Nice dreams.

It’s very rare these days that I have sex dreams. When they come around usually, Its some totally random combination of consensual sex or being raped by everything from my brother, to a grizzly bear, to an alien.  These dreams are strangely vivid and its too bad we cant control them or program them to project the combos we really want. Freud would no doubt have a fucking field day, but Ive always considered myself blessed when I have one about mecha and NOT the 7-man gang bang that “other people” might like.

I could count the number of mecha sex dreams I’ve had one one hand- they are THAT rare. So you could imagine my pleasure to have woken up to the most awsome sex dream of Arios ever subconsciously concocted.

Other Mechs I’ve fucked in my dreams:

1. cybuster 2. zz gundam 3. wing zero custom 4. Andovari 5. Random White Dodge ram transformer (no name)

The Crux of the dream was the mecha (acting under standard machina rules), was with a girl rolling around in some huge white sheets getting hot and sweaty (or condensation if your a male robo),  just having a damn good ass time. The 2 wrestling around like 2 mating salamanders, the girl hugging and biting, and the mech Arios (now sentient) gabbing her by the hips and filling her up with metal cock like hungry people eat sandwiches. The sex importantly is always happy- the 2 beings loved each other and writhed with the pleasure of having one another. It didn’t matter if ones body wa was extremely big and hard, and the others was soft and small.

I get the feeling this dream may have been brought on when I examined a test printing of a comic book for Wonder con known as “Islands in the sky” . This comic has a main character female who is drawn extraordinarily sexually. The ass drawn the same as the tits, you can find a sample here:

As such I kept imagining a similar booty slamming up against Arios at crotch level in every conceivable angle. Uber hot.

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6 Responses to “Nice dreams.”
  1. animeartist62 says:

    It is always good to have nice dreams, I like the amount of mecha pictures you have on here.

  2. Pilot says:

    You’re so very lucky you get to remember your good ones. I only seem to remember the strangely cinematic axe-murderer ones. :\

  3. SleepyElf says:

    Everyone either randomly dissappred/ran away/got distracted in my dreams before sex could happen. If it ever does happen. > >

  4. Ratbat says:

    Welcome, Pilot, anime, and sleepyelf, Sorry it took long time to respond i was away out of state but now that your here, f you got any mecha related musings i encourage you to post here! art too if ya got it. 😮 but yeah, been damn lucky these days.

  5. animeartist62 says:

    Thinking about it I have only had one mecha sex dream, it was a nice one too, So if/when we have mecha art porn to post do we link it?

  6. Ratbat says:

    you can link it, or you can write a blog post (if you know how to ) under site admin. Ive changed your status to ‘Author”.

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