I miss those years of free time.

This month I got to expirience 4 really awsome games, 2 from my roomate Verm: God of war 3, and dante’s inferno, 2 from myself, Devil summoner 2, And Shin megami tensei Strange journey. It reminds me of the old days long gone where i had 15 hours a day to just fuck around after school and homework and dishes were done. These days I have a car to pay for, several commisions and a full time job to worry about.  Let me tell you though.. not a day goes by that i dont long to get a job with SCEA or bioware modeling Harpys or blood-drenched rivers. My true passions dont lie in what i’m doing currently with the exception of my comic and I need to grow a pair.

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4 Responses to “I miss those years of free time.”
  1. yeah I miss the days like that too, my last weekend of I played a video game for about 8 hours, and it felt good to do just about nothing all day. I miss the days of having family around to help with things. Or to even have time to go out an have fun

  2. cocla says:

    Just wondering what show the animation is from.

  3. Pilot says:

    I was totally going to say “Who is that guy that’s punching me and why do I love it so much?”

    Thanks for sharing, Ratbat! I must go watch this show…

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