Obscure: Ru/Li/Lu/Ra

Dont quote me on this…

But about 3 or 4 years back when I still collected Hobby Japan magazines there was a sort of war/competition happening bettween Dengekihobby magazine and HJ over readers and both upped the anti from offering free gifts to also offering comics. While IMO, Dengeki Hobby is still the best, Hj in conjunction with a couple of other peeps put out a bi monthly comic called “RuLiLuRa” that was also an interactive web based RPG and radio play. They hired the very talented Tomofui Ogasawara (Powerdolls, Muvluv fame) to do the mechas called ABS (Absolute Phono Cluster) whitch were sort of music based or music powered fantasy mecha. The manga mini series was sadly never picked up and translated in the states, and all the wonderfull mecha art fell into obscurity.

I wish I could bring you guys higher resolution images of what still remains, but the official website archive and tomo blog is sparce at best. You can find both of them here:


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3 Responses to “Obscure: Ru/Li/Lu/Ra”
  1. VRmech says:

    Keeping it real, DH is where I started getting into collecting mags of that style, also boosted up my perversion for mecha! Huzzuh

  2. Ratbat says:

    merryxmass man. got a job yet?

  3. VRmech says:

    Workin at a fast food joint for now. Its meh, but sure glad to have some money now to pay for important things.

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