Roll out the Red Carpet…

Hello, I’m new to Titan.  I’ve always loved mecha, since I was about 12 or so.  Transformers played a huge role in my life, then it was Voltron.  I was never familiar with anime until i was a bit older.  Then I discovered about Gundam and it went off from there.  Mechs are my passion and I love watching mecha anime.  A little video game called Power DoLLS caught my eye some time ago and my god those things are damn sexy, id thought id share with you some of my pix from Power DoLLS…

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2 Responses to “Roll out the Red Carpet…”
  1. Ratbat says:

    😀 welcome my homie, go Jkog! And i agree, thighs ae where its at. make yourself comfortable here.

  2. RBS says:

    Welcome to Titan, VRmech. Enjoy your stay.

    Oh, and sorry for the late reply.

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