Plasma power!

Commision que

3. Deezmo —–1%

2. MaximumOverdrive —-10%

1.  Negro phoenix —– 60%

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4 Responses to “Plasma power!”
  1. PeachBomber says:

    Your art is amazing!!

  2. antepathy says:

    You…wouldn’t happen to have credit for who did the Drift/Percy there, would you?

    (also, did you get the money for my commission?)

  3. Ratbat says:

    Peachbomber: Thanks hun! (but I hope your not complementing me for the megaman pic because I didnt do this.)
    Antepathy: Yep, I got it and your on the list now. (sorry again for my late reply) as for that Percy/Drift pic, That one was a purely random find on Pixiv. I dunno if ill be able to find it again but Ill try.


  4. PeachBomber says:

    Hahahaha! Oh that pic is awesome but no. I <3 your work! Sorry I should have been a little more clear ^_^;

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