Robo o’ clock

It’s never a bad time for robots. Wouldn’t you agree?

There is a B&W sketch of the neo granzon from Lord of elemental in this group. Someone on 4chan’s /m/ made refrence to the mech forcing himself on a female and I spent the rest of the evening With my pants tight. I just love the thought of dark powerfull huge machines takeing women– “makeing love to them by force-” as they say… grabbed and forced to orgasm on warm segmented armor plateing.

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3 Responses to “Robo o’ clock”
  1. sigletsig says:

    Goddammit xD When you get that special inspiration every now and then, it’s just impossible to stop yourself from at least sketching out a few ideas~
    Still, sad that I haven’t heard of Lord of elemental before D: Blame my country, for that~ Prolly watch it online sometime – just can’t resist robos that hot *o*

  2. Ratbat says:

    Sig: Well to be honest, Lord of elemental was a videogame that came out in the 90’s. some of its robots got adapted into the Super Robot taisen timelines and only just now did the do a videogame remake. So there really isnt any anime of the show, you cant watch it.

    see also: more granzon

    what are you inspired about today?

  3. sigletsig says:

    Orly, well that’s a relief – I always feel so unknowledgable whenever I hear about more shows I haven’t heard of, at least there’s a good reason I haven’t heard of that one :3 But then again, if it was an anime I prolly would have trouble watching it – their storylines tend to sully the awesome character designs somewhat.
    Well having been introduced to a few pics of the neo there, I think we both know what I’m inspired to draw now ffffff~<3

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