Going to vegas BBL… + Christmass wishlist

sky dance
Mateing dance :B

Unrelated to mecha but still cool:

Also.. More mechas..if you “like” that shit.

Christmass wishlist:







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5 Responses to “Going to vegas BBL… + Christmass wishlist”
  1. animeartist62 says:

    Where do you find all the robot pictures? The dancing mech is funny, the girl looks like she is happy and confused at the same time.

  2. Pilot says:

    Oh man, those soaps look delicious. :3

  3. GurafikDZN says:

    Your mating dance drawing is so cute! It’s even better to see the occasional color art. That “fox-mask” mech is awesome, too. 😀

    Ratbat, I sent you a mech sketch i drew back in October, it was meant to be a gift for your B’day. If you didn’t see it I can re-send it if you like.

  4. Ratbat says:

    Animeaertist: (from vegas) I get 30% of my robot pics from 4chan /m/ , 60% from Pixiv, 3% from 2chan, 3% Danbooru, 4% other. Thanks for the mateing pic love n.n

    Pilot: are you a soap fag too?

    Gurafik: I dont think i got it, can you resend? what was it of?

  5. GurafikDZN says:

    Ratbat: I sketched up a mech and a female pilot, I think they’re from an anime called “Jinki”. I’ll send it(within this week)after I check if it needs any improvements.

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