Massive war dump again

**2 of these images are Nsfw**

Some of these might be duplicates.. But whatevs. Let me know if you have problems viewing the files. For my old mecha fans! It ain’t all jets and tanks yet. Some of these are rockman bosses, and some of these are super robot wars. The mechs im particularly interested in are the Titanfall ones now because Titanfall 2 is in my stack of games right next to my bed waiting for me. (Shout out to Hydro). I have to replace my ps4 controller seeing as the previous one took a nose dive right into a huge heaping bowl of beef and barely soup. The L2 key doesn’t work anymore..

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3 Responses to “Massive war dump again”
  1. Anonymous says:

    I like how there are two porn images randomly thrown into an otherwise SFW image dump.
    Where do you find your mecha images? So far I’ve been using various image forums, but I’ve heard Pixiv is a good place to look.

  2. Ratbat says:

    @anon : I put a NSFW warning at the top. (Sorry about that).
    Where I go is usually is searching pixiv tabs, shoveling through heaps of garbage on DAvlooking for good concept artists, looking online for concept art gallery hubs, ect. Find a concept artist you like in a video game, chase that guy’s webpage if applicable and see what other stuff they might be affiliated with.

  3. TS-5914 says:

    Hey ratbat is deltax3 doing stories anymore anyways I would love to see if you could do some nsfw titanfall stories with delta or ginger either way love the war dump!

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