My first real mecha update in a long time



Hi folks just wanted to announce that “mecha” portion of this blog isn’t dead. In fact Ive been sitting on a hellovalotta good shit that I now will share with you. Please enjoy this fine summer selection, and dont forget to wear sunscreen!


Its at this point the gallery option malfunctions and I have to post these all manually. ;/







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8 Responses to “My first real mecha update in a long time”
  1. Gingyflame says:

    Nice, very nice. Anyway I’ve been really busy this month and it’s a mix of a few things, I’ll post something soon but it won’t be HaM.

    There’s something about that one mech at the bottom that I really, really like.., mmmmm.

    Oh and how does a 43 meter tall Mech sound as a lover?

  2. Iron says:

    Overwatch is so sexy people even want to bang the exosuit…and not “us” kind of people, either; like, normal perverts are encroaching on our territory, now.

  3. Ratbat says:

    I added 3 more images in here. Also, Overwatch porn is fucking epic like you cant even fucking believe. You can defiantly gauge how popular a game is by how much porn is made and shit- they are even porning the machines now.

  4. Ratbat says:

    Gingy: i was wondering where you went off to. Also, didn’t think you were into mechs. <3 43 meter tall mecha lovers I did for 17 years before I retired.

  5. Gingyflame says:

    Yeah I first took a break from writing, then I got fucked for planning, like my friend says “If you want God to laugh, make plans.” Just a bunch of shit. Things are better, though. Btw on you July 27th post I laughed my ass off with that video. Also, looked up D. Va porn and it wasn’t at all what I hoped for. 🙁 No mecha getting her pussy pounded.

    Oh! In regards to that mecha I’m into well, it’s kind of selective. It’s that one I mentioned way way back. The Cybran ACU. And I guess I do like the Titanfall ones, too. Just the really mechanical ones.

  6. Norean says:

    I am curious to see if any one has done mech’s I am familiar with. Specifically the GDI Titan walker.

  7. Theunknownjester says:

    Hey gingy, found some more you might like 😛

  8. Gingyflame says:

    Well now I know the name of a whopping total of one Overwatch character: D. Va (and her mech suit)

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