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I’m quite enamored with the old classic henkei Sky from TF. So much infact, That due to that japanese guy’s webcomic (spooky), I wanna put Sky in my own webcomic as a homage charecter/ Mashina. But this is a really Precarious situation because of the american laws and “Parody” useage. In Japan, They treat copywriten charecter use in doujinshis as an extention of the origional brand and The authors generaly dont claim ownership¬† over a charecter, Ultimatly everyboudy wins. But in America there is a decent chance of a lawsuit should you use the likeness of say ‘Tony Stark” even if you don’t claim ownership over the charecter. So, Any Homage mecha I wanna use from various serries has to be tossed through the woodchipper and redesighned so that its atleast 40% diffrent from the origional charecter. Even with the BEST of intentions, I have to do this anytime I wanna use a mecha I like. This sucks ass because there is a fine line bettween destroying the features that attracted me to the charecter origionaly, or turning him into something that Looks too much like the main charecters of EWS. Earlyer I made my first attempt to try to change his desighn But hes still about 50% recogniseable. Does anyone know how “passable” a charecter has to be?¬† I dont intend to use the origional full name or make him integral to the plot, But Id like to use him in the background. Anyone have any thoughts?

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