Japan Likes Gypsey danger

I found 1 or 2 NSFW pics that I rescued from said gallery recently, so be careful if you are at work and found your way here. that said, there is a Pacific rim tag on pixiv and the Asians have spoken. Its too bad the movie didn’t do well over here last I heard. Do we blame Micheal Bay for that? Btw if anyone finds any duplicate pics please drop me a line. PM


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2 Responses to “Japan Likes Gypsey danger”
  1. Pilot says:

    I think it’s partly Bay and partly a poor promotional campaign. Trailers and advertisements didn’t focus enough on the pilots, which is pretty much the only thing that was going to get non-mecha fans into theater seats for it.

  2. nyans says:

    I personally think it’s something North America in general doesn’t really care for, unless it’s attached to a big name (Transformers for example.) Really rad unfortunately, but pretty much everyone who saw it enjoyed it, and word of mouth really did a good job.

    Welcome back also!

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