat says:

    hello Raven, where do you hail from? Deviantart? rule34? one of the chans? in anycase thanks for the compliments as I am extreamly lovely to have you as a lurker and a responder. As for the blog, the only way to filter out the hater Rif-raf and to make a nice place for robo-fetishers to visit every other week, is to put one up of your own volition. So i’m glad My art could be of help. serriously.

    It’s interesting in the fact that 80% of everyone with a robot fetish got started on transformers, also most of us are women as well.

    I’ll e-mail you the comic link right now.

  38. Goku122 says:

    Should have asked straight up for the link to this comic that has been taken down 😛

    Still I have been enjoying your clean comic, just sorta off and on just so there is enough to read in one sitting.

    Also Happy Halloween Ratbat back.

  39. Goku122 says:

    And Completely forgot to say Happy Belated Birthday as well. > <

  40. Quicksilver says:

    The comic is fantastic! Well drawn and well written, the story line thus far is compeling. I look forward to future additions!
    In answer, none of those sites, though I’ve browsed Deviantart periodically.
    I’ve never actually put any of my written work out there for others mostly because I was nervous about criticism on the content. I’ve read other people’s and found it pleasantly edgy, but since my stuff often hits on taboo subject matter as well and can be extremely descriptive, I’ve held it back.
    I was also never really certain which site was the best medium for it.
    I continue to be impressed by your work and if you’re still taking on commission work I may be requesting one in the future.

  41. SantuMalagra says:

    You’re probably sick of hearing this question, but Could I please get a link to the comic as well? Pretty please with cookies on top ><
    BTW I love your artwork. I can go here if I'm in a pervy mood, or just wanna see some cool mechartwork.

  42. Ratbat says:

    Sent you an e-mail with the link in it. Its the one you provided with your reply. Hope you like it, its got robots 😉

  43. Japankasasagi says:

    Hi there! Someone pointed me to here, and I’m sorry I missed your Gaorond comic..! :'( Is there any chance I could ask you for the link to the comic? I love your cute women and gorgeous robots! ALL of your robots are beautiful, never mind if they’re TFs or whatnot, your mechnical work is always such a pleasure to look at. I remember your comics, and the sexy art you had for them. I hope to hear from you!

  44. Ratbat says:

    hey I remember you from LJ! Gaorond is actually a robot in the comic you mentioned. Do you still have the link to it?


  45. Firekit says:

    I just wanted to say that I POSITIVELY ADORINGLY LOVE your art work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could see more of it. It’s hard to find it most of the time, but I am reading your EdenworldSaga comic and it’s awesome!!!! I too wish mechxfemale pairing were more common. So seeing your work is wonderful and I know it may be getting old but……. Could I have the link to this comic too??? Please? And maybe links to where all you other work could be too if it’s not too much to ask? Anyways, I hope to see more of your amazingness!!! Your Rock!

  46. Ratbat says:

    I cant believe how old this message is and I never replied to you. I haven’t had a computer in a while but let me personally apologize, did you still want a link to my regular site?


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