Main hard drive is fail!

A friendly guy E-mailed me the other day In regards to this website that was started up in response to /m/’s lack of quality overall. I feel the same way so I thought I’d throw a bone and recommend:

Ive been there and its a pretty cool site so give it a whirl. 🙂

**The Art Debt List**

5. Antipathy—-0%
4. Anna Duch—0%
3. Deezmo —- 5%
2. Maximum Overdrive —100% DJR
1. Negro Phoenix —–100% Foxstar


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4 Responses to “Main hard drive is fail!”
  1. Goku122 says:

    Good to see another mech board since I believe mchan died a year or two ago. Also it looks like your a star of two threads over in the respective porn section 😛


  2. sigletsig says:

    Shit son, a new mecha imageboard? Oh my, I believe I have found myself a new home <3
    Also, I'm totally fistpumping at Gundam with dem balls~

  3. Pilot says:

    Yay, Gundampeen!

    Also, omgwtfbbq I have found myself another haunt! Yuck, especially GT Lovers “R” Us turned out crappy, and The Minimizer is rly boring and not much relevant to my interests.

    Thanks Ratbat~

  4. Pilot says:

    Holyballs, new site rocks.

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