Pomegranates and sexy robot eyes.

The other day I was listening to a Dan Savage podcast (#210) And they had a guy named Christopher Ryan who is this evolutionary Psychologist answering problems as a guest on the aforementioned sex advice show. In the show he mentioned that the way the human penis size and shape with its flared head is nearly unique vs. all other primates on the planet. ( The penis shape is primarily to create a vacuum in the vagina to dislodge pre-esxisting sperm suggesting that our primal ancestors were not monogamous)  I thought about the shape idea, with all the hentai comics and animation featuring demons and ogres fucking human women “Why does the dick always look human?” Obviously they do this so that men can masturbate to a Dick fucking a woman and not have to deal with seeing anouther man or his face. But if these other creatures were clearly not human, wouldnt they not have human shaped dicks? On the other hand, If you think about a variety creatures as being compatible with human females would haveing a human shaped dick be a pre-requesite?

I guess I ponder this crap because I sometimes catch hell from strangers when I dont draw “human-shaped” dicks (or balls) on robots. My argument has allways been that if the robot itself a creature, and not built, then there is a great chance that if it has a dick it will not look human. For one, because its uniquely human and 2, Because a human dick shouldnt be the end all be all of sexy when what your really in love with isnt human.  If you want big mamillian shaped boobs on your robot then whatever, thats fine. But why freak out when people want something truely alien?

sexy robot eyes.
been eating a shit-load of these lately..

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8 Responses to “Pomegranates and sexy robot eyes.”
  1. Dan says:

    Is it me or do Sinaju and Weltall id look similar to an extent?
    Great find on the Xenogears pic! Thank you.

  2. Cloud says:

    I’m pretty shy when it comes to posting messages.(Well I’m just plain shy all together and I’ve been lurking forever) I just wanted to say that I love all of your work and I hope no one ever discourages you. 🙂

    I love the robot eyes, by the way.

  3. sigletsig says:

    I really hate that about all of that stuff out there – purposely censoring the guys eyes and giving them a SRSBIZNESS expression as though the guys looking at it are scared that they’re gonna turn gay if they suddenly see another man’s eyes or emotion in the picture |U The only reason I personally have been sticking to drawing more humanoid looking penises is due to the fact that I’m terrible at designing things like that xD; I like it when they look really weird actually – not because of any scientific laws or rules that come forth in my mind, but more for the fact that it highlights that they’re otherworldly and alien c:
    Yeah though, I really dislike it when people get freaked out over something like that, I mean, if you’re jerking off to ogres raping women, I highly doubt you’re in any position to cast stones about sexual preference :\ *shrugs* I’unno, from what I’ve seen around, a lot of guys seem to take their porn VERY seriously xD; They get upset if they get denied their close up of genitals ramming into each other :<

    Oh and in response to the last reply, I haven't played Mass Effect either |D; I just really love the Turian character design <3 /longreply

  4. Steshette says:

    Hehe, been munching on tons of pomegranates too – prolly a victim of these absurd oversexed Pom commercials.
    I liked the cock on Six, at least when he first catches the girl (could never fully make out exactly what goes where on the other page =3 ) – that was different. In fact, the human shape is so bizarre that it’s kinda weird to see it on alien species …and esp. since mecha tend to be better built in *every* way anyway XD

  5. Goku122 says:

    Not a big fan of pomegranates, but I see them well enough due to people I know. As for dongs it could be because of the reason you stated, along with the possibility that it is well hard to draw what you don’t know. Also hasn’t there been enough random things with regular dicks on them, like tentacles and other “women” that get around the hey look at this dude.

    As for the last part, the problem is the concept of it being truly alien. It is hard for people to ground said thing with that is not comparable to something we already know. That and I think the niche for getting hot and bothered from something that is completely unknown and alien is fairly small but I’m just pulling statistics out of my ass here.

  6. Ratbat says:

    Dan: I think it has alot to do with the exacting color scheme and the amount of back kibble that sort of make it look like “wings” all Sinaju is missing is the glowing arabic and an extra eye.

    Cloud: Hi cloud, thanks for the support and may i ask how you discoverd titan?

    siglet: Without being a guy, I guess we’ll never know.

    stesh: haha 6 is a total brute. full of herculean machismo, guns, and horny but also ever kind to that girl.

    goku: I know deep down that your right in manny respects, comes from being a minority in the kink sector (not to see things quite the same way). you dont like pomegranates?? nooooo

  7. Cloud says:

    Ratbat: A year ago I was looking for erotic artwork featuring mecha/human female pairings. I can’t remember much, but I might’ve been led to 4chan…

  8. Andey says:

    I know this is late, but I want to respond anyway. I don’t like human genitals on a mech. It’s just wrong. And even the human built ones I doubt would have a dick shaped like a human male’s…just my thoughts. I think human dicks are rather ugly anyway…I like my robots to have, well, robot parts, i.e. a cable or something. Meh…

    Love pomegranates…have a tree out back, but the birds often beat us to the fruit. Drink tons of the juice though. Langers puts out a good juice, and def cheaper than POM.

    Can’t wait to see the commish….I bet it’s going to be yummy.

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