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One of the trickyest conversations to get into about EWS, is that when people find out that the mecha can mate (and want to) with the women, peeps allways ask how that works. as it turns out, I ended up explaining this process to a japanese freind but emidiatly regreted the whole thing right after. He freaked out when I told him there were “nanomachines” and “fibre-optics” and “neuro-posession”  involved. I just hate haveing to explain to people time and time again that the mecha in that story arnt MAMALS. shure they have a penis-esque probe but they dont have balls and they are covered in armor like an armadillo.  Peeps get douche chills when I explain to them that the living mecha are alien creatures and therefore cannot be compared to human males in a breeding cycle sort of way. I mean, c’mon Any of you ever watch Alien Nation? Shuu..

I origionaly intended this pic to be alittle bit more intimate, but I ran out of inspiration after I chocked down 4 oranges and got sick. The theme of this pic was going to be something like, “the girl is squirting while shes orgasming and Seiger is pounding her because the sex is fucking WONDERFULL.” I couldnt bare to hear my roomate call me a ‘stacker” again however, And I morphed the pic into a half-assed internal shot. I try to avoid internal shots because of the freaky reality of EWS creature anatomy. A mecha cock in this case is like an all-purpose USB cord: while the male can exploit its thickness and texture to sort of glide-and-grind the clit of the female, hes also interfaceing with her neural network. thousands of tiny golden fibre-optic threads about the thickness of a few dog hairs extrude from the shaft and permiate the girls body to “copy information” and experience sensations in mathmaticle translation.

The 2 do infact have physicle orgasms, but they have a more complex mental experiance as well. This sort of shit, Is why I need the comic to go along with it because it doesnt translate well from one dirty-looking fetish pic alone.

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  1. RnH says:

    Basically that was the only thing that came to mind when I first saw your mecha pr0n stuff. When I read the info about how it worked, I thought it was pretty cool, I guess because the creativity involved in coming up with what would “make the sex work” between a girl and a robot.

    A male who has control over the physical properties of his penis? Who wouldn’t want that?

  2. Ratbat says:

    Most girls dont understand the scope of the control a male has over them during mateing. Its assumed after the first time when theyve turned into a guardia, all their internals are now effectively machine-like too. A guardia has no organic brain, but has 2 super computer minds just like the male does. On the outside tho, she feels almost the same as she was when she was human. Through this probe during sex, Males get into the brains of the females and copy emotions, expiriences, and memorys like one hungraly eats a sandwitch. Through the copying of these bits of information, Male mashina evolve more creature traits. However, the male also thrusts his data onto the girl in small bites makeing her more machine with eatch mateing. the 2 are symbiotic to eatchother and this process doesnt alow for secrets.

    some guardia consider this an invasion of their privacy, but males LOVE this because they can record dreams and quell emotional distress when it comes up.

    Think about males and females like computers, male mashines were born what they are, so they are the dominant hardware. where as the girls started out as human, so they are recessive hardware and dont become comperable untill theyve lived as a mech for a while.
    Males can control the propertys of their penis actually, witch is why its kind of a streatch to call it a penis. But they can alter its shape, lock a guardia from useing her alt mode, re-write small bits of code to make a girl gain weight, syphon energy, impart knowledge, etc..

    The most notable things about the male mecha anatomy in the EWS story, Is that since they are made of metal they dont get “errections” like humans do, instead they swell thick when aroused. they also “tie” like Dogs do when they mate. The neuron fibre cords bind with a girls central core, and dont become unbound untill the 2 have relaxed for about 5 minutes. If the male and female tear away from eatchother, it causes serious internal dammage. So males and females are stuck together after orgasm for alittle while.

  3. RnH says:

    Wow. What a way to get inside another person’s mind. Although it seems that the biggest downside would be the whole invasion of privacy thing, a plus would be that one might be able to convey feelings and/or thoughts to the other that they couldn’t express by any other means. (right?)

    I find the whole thing rather interesting. Pretty neat stuff.

    When you wrote about how the male thrusts data into the guardia a little at a time, the image of one of those download progress bars popped in my head. (I’m strange that way) ^^;

  4. Andey says:

    Awesome the way you describe that. I picture it in a similar way. The mecha’s probe is like a USB or other cable, but in my thinking they stimulate the female with energy pulses. But pretty much the same in other ways. Except for the fact that the organic slowly becomes more mechanical, but that is kind of a cool idea.

  5. Valerie says:

    Excuse me, what does EWS stand for? I keep trying to search for it but I can’t find anything pertaining to a comic, cartoon or movie. Mentions of a game, but that what about it.

  6. Ratbat says:

    EWS is my old webcomic, now defunct. “edenworldsaga” basicly. its about robots and girls and magic

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